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Viigo Adds “Best Of YouTube” Channel – Great for Passing the Time!

I find YouTube is amazing to pass the time when I am just waiting around with nothing to do. They have hundreds of entertaining videos that are great for a quick laugh. Viigo was kind enough to catalog the best of YouTube videos for 23 different countries into simple categories accessible from inside Viigo. It is much easier to navigate compared to YouTube’s simplistic mobile website.

categories youtube-feeds-in sample-feeds

To add it just go to the Entertainment channel and select add channel and then select YouTube. If you don’t already have Viigo pick it up at

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  1. Viigo is a great app but is just too damn big. Viigo!!!! if your listening, although there its an all in one type of app, we should be able to choose what we want to take up our memory with. I know that we can remove a service but the modules are still there taking up space and slowing the device down. On top of that, its not like they are fully functional services. Most of the time it only has some of the functionality of lets say a full app specializing in the task. These services should be a downloadable add-on that we can ADD-ON to the original RSS reader, then you will have more room to further develop each service individually. A truly customizable Viigo. I never thought id see the day when i would decide to delete Viigo , but i just had to switch to an alternative thats actually pretty good. Hope you guys are listening, because i sent this suggestion in to you guys already. Peace!!!

    • Had to do the same as you my friend though as you say, I love Viigo, but I had to “think space” in my old good 8310 which is almosr fully loaded. Just wanted to ask, what app you ended with?

  2. I want to express my frustration here as well. Viigo is one of the best apps I’ve ever used, but it is so big and leaks so much memory that I can’t really use it without having to reset my Bold after a few hours. I’m serious, Viigo, how come your program leaks about 1MB/hour even if it isn’t doing anything? I only have about 20MB without Viigo installed, which is reduced to 12MB after installation and 6MB when I actually try to use it. The memory leaks bring it down to 0K within a day.

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