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BBM 5.0 OTA’s for everyone who missed out on the first leak

UPDATE: BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is now officially available via the App World Web Store or You can read more about it at this link where we describe the features.

If any of you missed out on the previous BBM 5.0 leaks, we were sent a whole new line of OTA and desktop links to download BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 for your device . Thanks David for sending this tip in to us. (It has been a busy 24 hours for incoming tips and leaks 🙂 ). There’s even a Storm 2 version and love for those running ver 5 firmware). Enjoy…

The links are:

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  1. Oh Internets, gotta love how you can find links for unreleased software for an unreleased phone! (referring to the Storm2)

  2. Keep in mind that if you are running a BlackBerry OS version LOWER than it will NOT work.

    • Actually, I’m running, and bbm5 works fine.

    • What version would I DL for a 8120 Pearl running OS Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      • Hey Carlos,DL the one that says OS 4.5/curve it works fine I have the 8120
        Pin me if have any questions

    • Just freaking great…I’m running on a VZW Curve 8330 and the install worked fine, but I lost my BBM icon. Any way to get it back without a complete wipe?

    • This is my second time installing BBM 5.0 and it still does not work with my Verizon 8330 Curve.
      First time I had OS and now I did it, I have AAHH! Can someome help me and tell me what I’m doing wrong? My icon disappears and I took out the battery and everything. Please any help would be great.

  3. I guess we can be pretty confident that this won’t cause RIM to pull the plug on BBM 5.0 the way Skyfire did.

    Have to ask: Is this any different than the version leaked before or is it just a “re-leak?”

  4. I have downloaded the OTA on my Curve (OS 4.5) and installed it, but when my device reboots there seems to be no icon. The program is listed in Options –> Advanced Options –> Applications, and is listed as the correct version. How do I get the icon back, or will I need to restore back to the previous version?

    • I have no icon, after it was installed, it made a reboot, and no icon for BBM 5 appears, although it is listed in the application list. I have curve 8900

      • It happened to me as well. But I
        Downloaded the app for javelin instead
        Of curve and walah! My bbm icon is back
        New and improved. This version is way
        Cooler! Goodluck.

        • I lost my icon, even after downloading the javelin version. Does anyone know how to get the icon back? I don’t know how to restore it to the original version…

        • Thank you for this! i was just about to give up when i saw your post and gave it a try! It worked perfectly for my Curve 8900!


  6. Works on my 8900 version Anyone know if OS is worth installing and is stable to use?

    J LeNy
    [email protected]

  7. It doesn’t list it on the version numbers above but I downloaded the desktop install and installed to my BB 8830 WE phone running the lastest verizon 4.5 OS and it works fine as far as I can see. Pretty cool!

  8. I have installed the OTA link, but the icon doesn’t appear anywhere.
    I have bb 8900.

  9. This is just a re-leak of BBM that was leaked a little while back. Now go download in peace if you don’t have it already!

  10. I’m having the same problem as some others o3n my Curve.

    1) I’m running
    2) It says the program installs, but I have no icon. Further, when I launch desktop manager it just shows that BBM 4.5 is not installed.

    Anybody have any ideas on this yet? Or am I not running the right OS… and if that’s the case where do I get the right OS as updating normally won’t go higher than where I am.

    All help appreciated.

    • It seems you need to be running or higher. Although some have reported working with

    • Go the BB website under device software…you can download a updated version (software) for your phone,I have the 8900 once I did this the download worked.Oh..if you have the 8900 you will need the javlin download or your icon for bbm will disappear!

  11. A little stranger still… it shows up under my Apps List on the device, but still no icon or way to launch it…

  12. I managed to do a good install used it for days now without any issue, although i probably wiped my phone 10 15 times until i realized the problem. It seems that 1st you cant install the new bb messenger on top of the old one, neither can you load contacts from the old one to the new one from a back up (Went through all databases one by one). Both of these create a issue with the bbm. Issues being their is a java error, it installs icons don’t show up, messenger starts but u cant scroll up or down among other things.

    What I did was use jl cmdr, and wipe out my entire blackberry and reloaded the os minus blackberry messenger. Then I installed the new blackberry messenger on the phone with a clean os which has no blackberry messenger files. I then loaded my entire backup on my phone the normal way and got a java error my bbm wasn’t working. But what i did was use the bbm to create a backup of all my contacts on my media card.

