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UPDATE: BlackBerry Messenger & PIN Outage or Issues? Let Us Know!

maninthedarkUPDATE: Just posted by Robb on DataOutages mailing list:

Trouble Ticket Number: 7392092
Severity: 2-Medium
Description of Issue: RIM is experiencing latency with PIN messages. This will affect PIN messages, Blackberry Messenger, Service Book delivery, and other Blackberry services.
Location of Issue: North America and surrounding areas
Start Time: Jul 23 2009 10:00 AM PDT
Symptoms you MAY experience: RIM Blackberry users may be unable to send/receive messages or may have difficulty connecting to the network.
Estimated time of repair: Unknown

I have been hearing sporadic reports from around the US and been sent a BBForums thread about BlackBerry Messenger and PIN’s getting delayed or not being sent at all. At first I thought it was just users of BBM 5.0 that leaked but it looks like it is also happening on older BBM versions.

Let us know if you are having any problems, where you are located, and if you are using the new BB messenger!

Thanks Matt for bringing this to our attention!

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  1. Known issue affecting about 50% of subscribers.

  2. using BB5 in Mexico and it’s supposed to be failing all around with older versions as well as between them

  3. Yup I’m with telus in Canada and using the new bbma. Delay about 15 mins.

  4. Using 5.0 on my bold. Issues for the past 2 hours…

  5. I’m in NY and sometimes when I click on a chat it doesn’t open very often

  6. I’m in Arizona and can receive but can’t send messages via BBM. PIN seemed to go through tho.

  7. I’m in the Virginia Beach VA area on the Verizon network and BBM (4.5 version) will not work, also PIN messages fail to send. It’s been going on for about 2 1/2 hrs.
    Great Job big red or RIM or Both!!!!!!!!

  8. Happening in Ecuador too. It’s been this way for about three hours

  9. Here in Fredericksburg,VA PIN not working on 4.5 OS. Not for hubby in DC either (same OS).

  10. Boston, MA using BBM 5 and having delay issues.

  11. in nyc. down since noon.. messages taking 10-15-20 min to go through and some not at all and receiving out of order messages. all day come on RIM

  12. I have BBM 5.0 and have lots of issues with messages sending but not showing as delivered or read if I get a reply. I’ve considered reverting back to 4.6

  13. Im at dominican republic, no delay in BBM 5.0

  14. Just converted my stuff to a replacement 8900 & was wondering why my bbm messages haven’t been going thru. Thought it was something I did. lol Glad I’m a part of this forum.

  15. Yep Canada and using BBM 5.0 and 4 users on my list + me are having no PIN-PIN connectivity..
    thanks for this btw!

  16. I am just WAITING for RIM to release a statement stating that something in BBM 5.0 was causing issues with their PIN to PIN service and hence the reason that it was still in BETA, and that by so many people downloading a BETA copy, it whacked their system out.

  17. Im in Vancouver, Canada and i have a blackberry bold. I was able to send and receive messages all this morning but suddenly since the past hour i cant send or receive messages. When i send a message my contact appears as ‘unavailable’. A few messages eventually went through but it was a massive delay. This is EXTREMELY annoying!!!!

  18. I’m in San Diego and I haven’t been able to use BBM all day. It has the symbol for when your contact is making a call on the little happy face. I have the old version of BBM. The rest of my phone is working fine, but I’m using Wi-Fi now as well.

  19. South Dakota and BBM are finally starting to go out and be received as normal. Running OS 5.0 and BBM 5.0 on the Storm w/ Verizon.

    • I spoke too soon. Several messages went through and then everything died again. All BBM and Pin messaging is down for me still.

  20. I am in Northern VA and mine has not worked all day.

  21. Two BBM issues here in Maryland. Taking up to 3 hours to get messages.

  22. In Toronto, BBM was working this morning, but has been down all afternoon.

  23. In Utah… No BBM this afternoon. Severe delays

  24. In Houston TX, messages take about a minute or two to get sent to the other party.

  25. In michigan on a family plan 1 phone is working fine and the other (mine) is not, go figure.

  26. TMO and AT&T having issues in Orlando, FL

  27. I’m in South Carolina and my bbm has been sporadic at best. Using bbm 5.0.

  28. In Toronto, PIN messages timing out and BB messenger not working since 3pm. Email ok all the way through.


  29. Venezuela, carrier: Digitel bbm 4.5 looong delays and lost messages

  30. Toronto Canada on the Rogers network
    bbms are taking about 10 mins to deliver/receive

  31. Tampa. BBM 5.0 through AT&T. Long delays and some messages aren’t even being sent

  32. In Venezuela service SUCKS!!!!!!! all are affected, thanks to twitter we can still comunicate from and to bb devices!!!!

