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BlackBerry App World 1.1 – Archive to SD Card – Top Paid & Top Free Apps

Update to our previous post about App World 1.1 launching. Looks like RIM is listening to customers with the App World. So far I have noticed that the added the much requested feature to have two separate Top Apps categories. There is now one for Top Free Apps and one for Top Paid Apps. The shocking part is the apps that are at the top of those lists… Not the ones you would expect.

bbappworld11-4 bbappworld11-5

The other update is the ability to archive applications to your SD card. The process works like this. You download the app, then install it, then hit the menu button and archive it. It warns you that it may have to reboot to perform the archive but I thought since it was Pandora it would not need to reboot. I was wrong. Not sure if I like the fact that it reboots but its a step in the right direction.

bbappworld11-1 bbappworld11-3 bbappworld11-2 

There is also a new filtering feature in the search options:


Also the screens now slide up and down instead of right to left. You will see when you download the app. For some reason the App World has also bloated up to almost 800Kb. They also now take the record for the longest on device End User License Agreement which you have to scroll ALL the way through. The app also froze my device for about 2 minutes after the install and is still acting a bit sluggish. Hopefully these are just small fixes for RIM.

So what do you think? Personally I am waiting for the desktop version of the app world. International support does not seem to be here yet. DavidB did point out that English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish support are already baked in.

Pick it up at

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  1. I keep getting this error:

    “BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting…”

    screen capture:

  2. now all we need is to boot apps from SD Card and its a wrap unlimited apps for all you know.

  3. Even hotter is the fact that for devices with “Device Memory” (Bold, Storm), the archive goes there rather than SD! Finally a use for that gig!

  4. It doesn’t even work..all I get is this “it can’t connect” or something like that..I re-downloaded it 3 times..the same thing..

  5. I have connecting issues! Can’t connect!

  6. it works perfectly fine for me.

  7. It does not work for me! I even attempted reinstalling it. Still will not connect to the network.

  8. Well now this is interesting…
    This afternoon I get a strange looking icon in my “Messages” folder on my Tour. The ison is a black circle with a “down” arrow in the middle. Click on it and App World launches and takes my to “My World” to download an upgrade for GT Blackjack. I don’t recall this ever happening for updates to apps before? Perhaps another new feature? There have been updates in App World before when I ran the 1.0 versions but I don’t recall getting a inbox notification like this. And yeah, I checked the individual mailboxes and its not an email.

  9. Hello
    ther’s a way to fix the no connection error.
    _Do not download direct from you phone!
    _Go to your computer , go to the app Worl download page
    _And from there input your email adress and have the
    download link sent to you phone

  10. I don’t know why you guys are excited about this jusi as soon as you put viigo on sd card they come out with a new version so then you have to delete and start over again lol

  11. I have had it with app world today. I tried to DL 4 or 5 different apps and every time it froze on the downloading icon in My world and froze my phone with the dreaded hourglass (or stopwatch on my bold) 7 times in a row. I finally just deleted app world and dl’d the few apps I wanted from other places. I will re DL if when the bugs are gone.

  12. This version is a bit buggered up. A lot of error messages and not all work from the archive like Pandora radio and Gokivo GPS.
    Q: after archiving both of these 2 softwares and not working, I had to un archive them but…they are still on the device memory…does that mean they are still archived after all? Guess so.
    Now, I’m starting to see those 30 MB figures again…woho.
    Another Q: since we can store all apps now on the device memory, is the new 256MB memory of the Onyx justifiable compared to the Bold’s 128MB memory? Hmmm

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