    I repeated the entire process again wiping the phone, loaded the os without bbm, installed the new one once the phone started and imported all my contacts through my backup. Now what i did, i opened my backup through the advanced feature of desktop manager and loaded all my databases except the bb messenger, Google messenger ones.

    My phone works like a charm plus I didn’t loose all my databases. What i did loose was my applications but i didn’t mind installing 10 of them again.

    Hope this works for you guys

    P.S: I backed up my contacts first time through the new bb messenger just as clarification……………it opened let me backup but didnt let me send messages…….or you can go to menu in bbm edit info and setup email backup…that ways it restores automatically…i didnt try it but users told me it works..

  13. Is there any way to instal the old blackberry messenger

  14. Ya you either delete the messenger from the phone and then connect the phone to the desktop manager and click on the messenger to add (might not work)….or u do a wipe through jl cmdr and reinstall everything again…bb messenger is part of the os files we download…

  15. Works great on my BBold

  16. So here was my overall experience.

    1) loaded the new BBM
    2) showed up as an application but no icon
    3) I restored from a previous back up done earlier today… but the BBM situation stayed the same and I didn’t get my contacts back. Desktop showed 4.5 as being removed but didn’t say anything about the presence of 5.0
    4) figured out I should remove one before adding the other.
    5) Ultimately I re-installed 4.5, then restored and got my contacts back.

    I think I’ll be waiting for the official release of 5.0


  17. Hi
    I have the Blackberry Tour from Verizon and im on a BES that i control i downloaded it the first time when it was out for OTA evrything works fine but if i do a battery pull it stops to work the icon is still there and i can see the icon if someone is trying to send me and IM but i can’t open it until i wipe my Handheld and then i can open it.
    any advise please let me know
    Thank You

  18. Hi
    I have the Blackberry Tour from Verizon and im on a BES that i control i downloaded it the first time when it was out for OTA evrything works fine but if i do a battery pull it stops to work the icon is still there and i can see the icon if someone is trying to send me and IM but i can\’t open it until i wipe my Handheld and then i can open it.
    any advise please let me know
    Thank You

  19. i downloaded it then had no icon but after a full power off and a battery pull it later came up with the icon and my contacts on there…using the Storm 9530 tho

  20. i have the 8830 world edition and the download went great. i love the new bbm!

  21. Beware, this is obviously still a beta.

    I downloaded and installed perfectly OTA, right over to top of the existing BBM. I have an 8350i running

    It was running like a champ until I tried to send someone my location.

    This caused a fatal crash of my device, sending it into a perpetual hourglass for 1.5 days (not ideal). I finally did a wipe with JL_cmdr when I was able to get my PC to recognize the device, but before I did I checked out the error logs. Funny thing is that it just had a bunch of attempts at content protection and did not say anything about any error caused by BBM.

    I think the long story is that I will wait for the commercial release before I try this one again. It is an extremely sweet version and I like all of the added bells and whistles, but I cannot risk being down for any amount of time like this nightmare.

  22. hey guys…i judt got mu son the 8520…which ota does that use…its got a 4.6 OS on it

    • Try the 4.6.1 version for the Javelin.
      Greg Myers

      • Thanks for your suggestion, but that didn’t work. After I installed the javellin version bbm appeared in my applications list but I did not have the messenger icon. I deleted again and installed the all languages bold version this time instead of the english only. Its working alright so far but only time will tell. Thanks again.

  23. HElP! Installed new bbm on my bold and it won’t “deliver” 80% of my messages. Its says they are sent but I sometimes have to send the message atleast 10 times before it gets “delivered.” Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do to fix it. I have done many battery pulls and tried reinstalling the ota link numerous times and nothing works. Is it possible to downgrade? I love the new bbm but I will give it up to have my messages delivered. What good is a new fancy app if it doesn’t do what it is made to do?!

  24. I FRIGGIN LOVE BBM 5.O. Using it on my Bold and I gotta say, they did an awesome job!!!

  25. I love BBM 5.0!!!!! Works perfectly on my Bold!

    • how are you getting it to download on your bold? everytime i try to download it whether it be ota or desktop it says its incompatible…and i am running os 4.6.0

  26. Tried the ota for my 8800 running os
    Same ‘no icon’ problem as everyone else

    Found this link to restore bbm4.5 cause the dtm route wasn’t working for me. I too am going to wait for the official release

  27. Hey! I’m sad and hoping for some help.

    I’m using Telus BB8330 Curve with OS

    I’ve tried both the English Only and All Languages OTAs but keep getting error:
    “907 Invalid COD. HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error.”

