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Giveaway: BerryBuzz 2.0 Released – 50 Free Copies!

The developers at BellShare have been working hard on BerryBuzz and released version 2.0. This new version brings BlackBerry Messenger support and a disco LED. 🙂 Sadly the upgrade is not free to previous owners of 1.0 but you can pick up the upgrade for $2.99. If you purchased BerryBuzz after June 25th the upgrade is free.

berrybuzz2-1 berrybuzz2-2   berrybuzz2-3

Giveaway: BellShare has been kind enough to give 50 free copies to the first BerryReview readers who head to this link and use the coupon code bb2berryreview to pick up a free copy! Make sure to thank BellShare in the comments!

If you don’t manage to get a free copy you can pick up the new version 2.0 at this link for $5.95.

New in version 2.0:

– Added support for BlackBerry Messenger (yep, we did it)
– Added support for Facebook
– Added support for MMS
– Added support for Tasks
– Added coverage indicator that can be triggered when Radio/Data is available or when Radio/Data is not available
– Added support for custom LED colors
– Added new color ‘Disco’, will flash all colors in sequence
– Added LED color preview indicators to every item
– If multiple notifications with same LED color are active, the LED will only flash once for that color
– Mail notifications are now cleared only after messaging app has been opened
– Added new option to stop LED flashing after specified time
– Added new option to stop reminders after specified time
– Added option to set LED flashes interval
– Added option to set slow LED flashes interval
– Added option to set slow LED flashes interval for new coverage indicator
– Added scheduling option to mute LED and reminders during specified times of the week

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  1. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you so much!!

  4. THANK YOU Bellshare and berryreview got my copy.

  5. Thanks!!

  6. This is great thank you BellShare. Also thank you BerryReview for being such a great site.

  7. wow, all gone already.. that was quick.

  8. yes that was very quick!!

  9. Missed it again.

  10. Yep, “already used” 🙁

  11. I purchased it and received an error for the activation code. I emailed support and was directed to a website for activation code recovery and it said my purchase didn’t exist.

  12. Thanks so much! I tested this out and loved it.

  13. ok I have berrybuzz set up on the ones I want, but I get a pop up window saying this:To avoid unintentional red LED flashes you should set ‘Repeat Notification/LED’ to ‘None’ for all items in your profiles. Ok I know where to go for this but I dont see where in my Tour to change the LED to None. In options in profile in LED it says on/off? Is this where I change it to Off? Would like help on this……………Thanks.

  14. Yes. I’d love a copy!

  15. Yes i have

  16. YAY, UPDATE!

  17. Give me!!

  18. Thanksssss

  19. Not ONCE have a I gotten in fast enough. So Annoying.

  20. it’s over. all coupons have been used. I am happy for those who could grab a free copy !

  21. Thanks to Bellshare for making this possible! Congrats to all those who won and better luck next time to all others. Let me know if you have an idea for another contest!

  22. yesssss pleaseeeeeee

  23. I would love a copy.

  24. Too Bad for me…congrats to everyone else…how bout a quicklaunch contest?

  25. Unlocked codes for tours contest would be sweet Ronen.

  26. I like it,i want to it,thanks.

  27. I want it, thanks!!

  28. Yaaaaaa……..I have never won anything…..please make it my lucky day…….:)

  29. Me too, please!

  30. It’s too late folks, you had to *use* the coupon, not win it.

  31. gracias pero no pude bajar la aplicacion intente varias vecez

  32. thanks

  33. Win~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  34. Sweet, this looks cool.


    Not again! Sooo wanted that app!

  36. buzz me up Scotty

  37. I really wanted this app 🙁

  38. thank BellShare

  39. Want this so badly!
    It’ll be great to have one.

  40. I want this application. The trial just ended. 🙁

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