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Giveaway: 5 free copies of Phoneface & Flipside

Some of you may be familiar with Phoneface or Flipside MP3 player from and today some of you may get a free copy of one of this nice apps. Kevin wanted to to share 5 free copies of each with 10 lucky winners. If you are not familiar with either you can read about it on some of the past reviews we have done.

Here is a list of features for Phoneface:

  • Get fast access to the people you call most often.
  • Pick full color, full screen pictures from your BlackBerry or storage card.
  • Connect to Facebook & Twitter to find the best pictures of your friends.
  • Take photos with your BlackBerry camera.
  • Pick from included images for home, office, sweethearts and more.
  • Flick to the friend you want to call with your trackball or finger

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 30 23.15

Flipside MP3 Player Features:

  • Bring your music alive with full color cover art
  • Find missing art direct from your BlackBerry
  • Discover new music at FlipSide Extras
  • Make playlists of your favorite tunes
  • Plays MP3, WMA, M4A and AAC files
  • Auto-pause when a call comes in
  • audio scribbling support

ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 30 23.21

you are wondering what you need to do to be consider to win a free copy just simply leave a comment on the forums side of this post why you like reading Berryreview. Once we have chosen the winners will contact you by e-mail with a free code so make sure you leave correct information. If you want to know more or buy this application you can find them at our Berryreview store, or at they both have a free trial.

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  1. i would really love a copy of these great products.Thanks

  2. I don’t see a forums side of this post.
    Edit: Now I see. It wasn't easy to figure it out before.
    It's probably too late, but why do I read BerryReview? Because it's always got the information I need without a lot of fanfare.
    I've subscribed with google reader, so I can always get updates on new information.

  3. i love reading berryreview because they are always so updated with the latest news and softwares that are out and they are always really very interesting.Thanks

  4. phoneface would be awesome

  5. I have both app’s 🙂

  6. I love Berryreview and stop by everyday to find the latest and greatest on my blackberry. I have improved my Blackberry by trying the great apps that Berryreview has shared with us. Great site!

  7. I like reading BR cuz ya’ll are fast w/ any and all BB news, updates, apps, everything!!!

  8. Flipside please this would look great on my BlackBerry. My BlackBerry is my ipod/zune I sync my BlackBerry everynight with my music just to make sure the ones I have downloaded are on my BlackBerry for the next day trip in to work. Berryreviews rock man with all the contest, giveaways, articles, reviews, you know helping the little people out likr myself. One love and god bless berryreview keep up the good work.

  9. I love reading because of all the RIM updates/apps/themes ect. I would love a copy of those apps! <— lil bit of an app whore

  10. have tried flipside great app and phoneface would be great to have

  11. Where’s the forum page for this?

  12. i would like to win this

  13. As an active member on BR I always look here 1st for BB news. Love it over because this feels like a village of people sharing versus a metropolis. lol I follow you on twitter & would love to actually be able to cash in on a giveaway instead of being too little too late.

    Keep up the good work BR. This site is and will continue to be my 1st stop for all things related to the BB.

  14. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  15. This is great! I would love to give them a try!

  16. I’ll like to give these a try for sure 🙂

  17. I love to read Berryreview because it is giveaways like this that I just keep myself updated with Berryreview!!

  18. Sounds like a great app. I would love to gie it a try.

  19. BerryReview always has the latest most up to date info. I also love all of the great reviews and free giveaways! (Wink, wink) Most of the other blogs just re-post BerryReview’s info. Thanks for all the great stuff!

  20. pick meeee

  21. Berryreview always keep me informed about new updates and applications

  22. I love reading this site because it allows me to keep informed of all that is happening in the Blackberry world.

    More often than not, I learn of a new application, theme or idea which ends up enriching my Blackberry experience.
    Thanks BerryReview!

  23. The forums provide excellent insight to multiple features or functions of our precious Blackberrys! Oh and the contests are an added bonus!

  24. I love the both products

  25. im addicted to berry review always looking for new contests to win or apps reviews along with os betas coming out

  26. I absolutely love BerryReview! I always recommend the site to friends and family for the sole reason of quality and the amount of articles. I love the forum and articles, especially the reviews/previews.. and who wouldn’t love those beta OS releases! I have been a fond reader of the site through the BerryReview version of Viigo, and I have bought any application I have ever purchased right here from the site. Phoneface or Flipside would be EXCELLENT to add to my BlackBerry 8330, I have looked at both and I would be happy with either. They would provide me with the help I need to complete the “BlackBerry” experience 🙂

  27. Hello,

    I would love to be picked to receive a copy of either or both programs. I have just become a blackberry owner and was lucky enough to win a new blackberry 8900 or Storm. Both these programs sound really helpful. This site has been a heaven sent. It is very informative and I tell anyone that owns a blackberry about this site. Thank you for all your insiteful information and giving me the information to make an educated choice.

    Thank you,
    Kimberlynn Budko

  28. looks sweet

  29. I love reading berryreview due to the fact that it helps me learn everything about my blackberry, i use it for work, school, entertainment, etc. All from learning from berryreview how to do it all.

  30. I love reading Beery Review. There is so much helpful information on applications due to all who post. I learn something to do or about my Blackberry 8330 Curve 4.5 every day. Thank you

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