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RIM Patents Sidekick Wannabe BlackBerrys in 2007 – What The…

I really don’t know what to think of these new designs RIM patented back in 2007. Kyle points out that RIM sometimes patents designs just for the sake of it but I want to know why they were wasting their time with the iPhone starting to bite on their heels. The patents show off a few different slide top designs that mimic the Danger Sidekick so badly… What were they thinking? Better yet what were they smoking?

One of them looks like my wife’s compact makeup case and another reminds me of a failed Motorola phone that swiveled open. I would think that RIM would have better things for their engineers to be working on… Maybe this is how they ended up with the Pearl Flip? I could have told them to copy the RAZR years ago…

Kudos to UnwiredView for spotting these.


rim-blackberry-rotator-2  rim-blackberry-swiwel-1


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  1. i’d still take one of those over a pearl.

  2. Wow I see two in there as a PsP and NDS….lmao. 😉

  3. Engineers are engineers. They are always thinking of different ways to do things. And submitting a patent is a way for an engineer to show herd dominance. The alpha engineer has the most patents. Besides, anything that may potentially generate an income stream – even if only from licensing – is worth patenting. If the idea does not fit your company, someone else might just buy or license it from you. It’s not that big a deal to submit a patent.

    RIM wants a bigger chunk of the non-corporate market anyway. These patents look aimed squarely at that. At least there is no My Little Pony BB (yet).

  4. Hell no. Tito the Pearl is one of the best phones ever made.

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