  33. Have not been able to receive or send any messages on BBM, Mass

  34. I live in MN and my pin-pin messages are down. Been down all day and it is rather annoying!! So fix it already!!

  35. Im in New York

    I have 2 Blackberry’s 1 Bold running OS with BB Messenger and getting some messages delivered and some messages only as sent but not delivered, Then I have a brand new BB Curve 8900 (opened 2 hours ago) running OS (which came preinstalled on the device) with BB Messenger 4.6.0, and it has the same problem, and both are running on AT&T’s Network

    Just wondering how long this will take that they should get this fixed.

  36. I’m with Rogers in Ottawa and have been having issues all day long

    Haven’t tried sending PIN msgs but bbm5.0 does not send or receive all messages.

  37. Works in NY

  38. Wow this truly is widespread. I wonder why it only is with BBM.

  39. Bmobile in Trinidad and Tobago. Using Bold with and BBM5. Started experiencing delays just after lunch today. Messages not being delivered in order. Tried deleting a contact and it would not delete. Freezing up and now frozen out of messenger totally.

  40. This stupid thing has been acting up for about a week now. I’m running I thought my phone was broken until I found this website, apparently i’m not alone… Messages are going thru, my contacts are unreachable, unable to add new contacts, says people are typing messages for hours.

    I DON’T PAY $100 A MONTH FOR THIS!!!! I’m about ready to cash in on an iPhone 3G!

  41. Cheshire, CT having issues.

  42. some in NJ and NY for those with old and new blackberry messenger. ATT, Verizon

  43. Here is Mass also having problems with BBM!! Does anyone know when this will get fixed!!

  44. Mass v 4.5.0 having problems with BBM! Anyone know when it will be resolved?!

  45. 3 known blackberries having issues… Miami, FL

  46. Phoenix AZ, BBM 5.0 having issues with some sent messages. Haven’t received anything all day.

  47. Most messeges are not going thru at all. The few that do are very slow. Boston here. BBM 4.5

  48. Am all over NYC and having problems, BBM5.0 and friends with regular BBM versions getting crazy delay YO!!!!!

    What’s good RIM!!???? Can we get credit on data fees?

  49. Phoenix, AZ. Have had problems with BBM pretty much all afternoon (not this morning). I have a Blackberry Bold running BBM 4.6 on AT&T . I’ll get some sporadically but that’s about it. This is my favorite form of communication. Kind of annoying. Grr.

  50. I’m in California, I started experiencing problems as of yesterday when my contacts kept becoming “unreachable”. My wife and I are both using BBM5 on our Curves running As for today we’ve both have been experiencing a delay of 15 to 20 minutes between messages.

  51. In Metro Atlanta, on a Curve 8310 on AT&T(otal Crap) v4.5.0.110 (Platform with the regular (non 5.0) BBM.

    For the last 7 days (2 of which were spent in Northwest Florida) i have experienced delays (of up to 5 hours), message not being received, messages not being delivered and even some data problems.

    All BBM contacts tell me that my name in their lists says I’m either on the phone or, in one case, i disappeared from their contact list.

  52. I’m in Florida. Ever since i downloaded the 5.0 messenger on Tmobile network. I have the official tmo 4.6.231 os.. there seems to be a lag in sending in bbm 5.0. Sometimes, it just wouldn’t deliver (d missing next to checkmark) and i’d have to copy and paste it. Or it would skip a thread in between 2 that have gone thru. Makes it very aggravating.

  53. SO CAL 8900 Curve, bbm started working again, msgs going through quickly instant D after i press send etc. seems to be all good. any explanation on why it was “down”?

  54. Seems to be back up and running in Phoenix, too. Wee!

  55. I´m from Ecuador. It seems that this problem started in the afternoon. But right now I sent a message and it worked….

  56. Happening here In Toronto Canada as well

  57. It is Happening Here in Toronto Canada Too

  58. For the last hour or so, in upstate NY (Catskills) seems to be working fine.
    Just wondering if they resolved this mess already…

  59. My BBM has just disappeared completely. Now i have to figure out how to get it back.

  60. seems to be back up, whew!

