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US Cellular to Offer Free OTA My Contacts Backup on July 30th

One of our Secret Agents let me know that US Cellular is going to extend their free My Contacts Backup application to smartphones starting July 30th. Right now the service only works for feature (dumb) phones but starting tomorrow it will be available for the 8130 Pearl, 8330 Curve, 8230 Flip, & 8830.


US Cellular users will have free access to the application at starting tomorrow. This is kind of cool since it makes switching devices pretty easy. Especially if you are upgrading from a feature (dumb) phone to a BlackBerry.

Starting tomorrow they will also let you organize your contacts and share them with other US Cellular My Contacts Backup users.

That’s a pretty cool service for free! Keep up the good work US Cellular!

Full details after the jump:


Currently U.S. Cellular® smartphones do not offer the My Contacts Backup (MCB) application.  By not supporting this application on smartphones, it has created a gap in our ability to utilize our branding proof point along with our advertising and promotional materials.

We are proud to say we will be delivering the value of MCB for the smartphone platform on July 30th.  Also, included within this launch, is the new MCB feature of "Contact Sharing" where you can organize and share your contacts with other U.S. Cellular® My Contacts Backup users for FREE still!

How to Download

  • The delivery platform of the application is the only change where customers can be directed to the already existing (smartphone link live on July 30th) site where they can just simply enter their phone # and are then sent the SMS download link to their inbox. 
  • We are positioning MCB onto smartphones as a seamless integration into this platform.  The “look & feel” will be nearly identical to a feature phone experience (images, menu options) once downloaded.

Customer Impact

  • Customers will now have access to the FREE MCB application on their smartphones.
  • Seamless device migration experience.  For customers who are on a feature phone, they can easily switch over to a smartphone and transfer contacts.
  • For customers who are “not” on a corporate e-mail system like a BES (BlackBerry®) or Microsoft Exchange (Windows Mobile) they now have a contacts back-up solution.  This is really appealing for our small business channel.
  • The application works in conjunction with other address book synching methods such as Outlook if users wish to use both.  
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  1. That is sweet… Except I am on a BES so my contacts are all ready backed up, but anyone with BIS only should be very excited about this. Wonder if other carriers are going to start something similar…

    Now if USCC could only get the Tour my mobile life would be complete…

  2. Good news KMAN. The Tour is on the rebate form for July 31-November for USCC

  3. Yeah, I’ve seen the rebate and your right man, that is good news, but I want it in my hand! VZW and Sprint all have it, get with it USCC!

  4. I really miss OTA contacts backup from my POS Samsung dumbphone on Verizon. Always baffled me why such a cool capability isn’t offered to their smartphone customers. Maybe with US offering it, Verizon will follow suit soon? When I bought my Tour Verizon made me move my contacts from 8830 myself, that’s piss poor customer service!

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