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UPDATE: New BlackBerry Messenger for OS 4.5 – OS 5.1 Leaked

newbbmleak Luis let you know that the Storm edition of the new BlackBerry Messenger was leaked. Now it looks like it is available for the Storm, Tour, 8900, 83XX, and even OS 5.1.0 & 5.0.0!

Big shout out to the guys at BlackBerryOS for hooking us all up!

Direct download links @ Megaupload

Check out the download links here. Sadly they are desktop manager only for now.

Download it NOW and let us know what you find!

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  1. Now that didnt take long lol… good for the leak.. i wonder if though there would be issues?

  2. Works like a charm on my Bold!!!

  3. Omg I can’t wait to get home to put it on my Tour. So how do we install this to our blackberry?

  4. Desktop manager only sadly

  5. 4.5 for 83xx does not load. DM states that it is the wrong version for the phone.

  6. too bad threaded sms is not working or not on this version…..

  7. Wow, so does this mean the flip doesn’t get anything?

  8. Successfully loaded on Curve 8330 OS 4.5 using Blackberry Master Control. Just load all the .cod’s

    But scarily received the following email right away:


    Thank you for using BlackBerry Messenger. To help prevent unauthorized use of this email address, we need to confirm its ownership. Please turn on your BlackBerry and allow it to receive this email. The email will be automatically processed by BlackBerry Messenger. Please do not delete this email.

    If you do not use BlackBerry Messenger, you can ignore this email.

    Thank you,
    BlackBerry Messenger Team

    BB stands for Blackberry.
    It also stands for Big Brother. :-)

    • Yeah i got this message too. Never saw it on my BB guess it was “processed”. Saw it on gmail web.

      • I have the same situation as well

        • This is used for the ‘Recovery Emails’ section of ‘Edit My Info’. It wirelessly backs up your contact list for you. If you reinstall, it will send that email again, BBM reads the email and says, “Yep, that’s for me.” and then it requests your contacts back and restores them. Works like a charm; had to do it last night when I installed OS and reinstalled BBM.

  9. Do you know if the upcoming BlackBerry OS 5.0 will work on the 83xx Curves? Thanks!

  10. Thanks br works great on my bold.

  11. the e-mail is sent to everyone who installs the new BBM, nothing to be worried about.

    You can also just copy the COD files into your JAVA folder and then run APPLOADER. the ALX file is included if you wish to run through DM.

    • I’ve installed new BB Messenger and not receive this email. Also messenger is installed correct but i dont see it in menu.

      • I’m having the same problem on my 8310 OS 4.5. Just open the ALX in DM and installed messenger. After reboot no messenger available in the menu of the Curve, also no messenger running service in the background.

  12. Tmo 8900 I get the error message “no compatible software found” I am running beta

  13. Hellllllp!

    Ok, I’ve gone to the other site ( which shows you how to download the file & install it. I have a BB 8900 w/ the Desktop Manager as ver. 4.6.012.

    I have successfully extracted the files into a folder on my desktop, moved the .cod files be in the same location as the .alx folder & launched the BB Desktop Manager to install the app. The problem I’m having is once I click on the .alx file to install it to my BB, I get the error message “No additional applications designed for your device were found’. What am I doing wrong? Hellllp plz!

    • Ok, got it to work. Didn’t work for me via the directions listed, rather saw a posting on the message board & figured it out.

      Once the .zip file is downloaded & extracted if you run 64 bit go to C drive -> Program Files -> Common Files -> Research In Motion -> Shared -> Loader Files. Then open the OS you are running (i.e. v4.6.1.250).
      Next put the .alx file in the first screen u see (you’ll see a bunch of other files w/ .alx extensions).
      Then open the Java folder & copy and paste the .cod’s in there (if you want to be a little more advanced with it all you need to do is really copy the .cod [net_rim_bb_qm_peer.cod] and the language file, english is net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_EN.cod].
      *Note, you’ll be replacing the existing .cod files with these new ones

      Finally, open your BB Desktop Manager, click on Application Loader, then on Update Applications. It should prompt you to update the BB Messenger. After that you should be set!

      Tried to make that as clear as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Good luck & know it’ll all be worth it after you get the new messenger. I’m lovin it!!!

  14. I thought there was supposed to be location awareness (like loopt) in this version. Its just the same “send location.” :(

  15. Wow! This is nice. Didn’t install with direct App Loader link on pc. But App Loader through DM worked(add or delete apps).

