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Slacker Optimized for BlackBerry Storm – 2x Improved Battery Life

Slacker let us know that they updated their application for the BlackBerry Storm to improve Battery life. They claim it has been improved to offer up to twice as much battery life when streaming over 3G.

slackerFull details:

  • Improved battery life up to 2x (over previous versions) while streaming (Slacker has seen Storm devices playing up to 9 hours over 3G with this build)
  • Improved usability enhancements to the interface, including a “Home” button to quickly access the station list
  • Added ability to toggle the explicit content filter (on/off) from the main menu
  • Addressed an issue where pausing a song for an extended period of time did not properly resume playback
  • Addressed an issue where phone calls or message alerts would prevent playback from resuming properly for some listeners

No word yet on if this update helps other devices but you never know. I cannot truly imagine how they could optimize an applications battery usage for only one device… but it could be that they will be releasing other builds in the future so that other devices get this improvements.

You can pickup the latest version of Slacker from or this link in the App World.

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  1. I don’t like the fact that Slacker creates an autotun file that initiates a PC-based application when you connect your BlackBerry to your PC using a USB cable. I’ll stick with Pandora for now… 😉

  2. The “PC-Based application” is for the caching feature that saves on battery and data usage while playing Slacker. Good luck caching with Pandora……

  3. They need to let us cache over wifi or even 3G

  4. I’m with you Ronen. It’s silly that I can’t cache to my Storm or Tour over EV-DO Rev A. That’s plenty fast enough for the minimal bitrate files Slacker plays. Forcing me to connect to PC seems so 20th Century…

  5. When I go to download it directs me to version 2.0.12 How is this a new version? I’ve had it on my Storm for over a month.

  6. But if you cache alot of stations it uses a huge amount of space. I have 10 stations cached and that takes a gig of space on the SD card. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to try to download that much over 3G.

  7. They may have pulled version 2.0.39. I am running it and have reported a number of minor issues to Slacker Support.

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