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Poll Results: Are You a Mac OSX or a Windows PC User?

A little over a week ago we ran a poll asking all of you what operating system you use the most. I was curious how many people would actually be impacted by RIM releasing desktop manager for Mac. I know I have been dying to get my hands on a copy but am worried that it will not let me install another carriers OS easily…

The results of our poll were kind of odd as you can see below:


The 45% of voters that chose Mac does not jive well with me so I decided to do a bit of digging. I ran a report with a breakdown of OS’s that visitors to BerryReview have been using:


That 10% figure seems quite a bit more plausible since that is only slightly higher than Apple’s market share. Still the poll just goes to show that there are quite a few Mac users just dying to get their hands on desktop manager for Mac!

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  1. My computer at home is an IMAC, running Mac OSX 10.4. This is my primary computer. However while away, from home, like at work, I use my Window’s PC or my blackberry to view your site, so the above mentioned graph is a little off as well. Interesting stats to say the least though.

  2. PC user

  3. I’ve got a windows desktop, mac laptop, and a blackberry phone, so where do i fit in?

  4. lol @ numbers 5 and 6
    More people with iPhones visit BerryReview than people with BlackBerrys… doesn’t make sense but lol

  5. I was wondering if anybody would notice that. 🙂
    Its actually because it needs javascript enabled to track visitors and most blackberrys have it disabled. Iphones have javascript always on. Still funny 🙂

  6. As Tim says; I think it’s kind of cool that BlackBerry devices are showing up as 0.34% of the count whereas iPhone/iPod devices are showing up as a total of 0.58% – that’s 1.7x more Apple-y kind of mobile devices over BlackBerry’s

    Potential Closet Berry lovers? Or they accidently made the switch from Berry to Brick and miss the old gang?

  7. I’m a PC, I really think the iphone user that come to berryreview miss the BlackBerry so they need a little BlackBerry fix for the day. Lol jopking.

  8. In my case I use my Macbooks as my mobile devices and the central point for keeping all my contact and calendar data because the mac does a much. Better job than any version of Windows ( my opinion) and I use a Windows desktop at home, where I generally do my web surfing. We need a proximity Sync for all these systems. 😉

  9. Typical lying scumbag mac users.

    • Huh? If the Mac users were lying, they would say they’re not using Macs; i.e. they would say they’re using Windows. If that were true, then there would be an overestimate of Windows users.. but this is the opposite. There is an overestimate of Mac users… which means the Windows users are the liars.

  10. you should’ve differentiated between compatible OSs and incompatible OSs- see how many people (like me) haven’t upgraded to Leopard yet.

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