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Review & Contest: SmartestCover – “Feel” Your Storm Keyboard

smartestcover.jpgReview: SmartestCover
[rating: 7]

Edit: Accuracy was improved while typing. The cover did not make my typing any faster but I did noticed that I was making fewer mistakes. I had chosen to use the Landscape cover for my typing because I became accustomed to Qwerty typing from my 8820.

The keyboard on the Storm is kind of hard to type on if your used to the physical keyboards of other BlackBerrys. It took a little bit to get used to it and sometimes I still hit the wrong key while typing. With this problem in mind, SmartestCover has designed a tactile keyboard/screen protector for the Storm.

Being very simple in design, it’s essentially a screen protector that has tiny nubs (each nub is no larger than a pinhead) on it for each “key”. That way you can “feel” your way while typing. Kind of like the nubs on the “F” and “J” keys on a computer keyboard. There are 2 designs available: Landscape (Qwerty) and Portrait (SureType). I was given the opportunity to test out it and while impressed, I also noticed a few things:


  • While using the covers, you can continue regular usage of the touchscreen without any problems.
  • Total screen coverage.
  • Accuracy was improved.


  • Like any screen cover, it can be difficult to put onto your screen. You will need clean hands and have to handle the cover by the very outside tip of the corners to avoid putting your fingerprints on it.
  • The nubs trap air and it is impossible to remove the bubbles. After my testing, I received an email from the Development Team stating that they have fixed it and that the newer versions will not have this problem.

Overall, SmartestCover has a good thing going for them. Hopefully they continue to develop on this great idea. Just keep in mind that if you’re the type of person who uses both ways equally to type, this screen cover will probably not be beneficial to you.

Contest: SmartestCover has so greatfully given 15 readers the opportunity to win a set of covers! All you have to do is comment on this post. We want to know why you want these covers. What is the worst scratch you have ever gotten on your Berry? Have you ever sent an important email only to find out that you completely and embarrassingly misspelled a word? Give us your best and you shall be handsomely rewarded. The winners will receive their choice of either Landscape or Portrait covers. So get to commenting all ready!

If aren’t lucky enough to win the covers or would rather just pick them up yourself, you can get yours at for the price of $13.99 + $2.95 S&H for 3 covers. You can choose either Portrait or Landscape covers. Good Luck!

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  1. This seems interesting, I’ll throw a reply at it.

    There’s a bunch of stories about how I’ve abused the crap out of it. I always have a screen protector on it, even though I’ve seen the videos of someone scratching it with a knife. I mostly just don’t trust myself, because it seems if there’s a way for me to damage something, I’ll do it.

    The worst scractch I’ve ever had on my Blackberry Storm screen was when I was opening a door for a person who works in upper management. The Blackberry slid out of my hands, landed screen-down on a piece of metal that was the door stop, bounced off, and landed on the concrete.

    The exec was bummed out because he was a fellow Blackberry power user, and stopped to see if it was alright. I picked it up, brushed the screen, and saw a gash going all the way through the screen protector. We both had horrified looks on our faces, until I started peeling off the screen protector to reveal that the glass on the Blackberry itself was unscathed.

    Later that day, his secretary called asking where he would get screen protectors for his Curve.

  2. The review addresses one potential concern for this product (interference with other touchscreen functions) – apparently not a problem. However, it is unclear if this product really works. Did the reviewer think that their typing was more accurate using this product? I use a screen protector anyway and almost exclusively type in landscape so if this product even marginally improves my typing (which, while certainly improved from when I first got the Storm, is not nearly as fast or as accurate as on a physical keyboard), sounds like a useful accessory.

  3. Last December I finally got my Storm. I had been obsessed with getting the Storm and even before it came out I made sure I watched every single video there was on YouTube about the features and specifications of the Storm.

    I happened to come across the video of the man taking a knife to the Storm and showing that there was no scratches on the Storm after brushing the screen with the knife. When I got my Storm I was very careful with it and would not put it to any test as extreme as the knife test. I told my 12 year old brother that the screen is “virtually unscratchable”, only to find out that he tried to test my Storm. I soon found out and wasn’t too worried because I left the original screen protector on the Storm and was going to replace it sometime soon anyway. I took the cover off and there was a small scratch on the lower-left side of the screen about half an inch long. I couldn’t stand it so I used my insurance for the phone to get a new Storm.

    I am very careful with my Storm now and I would love to win the SmartestCover contest. It is promised to be a great cover and it would definately help while texting or just browsing the internet!

  4. I like my covers ribbed!

  5. i would love to have a skin for a storm, one time this guy was so mad at me he keyed my storms screen, this resulted in us getting in a fight and my getting a bloody nose =( , hopefully i can have one to help protect my berry in the next fight!

    • That must have been one hell of a “keying” on your Storm screen.
      I have tried to scratch the screen of the Storm with pens and a butter knife and a rock, and have yet to put any noticeable marks on it.

  6. This does look very interesting and I’m curious about the answer to bomarco’s question: did accuracy improve? I had the orange enV before my storm and that was my first phone with a full keyboard in addition to the outside standard keys. While there was still a learning curve to typing on the qwerty keyboard I did get pretty fast at it and could type on the outside face basically without looking just from experience with past phones. I’d like to see if this cover reduces the amount of errors, since I sometimes miss my enV and the ability to feel which key I’m pressing while in landscape mode. Very intrigued, fortunately I haven’t injured my storm yet, which is surprising since I ruin a phone about every 6-12 months.

  7. I felt that accuracy was improved. It hasn’t made my typing any faster but I have seen fewer mistakes.

  8. I am very curious to know if accuracy was improved. I have just moved from a curve to a storm and I am experiencing a learning curve with the touch screen. I’m also interested to know which keypad version was preferred, and why?

  9. I hope it can help make my typing more accurate.

  10. Okay I’m intrigue! Let’s see if I win one!

  11. I haven’t tried a cover on my phone yet. I would love to give this one a trial run and if its a good product, I’ll recommend it to everyone.

  12. Ok I’m curious…

  13. I send/receive 3000 texts a month or more. Would love to try it!

  14. That would definately help when texting while driving. Wouldn’t need to watch down every 2 letters

  15. This seems interesting enough. I’ve been happy with my storm, but If there is one complaint I could ever have about any touch screen phone with a virtual keyboard, it’s the lack of tactile response for the keys. When I had my old phone, I knew exactly what keys I was touching and when. If this product helps out, then I would love to try it out.

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