  16. Absolutely brilliant! I’ve been looking forward to this since the screenshot teasers and glad to finally have it. Works flawlessly on my Curve 8900.

  17. The file for the tour says its not compatible. Ive did everything correctly however its not loading. Any other tour users having the same problem?

  18. FANTASTIC!!!!

    I have been waiting for this for my Bold for ages, installing it now!!

  19. For any one that has problems installing on desktop manager use this method to install bbm5.0

    If you have the current OS of your phone installed on your PC it should be in a folder like this “”C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\YOUR OS FOLDER\Java”

    Then copy the “BlackBerryMessenger.alx” to the “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\YOUR OS FOLDER\


    Then once this is done go back to the “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader” and run the Loader.exe file and it should detect a new version of BBM.

  20. Has anyone tried it on the 8350i?

  21. Installed on both Tour and curve with no problem. Love this new bbm it ROCKS!!!!!!

  22. I installed it on 3 Verizon Tours and works fine, however the location feature doesn’t work for crap says the location was sent but the other person never gets it also proximity doesn’t seem to work either.

  23. Looks like it has been taken down off of mega upload… ugggghhhhhh

  24. On OS 5.0, the new bbm icon isn’t showing on my Bold…what gives?

  25. I’m hosting OTA installs for these, you guys. Enjoy. :-) Also please let me know if anything doesn’t work properly, thanks.

    Bold –
    Curve 8900 –
    Curve 83xx –
    Storm –
    Tour –
    OS 5.0 –
    OS 5.1 –

    You can also find me on Twitter if you want, @prp2 (link in my name)

  26. successfully loaded with blackberry desktop manager on ATT Bold with ATT OS. No special way just connected the phone to computer and opened desktop manager and opened up application loader. It did it without issue. The new BBM is great but wished it was the version that salomondrin had with threaded sms.

  27. Don’t see one for the 8130 pearl? It runs os 4.5 Has anyone tried it for the pearl?

  28. on the Curve gets no love… BBM icon dissapears even after battery pull…

  29. Loving this new BBM don’t like that it doesn’t change a contacts status to busy that hasn’t read you message after X amount of time like it used to, which doesn’t allow to set an alert to let us know they have read the messages and are back. Hope they fix that by release time

    • Ummm, yes it does… at least for the 8900.

      • Not working on the 3 Verizon tours I installed it on. Only get the busy if the person is on the phone and that even takes up to 10 mins to change the status. Maybe just a tour issue. Thinking I will return to the orginal bbm till the final release.

        • Busy does not autoset on the storm either, somewhat frustrating as it gives no feedback as to what is going on if I need an answer to a question from a colleague etc…. Hope they fix this too. Status is for sure an issue so far on my Storm.

  30. OTA links are available here:

    not my site, got it from another site, tried it on my 8330 from bell, works great.

  31. the email we get i went ahead and deleted all of them on my web clients never got any on the BB was wondering if anyone has any word on what its for? and if its something to worry about or just delete it and keep using it? because we speak im thinking of just downgrading back to the old one and waiting for an offical release

  32. Finnaly, i’ve got it. Works like good, and looks cool :)

  33. I don’t like it much. You loss a lot of precious real state with those bubbles and excessive use of names in a different line. ¿Couldn’t they use a preceding icon identifying yourself and the others?

    In any case old version had much more information in the same screen and for someone that writes a lot on it is a real drawback.

    And why you can’t remove the useless avatars? Another loss of space.

    • Uh, I think the whole thing was revamped to appeal to a younger audience. If you don’t like the bubbles you can always go into the options and change the Conversation Style to either “stripes”, which gives a little more real estate w/ a more modern look or “Standard” to go back to how the original BBM was. Imo, the avatars are a nice touch, though it would’ve been nice if the pics came from your BB buddies selected pics versus from your own.

  34. I installed it last night on my Tour and today did a battery pull.(Icon) has disappered can’t get it back.
    Sent service books and reregister the phone. NO icon can some help me on this? ASP!

  35. This new BBM doesnt make any compression when sending image. And there is no view button when u received image and also u cannot save any picture received.

    • You can save received pics. Though you are correct that you cannot preview any pics sent to you. Instead they have an option to send a subject with any attachment you send.

      It’s also worth noting that voice files you send can be at least twice as long now. I have a buddy I IM with in Aruba and this saves us money instead of talking on the phone.

      Still digging the new IM. They should make us the beta group & tweak it to make it even better!

