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CameraMuteApp: Free App Mutes Camera Shutter Sound – GSM Devices Only

blackberrycamera Will let me know about an app from Fabian that I don’t think we ever mentioned before. This app lets you add a button to the menu to mute the shutter sound until you turn it back on. This is not the most elegant solution since you need to fire up this app first and add the menu button. Then select mute and then fire up the camera and take a silent picture. Still it may be better than forking over $3+ for a commercial application that does about the same thing like BerryAnnoying and CameraToGo.

Check it out at this link and let me know what you think. Sadly this is GSM only so no CDMA devices work for some reason.

How you use the app:
You launch it via the icon, then press Menu -> Add MenuItem then you go to your camera app.
Now when you want to mute the sound of the shutter you simply click Menu -> Mute! and after you have taken the fotos you click Menu -> Unmute! to turn on the sound again.
After each reboot you have to add the MenuItem to the Menu again.

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  1. When I click on the icon, I get an uncaught exception error. I can’t get it to work.

  2. Hmmm. I’m using it on a Bold (not even CDMA, 3G!) and it works perfect!

  3. works like a charm on the BBTour (sprint) which is gsm – also, note that when you launch the app and select “add menu item” it does it without confirmation, so don’t hit it again or “mute!” will appear more than once in your camera….

  4. I’m using the 8900 and can’t get it to work. After i save it, I go in thru DM to add thru app loader and it tells me that item is not compatible with my device. File is in JAD format.

  5. It doesn’t work on Curve 8310. I get an uncaught exception error either.

  6. Confirmed on CMDA TOUR. I tried it on the 9630 and WORKS well. No sound when taking pictures.

  7. CDMA confirmed not CMDA sorry about that.

  8. Anyone got it working on their 8900? When I tried to install i get 907 Invalid COD File not found.

  9. ok, got it to work on my 8900. i initially downloaded it to my computer and tried to add it thru the DM which didnt work. I think went to the site from my 8900 and downloaded it and i have gotten it to work. NO sound!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have a curve 8320 and it dont work. i have the uncaught applications Dostogo erroR!

  11. Ok I dl it by going straight to the site with my phone browser and it works perfect. Great app. Thanks

  12. It worked right after I installed yesterday. But today I could start my camera. Whether it was muted or not. After ininstalling and reboot, my camera works again.

  13. The link is broken, the app is gone from the site and there is no mention of it anymore on the site.

  14. Doesn’t work for the Pearl. – What does work as well is, if you make a call lower your volume and then hit your camera button. You can take pics w/o sound.

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