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SkyFire Browser OTA link for BlackBerry Leaked

The tips line has been running hot today. Brian has just dropped us a link to the OTA for SkyFire browser for BlackBerry. I’ve tested it on a Bold and works great.

You can pick it up at the following OTA link:

UPDATE 1: Previous Link is down: Try here (Courtesy BlackBerryOS)

UPDATE 2: Looks like the leak came from not BlackBerryOS.

I’ve included a few screenshots (more available after the Jump) for you all to have a look at.

Let us know what you find in the comment section below.

Enjoy. (And thanks again Brian for the tip)




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  1. I think the link may be wrong for a Bold, I get a download failed message, 907 invalid cod.

  2. Wow! Streaming media in a browser and Flash on a BlackBerry! Excellent.

  3. I tried the OTA and get HTTP error 404: NOT Found. I also tried copying the .jad file to my blackberry and lauching from there but get download failed?

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    [email protected]

  4. I wish I’d had a copy before blocked Skyfire. Hulu also now blocks the PS3 browser suddenly. Jerks!

  5. Ya no prob,on the tip 🙂

  6. Originally posted by Bla1ze on the the Crackberry forum:

    If anyone had read the release notes before leaking it, you all would know that the server it’s on has limited capacity..once capacity has been reached no further connections can be made…

    All the leak did was slow down actual testing and development…also, alerted SkyFire to a leak so next Beta release will be even harder to get a hold of…and it sucks anyways and you all were fed the VERY first’s not even a all are 2-3 versions off so to even judge it off of what was leaked leaves you ill informed.

    This folks, is why some stuff is better off NOT leaked..real beta users of SkyFire are now going to have issues connecting and addressing bugs for the day which in turn, slows launch.

  7. Anyone having issues using it on the Storm using

    can’t click on any items on the browser I even performed a soft reset no luck on using the browser

  8. Just tried it on my 8900. It’s not working. I can’t even see the homescreen. I only see poca dots.

    Tried visiting websites, but to no avail, it just wouldn’t do anything.

    I’ll try & reinstall just to see, but most likely I’d have to wait for an updated version.

  9. On 8800 works terrible, slow and laggy (dont know, maybe its problem wtih serwers). Using TCP and Wi-Fi to connect, no support for BIS (maybe next version).

  10. How does this compare to the Bolt browser?

  11. Can anyone confirm if this works on the 9530? It starts but doesn’t seem to so anything after that…

  12. it downloaded and installed on my mobile, but it didn’t work.. 🙁

  13. coudn’t make it work on my bold 🙁

  14. everyone, please read what Wayne said above ..

  15. Not working on tour. I see poca dots.

  16. Mine was working great but it’s down now. Looks like they shut us down.

  17. Loaded it on the Storm. Causes App Errors and reset. With compat. mode on and off.

  18. Still doesn’t work for me. Either link. All I get is “907 Invalid COD
    Unable to import ZIP file”…

  19. Not working on my Tour, was able to download but cannot load any pages. /sigh

    Skyfire, why do you not allow others to share in your awesomeness?

    • Well, it is because sme people are incapable of programing a VCR, couldn’t reload their operating system on their blackberry or computer without a “for dummies” book. Useless people give useless help. Read: storm forums, beta os discussions etc. 98% of these people shouldn’t be playing with beta or alpha software, heck some of them should go back to pen and paper. No help is far better than useless rants and complaints.

      In other works, private betas are used to get CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, suggestions and bugs. Not to pamper babies listen to bitchin and whining

      Really, check forums for leaked ANYTHING and all you hear is people crying about how it isn’t what it was meant to be.

      • If everybody stopped hyping everything to unbearable heights and promising features that they then can’t deliver, they wouldn’t have these issues. It’s the same with all the stuff from RIM: How long have BES admins been waiting for proper OTA update capabilities now and where are they?

        If you advertise great, desirable features and then spend ages developing them while continually teasing people, you shouldn’t be astonished that your product will leak and will be grabbed thousandfold when it does!

        If you want a quiet, closed beta, develop things in your corner and don’t tell anyone. Ask people to join the beta program without touting all of the great features the finished product might eventually have. You’ll have a much easier time keeping things under control that way. (see SocialScope for example, which is a great product, had a very long closed beta and no ‘giant leak landgrab’ incident like this).

        • not to feed the trolls, but for real, Skyfire has not hyped their browser at all. Well for BlackBerry. they hype the product as a WinMo and Symbian browser because that stuff is in public. They just announced that they were doing an alpha for BlackBerry and solicited testers.

          The only reason anyone has seen ANYTHING about the browser is people are breaking NDAs and sharing it with CB/BGR.

  20. well alot are saying skyfire is pissed it got leaked and stoped the beta and are proly doing a new one and proly will have a server check with the id and shit on this build if they dont i will try my best to get my hands on it for u guys 🙂

    • Well, that’s what you get for teasing people and never releasing anything! You just make people want your product and of course they will grab it if they get their hands on it.

      If you want to hold a beta and not have people freak out if it leaks, do it like the SocialScope and Bolt guys: Offer it to everybody, give it out at a good pace, tie it to accounts and unique download links and that’s it.

  21. Not a good idea to post something like that in the open there Brian. The Alpha was pulled because Skyfire dedicated a small amount of resources to this Alpha internally, and they were overrun when people started to download and use the leaked copy (of an OLD beta no less). I do hope they use PIN/Login as a security measure so the application wont be delayed to do people being impatient and wanting things they cannot have yet.

  22. To the moron who posted the leak… thanks for messing up everything to the users who where actually testing the product and now delaying the launch date… If the product it in the public eyes DONT POST IT>>>> IT JUST MESSES THINGS UP FOR THE REST OF US…. SO NICE JOB MORON!!!!!!!!!

  23. Just go out and get an iphone. Nothing on the market today compares in terms of internet functionality.

  24. that statement is just wrong, the iphone has no flash support and skyfire does. that is a huge shortcoming to apple’s internet functionality

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