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Travel Genius – Free Location Based Search & POI App

Jerry let me know about this popular free app called Travel Genius. Sadly it makes use of BlackBerry Maps for mapping so I could not really try it on my AT&T BlackBerry so I will resort to the description they provide. Sadly the app is also only available in the App World so you will need to go there and search for Travel Genius…

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Travel Genius by MobileVision is a location based search tool that helps you to quickly find and get to the places or services you need when you are out and about. It combines the best features of a GPS tool – minus the monthly fees – with powerful Internet search options and tucks them neatly into a simple user interface that works on any BlackBerry smartphone (OS 4.2+).

How often have you been out traveling and need something (a taxi ride, dry cleaning or gas), and even though you have a wireless Internet browser you still don’t know exactly where you are to start your search? We’ve all been there – wherever ‘there’ is! Now with Travel Genius you are only a couple of clicks away from knowing where you are and how to get the service or to the location you need. One-click choices like "ATM", "Parking" or "Movies" make searching easy. Need something that’s not listed? There is a custom search feature, so you can look up anything you want. Nothing is ad-driven, so you can be sure that your results include all the options – not just the ones that someone paid to put there. And it all utilizes the built-in GPS or manual address entry.

Do you travel a lot? Travel Genius allows you to create favorites and save them. Finding what you need is even faster with favorites. Ever have a hard time finding your parked car? (That’s a rhetorical question.) With favorites, you can do things like snap a photo of your parking spot, grab the GPS location and then later request map directions to find your way back. Even when you’re busy, traveling and away from your normal routine you’ll look like, well, a genius.

End the uncertainty and hunt-n-peck nature of finding services and locations when you’re away from home. Get to where you need and what you need faster and more accurately every time.

For complete mapping capability, Travel Genius requires BlackBerry Maps and GPS reception.

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  1. Good post Ronen. Another app you can only download via BB App World….how nice. Why do developers limit themselves like that? I deleted BBMaps off my BB anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  2. Is BB Maps disabled on AT&T?

  3. The 8900 luckily has enough onboard memory where I can afford to keep BBMaps and GoogleMaps, otherwise I would only use GoogleMaps

    • how many apps you got installed i have like close to or more than 30, I do have to say it makes it really slow sometimes. I have that urge to try out every app that catches my attention.

  4. I assume it has only US locations, right?

  5. Have you tried zhiing on the Blackberry yet?

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