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HOT! Google Voice BlackBerry App Download Link!

GoogleVoiceBlackBerry1 Luis sent me a link to the Google Voice BlackBerry app I told you about. Not much documentation available online right now and I cannot seem to login but maybe you will have better luck.

Google wrote that the service is FREE from Google except for Google Voice charges for international calls and what you get charged by your carrier.

Pick it up here: or this link

UPDATE: I also managed to ferret out the desktop page:


Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, and lots of cool calling features like voicemail transcripts, call screening and blocking, conference calling and more.

The Google Voice dialer is an application that allows you to use Google Voice on your phone.

  • Send and receive SMS messages from your Google Voice number
  • Save money with low priced international calls
  • Check your messages quickly with voicemail transcription and playback
  • Enjoy native address book integration
  • Easily make conference calls as well block and screen selected calls
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  1. Its released. Go to

  2. Should I ditch youmail and go with google voice?
    any in depth comparisons in the works, berryreview?

    The free transcriptions are enough to sway me! Haha

    • Clearly, Google Voice is far more feature rich. But in the realm of the service they both provide, i.e. voicemail, there are a number of advantages of YouMail over Google Voice
      You don’t have to go around giving everyone a new number. It works with the number you already have.
      While Google Voice gives you an inbox for SMS and Voicemail together, the process of getting to your “Visual Voicemail” on your BB is much simpler with the YouMail app then with the Google Voice app.
      I was going to say that Google Voice doesn’t let you set custom greetings for your callers but they do. However, the only way to record new ones seems to be over the phone while YouMail allows you to use your PC mic or even upload a WAV file.
      Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like with Google Voice, the only way to retrieve your messages by phone (the “old-fashioned way”) is by calling from one of your registered numbers whereas with YouMail, you can retrieve it from any phone.

      That said, if you still have YouMail, I don’t think you can use GV’s voicemail features for calls to your cell since the call is automatically bounced to the YouMail number.

  3. Looks like I’m good. I’m logged in.

  4. I use Google Voice AND YouMail. I would recommend both. I actually use Grand Central still because I have not converted my account yet from GC to GV, because with GC I can still call Canada (family) for free, and I think that GV will charge me for that. I can’t login using this BB app, and I think that is why 🙁

    • I was in the exact same situation as far as Canada but I couldn’t resist jumping on Google Voice. For a while, even though I had converted to GV, I could access the GC site on mobile and still call Canada for free. But no longer. It’s a shame that GV doesn’t include Canada the way GC did. Truthfully, 1c/min is not bad at all but the real kicker is that you are now unable to set a Canadian number as the forward-to #.

  5. So how does this work.. if i forward calls to my Tmo 8900 will i be charged by tmo…. what is the cost of using GV?

  6. it says my device is not supported (Bold).
    Maybe because i’m from italy?

  7. I still preffer the GVdialer application

  8. Got mine. Awesome!!! Say hello to free SMS!!!!!

    Now I hope GV would operate like Youmail and answer calls made directly to my cellphone.

    Also, GV needs to have push voicemail so that they come in quicker. Now it seems to collect the voicemail in set intervals like the gmail app.

    • I have to say I’m very impressed with how lightweight the app is (about 200k), and how quickly it installed on my Blackberry Curve!

  9. Google Voice is currently available for GrandCentral users only, but will be open to new users soon.

  10. The only problem I have with it so far is lack of notifications. It changes the icon when you have something new in your inbox, but no audible or vibration options.

  11. Also, the inbox should be filterable: See only SMS or see only Voicemail, etc

    • It is. Go to Inbox, click BB Options button, choose Labels. They’re all there

      • By golly, you’re right. Thanks. I missed that. That is pretty flexible. One other annoyance, though, is that when you go to Address Book in the GV app, it goes to your BB address book. It does not access your Google Contacts. The super-organized individual might make sure to have those mirrored but alas, that is not me.

        • LOL! Don’t think I would label myself as “Super-organized”, but nevertheless, I do have them mirrored. The simple answer, which everyone already prob knows is to sign in to Goog Sync for BB with the same acct. However, if you’re living off your Google Apps Acct, like me, and no GV love for Apps, there’s a pretty efficient way to keep them auto-synced, assuming you have Outlook.
          gSyncit is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It does everything Google Cal sync for Outlook/desktop could or should be. For one time fee of $9.99 you can sync as many mult calendars and contact lists to Outlook as you want, which in turn, you can sync with as many diff Gmail and Goog Apps Accts as you need to. Runs auto when computer is on. Set up once and forget. The devpr constantly updates too.
          Anyway, regarding Google Voice App for BB, I think we’re all missing the big picture here. There is an app and it has been released, which is the biggest deal as tedious as Google can be. This is v1, but if its like Goog Sync for BB, it will likely be updated pretty frequently, as Sync was in the early days of it.

