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BlackBerry Curve Takes Top Smartphone Spot for Q2 2009

I am always amazed how the BlackBerry Curve manages to always take the top spot for sales. The latest report from IDC, a research company, found the top 10 smartphones sold in America in Q2 were:

Picture 2 1. BlackBerry Curve
2. iPhone 3G S
3. BlackBerry Pearl
4. iPhone 3G
5. BlackBerry Bold
6. BlackBerry Storm
7. HTC T-Mobile G1
8. Palm Pre
9. HTC Touch Pro
10. HTC Touch Diamond

Kind of crazy how the Curve beat out the iPhone 3G during its much lauded launch especially considering how old the Curve is. This starts to explain why RIM is releasing the 8520 to replace the low end Curve. I am just curious as to what devices IDC considers a Curve. Are 8900’s included? How about 8350i’s?

via Venturebeat

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  1. What’s kinda crazy is that the POS PEARL is #3. WTF?!?!?!?!

  2. And just out of curiosity…Wondering where they are getting the Palm Pre information from, since Palm and Sprint both are too skeered to release sales numbers…

  3. I don’t see the surprise. The Curve is dirt cheap. Consumers are price-conscious.

  4. From what I’ve read around the blogs, I get the impression their numbers mean ANY device with the “Curve” moniker. So, yeah, I suspect any 83xx or 89xx device is counted in their “Curve” numbers and the 85xx’s will be included next time. Smart move on RIM’s marketing and branding part giving so many vastly different devices the same “name”.

    And yeah, Pearl that high? WTFO? Also likely includes Pearl Flip but I can’t see how its sales would be helping a lot! I’ve yet to see anyone with one but I guess “Pearl” must remain highly popular (especially with the younger crowd for whom a full QWERTY is “too bulky”).

    Hey, 4 of the Top 6 aint bad! No wonder combined RIM and Apple have what 85% of USA smartphone revenues!!!

  5. Well…while were on the screw the pearl, how in the hell…I just got a 9100 prototype on Monday…and its as whack as I expected to be…reminds me of an i355…SureType just needs to go away…

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