  36. Well it took a lot of time to reinstall it. I’m running bbm that
    came with me tour. I will wait till RIM has the right one out.No more tweaky leaky for me!

  37. ota links available at

  38. What’s the fuss? Takes more memory and more screen space and doesn’t add any useful features that I can find.

    • If nothing else, adding a BB buddy by capturing there bar code & the addition of avatars and an “updates” section are great for me.

      Guess it depends on how old you are and how many BB buddies you have. I’d guess that more corporate types don’t like the new BBM as much as us younger folk. No offense.

  39. Here is a quick video review of bb messenger 5

  40. Updated my T-Mo 8900 no problem OTA. My sisters Telus 8330 had the same problem where the icon was gone. Had to use DM to reinstall OS to get it back. My Brother’s 8330 on Bell did NOT have this problem. Anyone else think this is a Telus issue?

  41. hi all,

    there is a huge problem using this messenger on phones that are not supposed to have it. T-Mobile are getting lots of calls for customers who have installed it and its bricked their phones and cannot install any further updates. Please do not install if sent a link from a friend. Go to only or you will ruin your phones… Only for phones with 5.0 on them.

  42. I’m starting to downgrade to previous version. Many problems etc : Problem when sending and receiving pictures because no compression, very slow when sending messages. Any comment ?

  43. The version that everyone is installer is a test version stolen from blackberry. Any phone that does not have 5.0 on them will get serious issues.5.0 is only on brand new handsets being released today. Don’t install on the pearl, curve, bold and storm etc.

  44. If u have installed u need to back up using DM, wipe your handset, download software from provider, install software via DM, the restore your back up. LOL

  45. Hidden flags on BBM5.0

    type * two letter’s of country and again *

    *UK* *PL* *JM* etc

    List of cutry codes

  46. Funny that people are still posting links about this. I dare u to turn your phone off and back on again. When u finally do, you will not have any messenger install and all your contacts will be deleted.

    • Funny that people are still posting links about this. I dare u to turn your phone off and back on again. When u finally do, you will not have any messenger install and all your contacts will be deleted.

      I took your dare with my 8900 and after removing the battery and allowing the phone to reboot, still all is in tact. Why are you trying to scare our fellow bb’ers???

  47. Only get blackberry software from or u risk bricking your phone. If its not available for your phone, its for a reason.I work for tech support for a mobile operator and this is all I handle today, installing new ROMs on messed up phones.
    It may look and work ok but when u turn your phone off and back on the contacts and messenger are missing. U need to back up your phone, wipe it, restore the phone from the back up. Download the ROM from your mobile provider, install that to the PC and update via DM.

    • Most of the people that do this probably know what there doing and they know what risk there taking and if anything wouldn’t that mean Job security?
      But I have not seen people complain about all their contacts missing, the BBM 5.0 is buggy but the features make up for it.

  48. May just be my network but what’s the point if it does not work. Also, the process of getting it back on is not supposed to be supported so I was being nice to customers. I’m supposed to say, can u nake call and get sms and internet. Which u can, and then send the customer to RIM/Blackberry as its not a network issue. Then u can explain to RIM how u got their stolen test version of BBM5.

    • CaptianConner,
      You are being nice to customers which is a good thing to do. I cannot imagine why you would not want to be nice to customers…

      This is the same as installing a Beta OS on your BlackBerry or better yet installing another carriers OS on your BlackBerry. It works but is only intended if you know what you are doing. This is obviously a beta and with betas you take a risk of getting a FUBAR phone. Its a good thing that installing any application on your BlackBerry does not void your warranty.

  49. With my network, if you said you bricked it yourself then that is not covered under the warranty. If you said it just happened it would be sent of for repair/software reload and may take upto 28days. If you know how to load the ROM back on your self then no problem, but this thing is going round on places like facebook and being sent as a link via sms and BBM etc to people who would not know what a forum is… So, dont use unless you see what its like and dont mind the risk of losing your BBM contacts and having to go through the reloading process. Peace, im outta ya…

  50. Google talk is better and work on non RIM handsets too. What’s the point.

    • Please do us all a favor and trade in your BB for a Palm Pre. Thx!

      • Was thinking of doing that today actually, the new pre is out soon, very slow browser on all RIMs. Even on the Bold and using opera mini, lol. May get a windows handset too. More apps, flash browser, HSDPA internet speeds, dozons of handsets to chose from, extremely customizable software with millions of apps, handset as HSDPA modem for laptop… The 8900 is ok for email, sms and messaging but not much else… just my ‘professional’ opinion. You could stick it somewhere though.