          • Well, as I’ve posted somewhere before, Google Sync doesn’t work for me because it hijacks your contacts. Anything you had before is gone. And while I like to combine my work and personal contacts on my phone, I like to keep my work contacts out of my GMail and my personal contacts out of my Outlook. But yes, let’s give some pause to applaud Google’s release of this app and hope for many quick enhancements in the future!

  12. nice im liking the new google voice dialer, just started using the gvdialer this past friday an now this , also if you notice when you get a new sms or voicemail the little phone icon gets a notification star on it 🙂

  13. didn’t realize it was still by invite. hope the bouncer doesn’t kick me to the curb

  14. One drawback to the GV app is its inability to queue messages offline to be sent when you return to an area with coverage. In other words, you need to have a network signal at the time you hit send. This is in
    contrast to the gmail app which let’s me write emails in the subway and then sends them automatically when I get out at my stop (sometimes even erroneously sending three copies!).

    Second, Autotext does not work for sending txt messages – also a function not absent in the gmail app.

  15. Any details on when this will be released out side of America?

  16. Has anyone been able to get this to work? Mine says invite only……………..if you did get it working, did you get an invite?


  17. I just noticed that if you go into an SMS conversation to view the whole conversation, there is simply a list of all SMSs with no indication as to who sent which ones. That’s just plain silly.

  18. Another one: No character counter when composing SMS.

    • That brings up an interesting point. Presumably, even if you eclipse 160, they will split it up for you. So that might be the best solution for the CDMA issue documented here before where a message over 160 characters simply won’t go. If the SMS is coming from Google, you shouldn’t have that problem.

      • When you reach the character limit, GV will say “field full”. But you really want to see the count as you’re typing so you can rearrange your messages to fit.

        Speaking of character limits, the whole concept of text messages will be merged with e-mail in the near future. GV is a big step in that direction by taking away SMS from the grip of carriers who are raking in tons of revenue from what is essentially the poorest form of e-mail!
        GV now forces us to think of phone numbers more like e-mail addresses where you only pay your ISP for the connection, not for the e-mail address. My vision, and prediction, is that at some point cellular carriers will offer cellular phone subscriptions, but with no phone number! It remains to be seen if phone numbers will at all exist in the future, or whether your e-mail address will serve also as your phone number. (Or maybe your phone number will replace your e-mail address…).

  19. GV really needs to fix the dialing screen to work like the BlackBerry’s dialer, where you begin typing a name and quickly pull up their number. The way it’s currently set up is very indirect.

  20. Another shortcoming: Voice mail messages are not saved locally, so if I want to reply a message I have already downloaded and listen to before I will need to wait for them to download again.

  21. Has anyone tried adding the google voice number to your t-mobile fav 5? I would think adding +13472345001 would enable free out going calls if you have fav 5.

  22. I got my google voice invitation on the 15th and immediately picked out my number and got rolling. Whats great is I have a lot of family in Dallas (I’m in OH) so I picked a Dallas area code because I’m planning on moving there soon anyway. Now I have a FREE local Dallas number that works seamlessly with my phone. Its like having a dual sim card phone. Plus its an easy number to remember. GV gives you the choice of any combination of numbers that are available. You can also look for an alphabetic combination [like (214) jim-jake] from ANY area code in the US. Oh, and your not tied to the number. You can change your GV number at anytime! GV is already awesome and I really haven’t gotten into the nuts and bolts yet. I downloaded the blackberry app to my phone (8900) and its so easy to use. You can make GV calls by going to contacts and if you press the blackberry button you get a “call using google voice” options or you can call directly from the GV app. I tested this with my daughter’s cell and there’s really no lag time and the caller id comes up as my GV number. If I want to call using my T-Mobile number I just dial normally. So far I cant speak about the other features since I haven’t gotten any calls on the line (except for testing) yet but I did use the ‘text from PC feature’ which works great. Again I cant say how great this is just as a free second line. I know the telcoms are crapping their pants. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google ends up embedding this in android to the point you don’t even need a cell carrier (didn’t google buy bandwidth). If you get a chance try it.

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