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Review: Iskin Vibes Bodyguard for the BlackBerry 8900

ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 09 21.46Website:
Price: $29.99 USD
[Rating: 8]

Iskin sent me a sample of their new Vibes for the BlackBerry 8900, at first I though it was just like any other silicon cover but it turns out it is tougher. The package comes with the bodyguard, a clear screen film to protect your screen and some LCD anti-static  cleaning wipes to clean your screen before you apply the protective film. It also includes and instruction guide and a couple of stickers to place wherever you like.


The Iskin bodyguard comes in a couple of different flashy colors, red, blue and carbon, definitely attention getters. The bodyguard is made of a durable rubber polymer  according to their website, which is the reason why it has a really tough feel to it. The bodyguard does protect the BlackBerry from impacts and accidental drops in the areas it covers. It is easy to clean and keeps your BlackBerry protected specially if you are one of those that hates to carry a holster.

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The side keys of the BlackBerry are all covered by the bodyguard with buttons on each key so you still have access to your convenience keys. The USB port and the headphone jack are also covered but they have a pull out plug that give you access to them and can easily be covered back up. The Camera area is protected as well just the lens part has a whole on it so that it does not interferes with the picture quality.


The Iskin looks really nice on the phone and has a good grip to it, I actually drop mine while I was stepping out of the car and the phone was just fine not even the bodyguard had a visible scratch on it, since it landed flat on the back side. Did not do this on purpose if you are wondering, that is why I always make sure I have some sort of protection on it.

The pros about this case are:

  • Stronger protection than regular silicon covers
  • Easy to put on your BlackBerry or take off
  • Provides good protection
  • Stylish
  • Gives you a better hold while carrying on your hands

The Cons:

  • The Volume buttons is hard to tell whether you have press them or not
  • In my opinion the price is a bit high but not unreasonable

Overall the bodyguards offers a stylish look while protecting your BlackBerry and if you are one of those that wants to give your BlackBerry a glossy or flashy look to it this is the product for you. Check out their products at they offer other products for BlackBerry devices and other smart phones as well.

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  1. Thanks for the review…But a $29.99 for a iSkin silicon cover is a No No…I am happy with the OEM silicon for my 8900 which I got it for just under $6 🙂

  2. I got the Storm version and love it. Price is alright.

  3. Ummm, any product that has a name like iWhatever loses my interest. Any iPod/iPhone owner will just smirk and think that Apple still rules the world. Smh

  4. Surprising that Business owners still don’t use iPhone as an official smart phone 🙂 BlackBerry is still has a larger market among business owners and you know why? because BlackBerry OS and software are much more secure then the iPhone. Why do you think Pres. Obama carries a BlackBerry?

    So all you iPhone luvers….in short its iSuck not iPhone 😉 LOL!

    • Yeah there is no way the iphone would become reliable when it comes to that even there sms has hackable glitches how could any company even rely on the iphone plus the iphone is so consumer friendly that hackers love the idea of just tearing that phone inside out. No smart huge corporation would get iphone our IT dept laughs at people trying to get their iphones hooked to the company’s network. It be like inviting trouble in with an open door.

  5. Don’t waste your money on this product, spend the extra buck to get an Otterbox! They are so much better and a lot more reliable. I own a Defender…it is the best case for a Blackberry, hands down!

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