  51. its only been out a couple of days. Has anyone taken the battery out of the phones and turned it back on? If so can you tell me if its still working and what network you are on?

    • Works fine for me. I did it because one of the other commenters challenged us to do so and the new BBM along with all my contacts are still in place. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I downloaded the messenger upgrade for my 8900 to my computer via the .zip file then did the upgrade that way. I just talked to my friend who has an 8310 and she says she’s done a battery pull twice since the software upgrade and has no problems.

      We’re both with T-Mobile.

    • My Sprint 9630 Tour, battery pulls and the icon is still there. Used DM 5.0 to load the BBM on my BB.

    • I have a T-Mo 8900 and running No problems here, running since Saturday.

  52. OMFG, outta ya 4 eva, unsubcribing too.

  53. Be careful installing the BBM, mine doenst work well with it and sending messages 20 minutes later. i guess its network related.

  54. @hitman36 I don’t think its network related, on my Storm I seem to have some messages that are not going through at all. They never change to delivered and I called the person and asked and they did not receive them. Seems to happen at least once every 4 or 5 messages. Will probably downgrade when I get home later today.

  55. i heard from my friend that with the new bbm version _ the rim can track and suspended it if the pin is not in the right country ( actually i dont believe it but just curious )

  56. Installed via ota in my pearl 8120 with os Is working w/o a problem.

  57. Ok, so one of my friends sent me a note on my messenger to tell me to make sure all of my permissions were set on the new messenger.

    From the main screen go to Options -> Advance Options -> Applications Then hilight the BBM & press the Menu/Blackberry button, then “Edit Default Permissions” and set all three fields (Connections, Interactions, User Data) are set to “Allow”.

    I did this on my 8900 and now I can see the pics my friends have set as their profile pic. My friend who has the 8310 from T-Mobile didn’t have that happen with hers though. In any event, I suggest everyone do it just as a precaution to make sure some of the potential “bugs” don’t mess up the bbm.

    • i just downloaded it again and set the settings you suggested. sent out a few invites. as soon i hear back from then imma see if changing the settings works.

  58. guys there is ota link at
    direct from your berry

  59. Bb 9000 verry fine

  60. Hey Guys,

    I am one of the many who installed bb messenger 5.0 as soon as it came out. Worked fine for a day after which it started having issues, 3 out of 5 messages would go, the status of my contacts wouldn’t change, messages would be delayed by 20 min etc etc.

    I managed to do a good install used it for 3 days now without any issue, although i probably wiped my phone 10 15 times until i realized the problem. It seems that 1st you cant install the new bb messenger on top of the old one, neither can you load contacts from the old one to the new one from a back up (Went through all databases one by one). Both of these create a issue with the bbm.

    What I did was use jl cmdr, and wipe out my entire blackberry and reloaded the os minus blackberry messenger. Then I installed the new blackberry messenger on the phone with a clean os which has no blackberry messenger files. I then loaded my entire backup on my phone the normal way and got a java error my bbm wasn’t working. But what i did was use the bbm to create a backup of all my contacts on my media card.

    I repeated the entire process again wiping the phone, loaded the os without bbm, installed the new one once the phone started and imported all my contacts through my backup. Now what i did, i opened my backup through the advanced feature of desktop manager and loaded all my databases except the bb messenger, Google messenger ones.

    My phone works like a charm plus I didn’t loose all my databases. What i did loose was my applications but i didn’t mind installing 10 of them again.

    Hope this works for you guys

  61. I backed up my contacts first time through the new bb messenger just as clarification……………it opened let me backup but didnt let me send messages

  62. This happened to my friend too. I wonder if you have to update your version before doing it. I’m running the and mine is working with no problems.

  63. Does anyone know the story with the barcode and what to do with it?

    Let me know if ya’ll find something out.

  64. how do i remove bb messenger from my storm.
    I dont use it and dont want it running

  65. i downloaded the new bbm, i thought it was a system update because it was sent to my friends phone then it was sent to my phone.

    i really dont like it and i was wondering how do i get my old one back

  66. i got a notification on my phone about the new bbm so i upgraded
    i didnt know it was a bug because it was sent through my phone and also my friend told me about it
    and how she also downloaded it.

    i really dont like the new one, and i was wondering how i can get the old one back
    can someone please help me


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