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RIM 8520 Curve Product Manager Interviewed – Why No GPS or Flash?

BlackBerry8520Annu from RIM did a nice little interview with, Pankaj, the Product Manager for the BlackBerry 8520 Curve. He explains why the new trackpad was included along with Wi-Fi. The weird thing is that the new trackpad does not seem to have a product name like SurePress or SureType. I was almost sure that RIM would name it…

Sadly he seems to skim over two issues I have with the 8520:

  • Why is there no GPS support? Every new BlackBerry has it except for the 8520!
  • What happened to the LED flash?

It looks like RIM is placing the 8520 to replace the 83xx series but it looks like it is missing two key features…

What do you think?

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  1. GPS is nice but I prefer WiFi. I didn’t miss not having GPS on my 8320, and with T-Mo and their awesome UMA umlimited calling WiFi makes more sense.

  2. the led flash is the most useful tool I use once I lost my keys on dark enviroments 😉 please reconsider it!

  3. Totally agree. Why haven’t they released the ultimate all in one with the 3.2 camera, led flash, gps, wi-fi, 3G AND trackpad? How hard is this? The Tour comes close. It only needs the trackpad.

  4. Yup led flash is most definitely a dealbreaker when I come to replace my 8310.

  5. Led Flash as a videolight and GPS can both use alot of battery power. I wonder how much power the Trackpad uses and if they had to ice those things to make up for it. If so, they would’ve been better off making a thicker, more powerful battery.

    The days of a GPS puck should really be coming to an end, and that and the LED flash make the BB a more convergent device that can adequately replace other devices.

    Then again they did number it an 8520, and doesn’t the 20 at the end always denote wifi, but no GPS? Maybe the’ll come up with a 40 denotation that is GSM and has wifi AND GPS.

  6. Because it’s their value BB and they need to give people a reason to upgrade from it.

  7. Obviously cutting such things cuts cost. The Gemini is intended to be an entry level device. You want those extra bells and whistles you pay for them by upgrading to Javelin (er, Curve 8900).

  8. “It looks like RIM is placing the 8520 to replace the 83xx series”

    Why do we think the 85xx series is going to replace the 83xx series? What about the 89xx series? Couldn’t that also be the replacement?

    Why was there even a need to make two new series of Curves?

  9. The 8520 is meant to be a low cost BB, something people step into from other phones. They have updated the 83XX series by giving it more RAM, faster processor, new casing, and the trackpad (durability). For the rumored $50 price point I would say this is a great deal. The flash missing is annoying I would say, but many will never miss it.

  10. With iPhones selling for $49+ (refurb ones sell for $49) now, Blackberry really needs to step up their game to remain competitive. While people may not use all of the features on a phone (wi-fi, the LED flash for their cam, GPS), a mature, feature-rich communications device should be the brand for Blackberry. I thought the Pearl Flip was supposed to be their budget version? And they still have yet to produce ONE 3G BB. Wth!?!!

    Hate to say it but Blackberry is starting to lose its footing in the market to it’s nemesis, the iPhone.

    • Blackberry hasn’t been a single device for a long time, they have an expanding range of devices to appeal to a varied audience who may prefer a certain form factor or price point, so just having the one budget device would be very shortsighted especially if you look at how well the original curves still sell despite their age.

      Did you make a typo there, putting bb when you meant curve because if not you are clearly mistaken because there have been a number of 3g devices for both gsm and cdma networks.

      Also, check the sales figures, apple are obviously doing well, but its not at the expense of blackberry sales, both are eating into the sales of nokia these days.

  11. Remember with the Blackberry 8320… only with wifi! And if you want to GPS… you need to buy a 8310! We have the same thing here, the 8520 is built only with the wifi and RIM will launch soon the 8510 with GPS! (because these models will replace the 8300 series).

    For the Flash, they can’t add it to the device because the 8900 get the Flash!

    Maybe i’m wrong, but I don’t think.

  12. Sure but the $50 8220 has GPS, Wi-Fi, Flash… So fitting it into a larger package should be cheaper… Especially since they already designed one.

    This would kind of be like releasing the Onyx and then making a big stink about a 7100 being a new entry device.

  13. How can I pass contacts from computer to Blackberry 8520 curve, can any one please help.

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