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Win With BlackBerry Sports Challenge – Not Even Remotely Challenging…

Sportschallenge When a friend let me know about this sports challenge yesterday I held off writing about it since I could not believe how cheesy it was. Its a marketing ploy that barely even tries to hide behind the facade of being a challenge. Its two redeeming factors are that there are quite a few awesome prizes and you can use your Owners Lounge login so you don’t need to register yet again. (though it will ask you for even more information)

NOTE: This looks like it is US and Canada Only

You really cannot truly understand what I mean until you read the impossible “IQ Challenge” below:

IQ Challenge 1 IQ Challenge 2

That has to be the worst IQ question ever… Who comes up with this stuff at RIM? Well if you still want to win some great prizes while RIM insults your intelligence you can head over to They have prizes ranging from 60 free BlackBerrys to 100 accessory packs to a grand prize trip to the 2010 college basketball finals.

PS: I am not sure if the prizes are different for Canada since they seem to be sponsored by AT&T in the USA and by Bell in Canada.

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  1. this is great news!
    soon i will be getting my tour card

  2. It IS ridiculously insulting, especially considering mostly only BlackBerry nuts like us are going to go back day after day for a shot at BB prizes. And RIM thinks their devices cater to a more savvy user base than that i phone??? Whatever PR firm they hire to do these promo’s obviously thinks we’re ALL just as dumb as those other folks…

  3. And the even BIGGER insult? They code the stupid contest site so it won’t even WORK from their OWN WEB BROWSER!

    “The following problems have been detected:

    You require a browser compatible with either Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
      Please click here to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
      Please click here to download the latest version of Netscape.
      Please click here to download the latest version of Firefox.
      Please click here to download the latest version of Safari.
      Please click here to download the latest version of Opera.”

    Jeezus RIM, what kind of morons you got running this? I mean, it IS an ATT/RIM promo, did you hand the whole thing off to ATT and this is the regard they have for your customers?

  4. Considering I work hard all day (and I almost broke my brand new computer at work today *shh*) simple is appreciated.

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