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Verizon Gives Up on Brew – Now Wants Its Own App Store…

get-smart-shoe-phone Verizon never really seems to “Get It.” They recently announced that at their developer event they will be unleashing details on a new Verizon App Store. It will be the ONLY app store shipped on Verizon devices. That means that RIM’s BlackBerry App World & even their Carrier App Store will not be shipping on any Verizon devices.

I am sure that RIM is absolutely THRILLED about this development! I guess Verizon users will always have to know to download the App World. Though one of the main purposes of the app world was to introduce new users to BlackBerry applications but who is going to introduce them to the App World?

via GigaOm

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  1. The Brew being dumped is old news R.

    I think not including App World on the home screen of every device is a mistake on RIM’s part and just shows once again that the CARRIER is the customer, NOT the consumer! Remember that RIM revenues are what, like 85% from hardware? And since the carriers subsidize the heck out of the hardware they sell (consumer pays half or less unless buying without contract) you have to see that RIM must cater to what the carrier wants. ATT wants to be able to push a bunch of craptastic garbage to your hone screen, RIM lets it happen. App World generates no revenue for Verizon, so why would they promote it versus their own app store that DOES generate revenue?

    It sucks, yeah, a company has to make money. I guess they look at App World and see no compelling reason to offer it. It just COSTS them money.

    So we picking on Verizon here…what other carrier IS including App World? It CAN be pushed via service book yet we’ve not heard of any carrier doing so, but we beat up Verizon?

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