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iPhone is Hackable via SMS? Scary Stuff!

iphonesmshack Sorry to all the iPhone fanboys. I feel bad kicking the iPhone while it is down but this is just a bit ridiculous. Sith Apprentice sent me a link to an article yesterday about how a iPhone can be totally owned through a malicious text message. This is really just mind blowing!

I know that Nokia had an SMS flaw late last year that blocked all incoming SMS and HTC had a Bluetooth flaw but those had a minimal impact. Today at the Black Hat security conference two security experts, Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner, exposed a iPhone virus that really blows my mind.

Using one crafty SMS message a hacker can remotely control an iPhone including the camera and more and access your address book. The malformed SMS message crashes the iPhone and then when it reboots your phone is owned. You don’t even need to open the message to get hacked it just needs to be received. The two experts reported the hack to apple in July and did not get a response!

Right now iPhone users are more or less safe since hackers have yet to write their own exploit code but doesn’t this seem like some cruel joke? Charlie and Collin look pretty happy with themselves…

via Mashable & Cnet (image credit to Cnet)

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  1. Just like hacking the most popular OS (Windows of course), hackers are going after one of the most popular phones. Always the case it seems

  2. Makes me wonder…is the Mac computer bullet proof like they all claim or hackers are not interested in a minority???
    I think hackers are not interested in minorities…having a strong firewall or properly built OS was never the issue.

    Blackberry, are you OK?

    • the Blackberry would not be harm unless you were tricked into clicking a link that takes you to a link the hacker has set up but even so it be pretty hard for them to do quite a bit of damage unless you install something to your device from there. The problem with the mac as one hacker said is that theres really no incentive to them hacking them.

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