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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BSAK) updated to version v1.5

We have covered this application in the past and I can say that  this is a must have app for those that like to test the limits of their berry’s like I do and accidentally nuked it. This is one of the few apps out there that actually works with Vista 64, am not going to start ranting on it, but is not the easiest to work with and hardly anything works correctly with it.  Getting back to the topic why this application is simply a nice tool to have. The guys over at RimGeeks have updated BSAK to version 1.5. If you don’t know what this application does  it allows you to either nuke (wipe device) your BlackBerry, backup 3rd party apps, factory reset, launch the app loader, and now with some new features.

ScreenHunter_05 Aug. 21 20.00

One of the main reasons why I like this app is that is simple to use, loads quickly doesn’t drain your pc’s memory when using it. When you save your 3rd party applications it creates an .axl  extension file making it easy to use application loader and choose which apps you want to reload. My favorite of them all has to be the device wipe or factory reset, I have used it many times in the last few days because my BES was not playing nicely and had to wipe and do factory reset. Without the help from this application it would have been a pain on a vista pc. If you don’t know what you are doing I don’t suggest wiping or using some of the advance features of this app but I do recommend it for those who simply want an easier way of backing up their 3rd party apps.

ScreenHunter_06 Aug. 21 20.11

Here is a list of new updates from the developer, I included features added from version 1.4 as well

.NET Framework 2.0
Blackberry Desktop Manager or Drivers
Before we get into the details of v1.4 we want to thank everyone for spreading are app so quickly. We have big plans for the future of this app you can expect some big changes in the future (maybe not so near). Anyways onto the new version!
New to v1.5
• Kill Processes Button added (if your having trouble connecting click kill processes to close (BBdevmgr.exe and RimDevManager.exe both started by desktop manager)
• Full System Dump (Save ALL Cods on device) (Dump CODs)
• Save button added to Read System (saves all the file names to a SystemRead.txt)
• Save button added to Read Event Log (saves Event Log to EventLog.txt)
• ACCURATE Progress Bar added to 3rd Party Backup
• ACCURATE Progress Bar added to Full System Dump
• Files now displayed as they are being saved
• Can now Save Multiple CODs at one time
• Error handling added when Read and Save COD button is pushed with nothing selected

New to v1.4
We had some fun with cosmetics in this build…
• BBSAK now has a new icon
• AutoDetect Now changes image on BBSAK to whatever phone is connected
• Read System now includes Version and Size (can be sorted, still working on size sorting)
• ALX now includes version number (displays in applications menu on phone and bbdm)
• BBSAK now closes BBDevMgr.exe and RIMDeviceManger.exe before attempting to connect (these are started by bbdm and cause issues with BBSAK)
• Added ability to Read Event Log
• Added ability to Clear Event Log

The developer does accept donations since app is free and you can pick up the latest version by going to this link.  Thanks to DavidB for sending this tip. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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