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Rumor: Screenshot of BlackBerry Browser With Tabs? – Is it Finally Coming With OS 5.0?

I have been hearing rumblings about a upcoming tabbed browser for the BlackBerry OS for quite awhile. WAYYY back in 2007 we saw screenshots of a unreleased BlackBerry browser showing multiple tabs in action. Now over two years later the browser looks almost identical to those screenshots but we have yet to see tabs even in the leaked OS 5.0 Betas!

(new screenshot on left | old screenshot on right)

BlackBerry-browser-tabs blackberry-tab-browser-old

RIMBot sent me this image to the right of browser tabs on the BlackBerry OS. Its not the most confidence inspiring screenshot due to its simplistic design but I REALLY hope it will finally become a reality!

So what do you think? Are multiple tabs a big deal for you?

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  1. You would think as good as the blackberry is it’d have a top notch browser unlike the pathetic excuse of a browser we have now. Only time will tell if and when they actually improve their OS.

  2. Apparently, developing browsers isn’t all that simple. Bolt, Skyfire, Opera Mini have all been in development for a very long time.

    I think tptb behind Blackberry are aware of the inadequacies and are working as much as possible to deal with them.


    a firefox attempt!

  4. Would be really nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. It would be nice. Even as lame as the browser on PS3 is it at least lets u have 4 windows/tabs open. Problem there becomes memory management. We might get tabbed browsing on BB but I bet it will be very limited how many tabs based on free RAM. Not that any BB has limited RAM or memory leaks or anything…. 😉

  6. Is it just me, or is the funniest part of this story the fact the is one of the tabs!

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