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DataBackup Public Beta: Backup & Restore Contacts from SD Card

databackup I don’t know what to be more shocked about. The fact that a developer has finally decided on creating an app to backup to a SD card or the fact that S4BB is actually working on a cutting edge app. John from S4BB let me know about a new EARLY beta they are working on of an app called DataBackup.

I have been asking RIM and 3rd party devs for years to make an application that would let me backup critical information to my SD card. SmrtGuard made a few steps in this direction but the backup and restore options seemed secondary to their anti-theft focus. I used to be able to do this on my old Palm and Symbian devices without breaking a sweat but it was impossible on a BlackBerry..

Looks like the impossible will (hopefully) soon become possible. So far S4BB’s DataBackup app only lets you backup & restore contacts from your SD card but it is a step in the right direction. This is version 0.0.1 so they do not guarantee that it will actually work. So proceed at your own risk! I am just hoping this goes beyond PIM and lets you backup stuff like bookmarks, notes, and other things that desktop manager or a BES collect.

You can download the beta by entering in your name and email at this link.

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  1. I started an app like this about a year and a half ago. It writes the contacts out to the SDCard in a tar.gz file (you can backup multiple times and no override existing backups), lets you email the file, and lets you restore the contacts. You can even browse the file and select individual contacts to restore. I scrapped the project and moved on to something else. Maybe if app world was out at the time I would have finished it.

  2. You should re-open it

  3. Hey franky it’s never to late to start all over again?

  4. FYI :

    PhoneBAKup :–(BlackBerry)

    Solve the number ONE problem for BlackBerry users on the move; to backup and restore critical information directly “Over-The-Air” to the device without the need to synchronize from desktop!

    Easily backup all device抯 data “Address Book, Task, Calendar and MemoList” to any predefined email address all automatically.


    * Backup:Just schedule the time ONCE to backup and it will run on the background, sending all the important data hassle free, daily, weekly or monthly. Backup to the storage card or Backup and Email directly to selected email address
    * Restore:Simply download the backup files from the email to the device storage card and with a click, restore back all the vital information easily.
    * Information can be restored to other devices as long as there is PhoneBAKup program running.

  5. It also backups/restores to/from microSD card as well.

  6. I didnt know that it works from MicroSD cards I thought it only used email

  7. It a pity we have to pay for this in the long run, where as symbian is free
    come on RIM your os is outdated and way behind time.

  8. If this one comes with a price, then I’ll consider resurrecting the old project. The code still exists, its just not maintained.

  9. Franky
    Knowing S4BB’s track record I dont doubt there will be a price tag attached. They charge even for their stupid 2 minute GTD timer

  10. You write awsome article, bookmarked

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