  61. Indonesia here, working just fine, using bbm 5.0

    sorry you guys have problems with your bbm

  62. In Illinois, northern suburbs, same problem. I’m using bbm 5.0 and about a third of the messages were not goin through. Eventually it started to work again (after restarding the bb a few times). My boyfriend was experiencing the same problem, he’s with 5.0 as well. My friend who has version 4.3 wasn’t able to send messages to me or receive mine as well. It doesn’t seem like an OS problem, so hopefully it will get fixed soon. Very annoying.

  63. In Illinois, northern suburbs, same problem. I’m using bbm 5.0 and about a third of the messages were not goin through (sent but not delivered). Eventually it started to work again (after restarding the bb a few times). My boyfriend was experiencing the same problem, he’s with 5.0 as well. My friend who has version 4.3 wasn’t able to send messages to me or receive mine. It doesn’t seem like an OS problem, so hopefully it will get fixed soon. Very annoying.

  64. I’m in LA and I’ve been having this problem all day. I downgraded back to bbm 4.7 n my contacts got erased. So far only some have gone through still.

  65. I am currently in LA roaming on O2 UK, and my Bold has gone into SOS Mode for a few hours now (8 to be exact) I managed to find a way in the meantime to get it to make calls, switching it from 2g/3g to just 2g seems to hold on to the GSM network but still no data.

    Spoke to o2 they said they have been made aware of the problem and its worldwide and they working frantically to fix it.

  66. I tried to send a message on bbmessenger yesterday, July 23rd. My contact has been showing as “Unreachable” for almost 24 hours. Are we supposed to try re-sending these?


  67. No problems with BBM5 on my Bold here in Orlando, FL…

  68. So. California, T-Mobile. Not receiving text using BBM.

  69. It happened yesterday in my BB bold 9000 OS; problem sending and receiving bb messages, i’m from Ecuador on Movistar network

  70. is there anywhere i can get the OTA for BBM 5.0 for my 8900..

  71. I am in central Alabama, and have been having sporadic delivery of PIN messages and some email since about 2 pm Thursday. The problem is persisting today.

  72. By sporadic, I mean some are delayed. Some are returned with the red X, some continues to be returned with a red X, resulting in my thinking the other has not received them, and then miraculously the receiver responds, and the time stamp shows it was delivered. Aside from that, even those that do get delivered are delivered with a lag. I have the 4.5.0 software version.

  73. i have 5.0 and messages are delayed, but my daughter still has the old version on her storm and is getting no bbm’s whatsoever. We are also having internet failure.
    BB get with it , or we are bailing.

  74. I’m having a problem with contacts being unreachable on my list, we have to delete and add each others again to make it work!!
    I think I’ll be switching over to iPhone once I’m done with Bell contract in Canada.

  75. BBIM is terribly annoying here in North East Ohio. Often it takes 10 minutes or more to send messages and sometimes they never go through. I’ve been using SMS instead.

  76. I was having the same issue a while back then i reformatted my software and also got the 5.0 bbm and this morning the problems have started again. Messages are delayed or not sent at all and most contacts appear unavailable or my messages go to them very late or sometimes don’t get delivered at all. I’m so sick of this, i’ve only have the phone since May and i’m ready to switch to iphone

    Oh i have blackberry curve 8900 – don’t know if it’s BBM thats messed up or the phone or the software or what, but i’m about done with this load of crap!

  77. BBM having major problems in the last 3 days. In the Los Angeles area. Am using Messenger 5.0. Any news from Blackberry acknowledging the problem? Or is this gonna be like AT&T pretending they have no idea what you’re talking about when you tell them you cant maintain a phonecall anywhere any time.

  78. I have T-Mobile and can recieve PIN messages on my email and facebook only when connected to Wi-Fi on my 8900 Curve. Cannot send at all and I am in Chicago….and I just downloaded a new O.S. 4.6.1 for my 8900 when it started.

  79. I have the same problem when sending message , it become delayed for 15 min. maybe with the New BBM 5 , while 4.6 it’s working very Good .. Any idea how to fix the delayed messages with the new BBM 5.0 ?

  80. Its the same thing here in Thailand. Very bad delays or complete failure of messages being sent.

  81. I am in Guayaquil – Ecuador, South America, issue has been going on since yesterday morning, some messages go through and some get delayed between 20 min to 1 hour. Some never get delivered at all even with older versions of bb messenger. Using new bb messenger on my javelin.

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