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Poll: Do You Want a GPS App With On Device Maps?

Telenav_ATT_NavigatorI really do not understand what the holdup is. I had a Windows Mobile device years ago that had GPS and on device maps. My BlackBerry has tons of free space on its MicroSD card just waiting for maps. It just blows my mind that my sub-$100 Mio c310x is a better GPS than my $400+ BlackBerry Bold. Both of them have similar components minus the touch screen with the Bold trumping with a faster processor and more memory!

So why am I still waiting for TeleNav, Google Maps, or BlackBerry Maps to refresh the maps on my device? Is it impossible to even cache the maps locally? The only reason I think this is not happening is because carriers are afraid of losing their $10/month navigation plans. This could easily be solved by offering a $50 one time GPS package that did not download information from the wireless network and then paying a optional monthly fee to keep the maps updated. Then at least I would not have to wait 10 seconds for my BlackBerry to download every turn… Or lose my GPS every time I go out of cell signal. It would also free up bandwidth on the carriers network.

So what do you think? Are you interested in on device maps?

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  1. Looks like TeleNav is an orphan

  2. I’d be all over that. I use Telenav on my BB because I have to (Garmin won’t work since my GPS is locked by Alltel unless I have Telenav) but there are times when I am out of cell and data coverage. So I am about to dump handset GPS altogether and just buy a new standalone.

    • Ditto the often out of coverage part. I use trekbuddy so I have maps, but that doesn’t give the directions that typical GPS programs give, just replaces carrying a paper map.

  3. I’d love it. But one thing I know appeals to Garmin, et al, about the current BB setup is that they have more control over having only paying customers use their product. There are certain unnamed websites that distribute key generators for all of the Nav company’s products. You literally can just plug in your device I’d or IMEI and pull down an unlock code for all of their maps. These guys crack the new codes about an hour after the nav companies change them. Consequently, a good number of PPC/Symbian users are running around with free maps for practically the whole world. With BB, your PIN goes through the Garmin Servers to approve you to use the service. So, the BB method might be the way of the future.

  4. What I’d like is an app that I can use when in a plane to see where I am flying passed. I’ve tried this, but without data no worky. Maybe someday I’ll have wifi on a flight I am on, but until then I’d like a GPS app that does not need a tower connection to tell me where above planet Earth I am. I assume that should be possible.

  5. I suggest everyone reading this to vote for this feature on Google Product Ideas
    As you know, Google has been rolling out “Google Gears” on various products to work offline, so there’s no doubt there is willingness on their part to bring it to Google Maps.

    • I wouldn’t jump to such conclusions. The rollout of Google Gears has been for the most part, to access YOUR data offline. The maps are not yours. That’s Google’s data. I can tell you that I am involved in projects using the Google Maps API commercially and they explicitly forbid any caching of their maps. So if someone comes out with GPS with on-device maps – don’t expect it to be Google.

  6. Losing their nav plans? There are free apps that do all that the pay nav apps do know and GPS is slowly but surely becoming unrestricted by carriers.

    I would never pay a monthly fee. No way. I sure as heck don’t see the utility of paying Infiniti $200/year for updated DVD’s for my car, that is plain robbery! The make the price $39/year or so and for sure they would sell FAR more copies.

  7. What about TopoExplorer? They have map packs that you can download and save onto your SD card.

  8. If just free maps (any of your choice that are available online, e.g. Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and many others) on the BB device are needed, you should take a look at TrekBuddy –

    Have fun!

  9. Given the fact that my country is super small, and that I pay gargantuan roaming charges as soon as I cross the border, on device maps are the only form of navigation that I will ever use! TeleNav, Garmin and all that other OTA drivel will never see a single cent from me!

  10. Only if it was free.

  11. I would pay 500 USD for a program with an offline built in map! I love Garmin so much when I had my WM6, since I changed my religion to Blackberry I had no more fun with Garmin. Changing the religion back to WM6 is just not possible.

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