    Any thoughts?

    – S

  28. Runs perfectly on my Rogers 8310 running

  29. Anyone tried it on a VZW Curve running (latest update)?

  30. Yes, my friend is running it on his Verizon 8330 with v4.5.0.138 and it runs just fine.

    It also runs great on my Verizon 8130 with v4.5.0.138…

  31. I downloaded. The 4.5 version to my blackberry 8900 and when I restarted my phone my whole bbm app was gone.. Please email me solutions.. [email protected]

  32. it’s not working on my 8310 (4.7 DM) any suggestion please?


  34. I`d like to know why my TMobile BBCurve 8320 (Os doesnt finish the download…? it says it cant unzip it… i think its because of the .jad but i dont really know…

  35. How do I download a later version of an OS for VZW Blackberry Curve 8330. I am currently using v4.5.0.77 and tried downloading BBM 5.0. It downloaded successfully, but I lost my BBM icon. I think I need to upgrade my OS 1st then retry the BBM upgrade…. So, any ideas on how to get a new OS?? Thanks!!!

  36. I also have a BB 8320 and have tried to DL the 4.5 curve version . I’m running O.s v4.5 0.81!

    Any suggestions please ???

  37. Hey I have a curve 8900 for AT&T which pne should I download? Javelin or curve?

  38. blackberry curve 8900… installed the BBM 5.0 (For 4.6.1/Javelin) – English Only and this worked for me.

  39. Works great on my Alltel Curve! I did an update first and have version

    I wrote down all the pin numbers of my contacts in case something happened.

    I removed BBM 4.5.

    I used the OTA link for Curve 4.5 (English).

    Installed without issue. BBM icon was there without restarting phone.

    Had to readd all my contacts because I could not find them. I don’t think 4.5 had the option to backup contacts though.

    Everything works great! Got msgs from all my friends wanting to install 5.0. Guess my next step will be to show them how.

  40. I have a BB 8310 Curve. And it’s running a This isn’t gonna work, is it? I’ve tried several times and it always fails…

  41. I’m trying to download the BBM 5.0 (For 4.5/Curve) – English Only from my AT&T Blackberry Curve and receive the following error mesage: 907 Invalid COD Unable to import ZIP file. Is there a zip program that needs to be downloaded to my phone?

  42. Hi there,

    I have a blackberry 8900 version and ive been trying to download the bbm 5.0 for 4.6.1 javelin (all languages), which i assume is the right one as it seems to work for everyone else with the same phone. Somehow, i keep getting an error message come up:907 invalid COD Unable to import ZIP file. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong or how to rectify the problem!! I would be most greatful.


  43. I have a blackberry 9000 Bold with OS 4.6.0 and I have problems downloading the 5.0 bbm. I get an error code saying 907 Invalid COD
    Unable to import ZIP file. I have tried downloading it numerous time buti get the same error message. Please help me before I go insane!!! Thanks you!!

  44. Anyone know how to get Blackberry Messenger running on BB OS 5.0.190. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    [email protected]

  45. Has any one downloaded this yet for the tour? Plz get back to me thanks

  46. does anybody know whichversion will work for the blackberry peral 8220

  47. I have version bbm 4.6.0 and when I tried to install the newer one to my jevelin it didn’t work… Why?

  48. I just uploaded this program to my new tour… however, when I access the messanger it goes directly to the license agreement and does not allow me to select “I accept”. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

    • I am having the same problem and am completely frustrated. How did you fix this? Of course being it is Christmas Day I can’t get anyone on tech support…

  49. So my boyfriend has a Bold 9000 AT&T, since I’m not familiar with it I cant seem to find the upgrade for BBM5.. I’m not the wiz when it comes to these things, so if anyone can break it down for me I would really appricaiate it! Thank God my Verizon Tour was as simple as it gets for the downloading! 🙂

    -oh, also! when I tried to click the link above for the bold it says this:

    File Type: Unknown

    Description: Windows does not recognize this file type.


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