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BBWeather Experimental GPS Feature Added by Tateu

bbweather-gps Tateu has been doing a wonderful job of taking over the BBWeather application. Tom let me know that he has released a new version with experimental GPS support for your location. Personally I don’t find it so hard to put in your own zip code but this makes life simpler. The GPS only really works in the US since the reverse geo-coding does not return a valid entry outside of the US.

You can pick up the experimental version at this link OTA or post your findings on this thread on BBForums.

To use GPS:

  1. Add a new location — Options – Current Profiles – Add
  2. Set Location ID: @gps
  3. Set the other fields to whatever you want
  4. Press "OK" to save it
  5. Under Options, look for the first "GPS Type"
  6. The default type is "Autonomous + Assisted" but not all phones support that type. The Bold does. The Bold does not support Cellsite. You can try all four to see which one works for your model. This knowledge base article might also help you decide.
  7. The second "GPS Type" option is a typo and should be "GPS Server." You can probably leave this as the default, I just put the second server in there because I could. At some point, I may take the option out and just make BBWeather try the 1st one and, if it fails, automatically try the 2nd one.
  8. That’s it, save the Options and go back to the current conditions screen.

The 1st line on the Weather screens says BBWeather, the 2nd line says the City and LocationID. If the end of that 2nd line says "GPS" it means the GPS coordinates were just updated right now. If it says "GPS*" it means it is using GPS coordinates obtained sometime in the last 10 minutes. If it says "GPS**" it means BBWeather was unable to obtain GPS coordinates and it is using the last known valid GPS location. The GPS Coordinates are normally only refreshed if they are older than 10 minutes but you can force a refresh at any time by choosing "Update" from the menu.

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  1. I stumbled across this one yesterday and installed it. so far so good. i still had to add my home zip code in order for it to work though. i was hoping that i would be able to skip that and it just pick up my location via gps. you CAN, however, make weather underground your source for weather in the app. i don’t know if that was the case for the pervious version! love it!!

  2. Adding GPS is awesome! Weatherbug beta for Storm does that. Its great when traveling to not have to ask someone for the local zip code or input a city name!

  3. Get error from above OTA link:
    “Cannot find file (-3): BBWeatherEX “

  4. Tateu has done great work keeping BBWeather alive and kicking! He definitely deserves praise for it!

    • Wonderfull !!!
      It even works outside of the USA (I’m in small city in France) on BB8820.
      Thanks a lot, it’s’a feature I waited a long time to be available.

  5. IT WORKS! ITS AWESOME! I LOVE IT! WELL DONE!! Now please add aupport for non-US GPS locations, like Canada, Europe, etc…

  6. Anybody get this working on a verizon curve?

    • Nobody is going to Ed. At least not get GPS to work. Unless Verizon has a wholesale change of heart for old devices and decides to open up the PDE severs, the ONLY apps that will ever work with the internal GPS on a Verizon 8130/8330/8830 are VZNavigator, TeleNav, and BlackBerry Maps. Those three are the only ones that can authenticate with the PDE’s (which the LBS API’s make apps do), and even attempts to hack other apps into making themselves appear to be one of the authorized apps have failed to authenticate even using proper credentials.

  7. I downloaded this and installed it on the Tour. Set it the way the directions say but continue to get an error while trying to use the GPS. I was going to switch to this instead of WeatherBug since I know it takes up less memory, but I want the GPS to work. It won’t even work as a ‘cellsite’ location.

  8. Great app. Had the 89.1 version already. But it simply is not currently working for the Tour. I tried all of the 12 possible combinations but it states “Invalid location provided.” Oh well.

  9. @mirren:
    Try weatherbug. Works flawlessly on Tour. I’ve recently been in DC, SC, RI, CA, and WA and it GPS located and pulled proper data no issues.

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