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Vringo Public Beta – Video Ringtones on the BlackBerry Bold

vringo-beta Vringo has been trying to revamp ringtones for quite awhile. They showed off a demo of their video ringtone solution a few weeks back and I was pretty impressed. Essentially it lets you assign video ringtones to contacts with some fun options to choose from. This is definitely a “Look at me” application.

Just imagine putting your Bold on the table when going out for drinks and suddenly a video starts playing when a friend calls. That exact scenario happened to me and was actually started quite a fun conversation. I am not sure how Vringo will monetize this application once it is out of beta but they are a pretty creative bunch.

You can download the BlackBerry Bold beta OTA at and send your feedback to [email protected]. The Vringo for BlackBerry Bold is still in Beta mode so users will need to manually set their BlackBerry’s ringtone to get it to function properly.

The videos are fun and you can sync ringtones with other Vringo users. If you get a call from a Vringo user in your contacts you will see their video ringtone. If you get a call from any other caller then you will see your default video ringtone. Your significant other may just appreciate when “Baby got back” starts playing when she calls… You can browse their catalog of free video ringtones and even convert your own videos into ringtones. So far I have not really seen a performance impact but it does take a tad longer for the phone to ring when it is loading the video and vibrating.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Wow looks great! Wonder when they will have it for the tour?

  2. I downloaded but when I tried to run it I got an error code sayin…Error starting JVringo Module ‘JVringo’ must be signed with the RIM Runtime Code Signing Key (RRT)

    I wonder what that means I wanted to try the app out 🙁

  3. Looks sweet, I really hope this comes out for other models soon.

  4. @pootermobile Hey there; I’m Josh Shabtai from Vringo’s marketing dep’t. I’m sorry the app isn’t working for you. We’ll going to look into the ‘JVringo’ error message and will get you taken care of. No worries.

    What’s your Bold version number, if you don’t mind me asking?

    If anyone else has any questions or feedback, you can drop the team a line at [email protected]. Thanks again.

  5. Finished downloaded on my Bold and I’m, loving it so far… looks very promising. Here’s my feedback.

    * I’m having a slight bit of an issue playing the Moco Gross, could never get it to load… the other two default ones work just fine.
    * I happened to see a “user created” section under the category listings… of course I’m about to ask how to create them and upload them to the “user created” library.
    * Not sure if it’s because my Bold is on EDGE and not 3G, but the previews sometimes take a wee bit long to load.

    Other than that I’m really feeling this app… hope to see it jump off greatly, and hope more content is available upon final release.

  6. hello every one , i did instal the programme on my blackberry 8900 and its working very nice.


  7. Will this ever be available for the Storm?

  8. Hey Brian — once we hone this Bold app, we’ll definitely be expanding to additional models. We’re currently playing with a touch screen prototype that would look really nice on a Storm… 🙂

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