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AT&T & Verizon Arguing if Most Reliable 3G Means Fastest 3G

sticking_out I could not help but chuckle when I read this little development. Terry sent me this article on DSL reports detailing the latest spat between AT&T & Verizon. It looks like AT&T does not like Verizon advertising as having "America’s Most Reliable 3G Network” and called them on it saying it was false advertising. So Verizon obviously decided to take the matter to court.

AT&T is trying to compare theoretical speed with reliability. Saying that reliable implies that it is the fastest which is what AT&T is claiming. Personally I have tried both and found that even a Verizon 8330 is usually faster on EVDO than my Bold on 3G in a practical speed test.

I am interested to see how this little fight will end! Hopefully it will result in AT&T rolling out better 3G service in NYC since this dropped call and data issue is getting old fast!

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  1. hmmm, this is interesting, because to me, “reliability”, and “fastest”, is obviously two different things. This is a pretty ridiculous argument.

  2. Well for ME, “reliable” has always been more important than “fastest”. Likely why I’ve been with Verizon going on 15 years now (yes, I had a bag phone).

    That’s hilarious though that a CDMA Curve would beat a GSM Bold in your experience. I knew things were bad in NYC, but not THAT bad! Blame it on the tourists with their iPhones…

  3. AT&T “fewest dropped calls” was a bunch of lies (proven) and their 3G claims have also alway been a bunch of lies. I’d like to see them get hammered down hard in the public eye over this one. I don’t like Verizorn either, but AT&T is the worse of the two.

  4. Yeah, and their “more bars in more places” is true only when you take into account they use GSM phones that of COURSE get “bars” in many places worldwide where there is no CDMA. Another “technically true” statement that’s in all practicality meaningless.

  5. Didn’t you know that AT&T owns more dive bars compared to any other carrier? Its where us bloggers go do drown our sarcasm. 🙂

  6. I currently have Vzw and had ATT for a while here in the NYC area. I think VZW is better but ATT okay for voice.

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