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Poll: So How Do You Like The BlackBerry Tour?

So the BlackBerry Tour dropped yesterday and many of you picked it up. This is the device many of you were waiting for since Verizon released the dated 8330.

So what do you think about it?

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  1. Not available in my country 🙁

  2. I really am not sure about Tour. Anyone wants to chime in why would someone buy this over Bold? Is it faster? Is it better in any way? It lacks wifi.. A little bigger resolution won’t really make a huge difference, am I right? Otherwise it is neat looking device.

    • Considering only the device, the main difference in my mind is the keyboard. I find the Bold keyboard to be “mushy”, Tour is far better to me.

      Is Tour enough to make someone switch from a Bold? Probably not, unless you a) are not happy with ATT 3G coverage or dropped calls or b) you hate ATT for whatever other reason.

      • Hey Dave, thanks for the answer.
        I thought Bold and Tour keyboards were the same (maybe size difference?) In any case, I would always prefer 8300 type keyboard, the one where keys have gaps. Then I can see the keyboard difference.
        Otherwise, I am on AT&T, and if both Tour and Bold were available on AT&T, it would be pretty tough choice, But when you think about it, would I move to Verizon just for the Tour? I don’t think so.. btw, I also do suffer from dropped calls and spotty reception, in New York City –of all the places!
        Also looking at specs, tour doesn’t have built in storage like Bold. How about processors? is one faster than the other?


        • Bold and Tour keyboard are not at all alike. And neither are “separate keys” like the 83xx Curve. Go read some of the reviews (I recommend Boy Genius and Engadget) for keyboard comparisons.

          If you suffer dropped calls and spotty service in NYC, why WOULDN’T you consider a carrier change? That would drive me nuts. Its been a few years, but when I was last in NYC (Manhattan) I never dropped a call or lost data service that I saw (on Verizon 8830).

          Correct, Tour does not have the “Device Memory” that Bold and Storm have. Then again, I’ve had my Storm for near 8 months and have nothing stored there and not found an app I use that supports it. SD is pretty much universally available across all BB models so what apps do support using other than “Application Memory” seems to only support SD.

          Tour processor is slower clocked than Bold. Probably why battery last MUCH longer than Bold at least according to initial reviews. I believe Tour processor is identical to Storm.

          Hope this helps. Go read some of the many comparisons that are out there on the blogs. They will tell you far more than I can!

          • Hey Dave,
            thanks again. regarding application memory the only reason I want that 1GB is for safety and security reasons. I like to keep bunch of confidential information on my phone and it is one reason why I keep using BB. With removable memory, anyone can take it out and copy your stuff, but with on board memory (I AM HOPING) RIM must have implemented wipe handheld function to include internal storage memory, this way i have nothing to worry about if my phone is stolen and if they don’t know the security code, all data would have to be wiped.

            Regarding AT&T vs VZ, I got my Curve two years ago, sept. My contract will be up in 2 months, I am still thinking, but VZ pricing, lack of roll over, and many people i know using ATT keeps me with them. I know for sure VZ is much better here, and I am contemplating if I can stick to my minutes and do not cause overage. Same plan costs $10 more with VZ.

            only if T-Mo had 3G, I wouldn’t wait a second, I got superb coverage wherever I go with T-Mo.

  3. I am waiting for the GSM T-Mobile version

  4. I got mine yesterday as soon as my Verizon store opened and I can’t put it down. I switched from a Pearl to this. My only issues so far is that when either the charger or data cable is attached its kind of awkward to type with my right hand, and the alt key is right next to the numbers which makes it difficult to type the 7 key while holding tab. Other than that its a great phone.

  5. Well, set a device password and whatever is on your SD is encrypted.
    Verizon now has Friends and Family. 5 numbers that are airtime free in or out. With that I dropped my minutes plan down to a cheaper price by $20/month!

    Put SmrtGuard on your phone and regardless of carrier you can back up to the “cloud” and remotely track/wipe/listen in on your phone if you lose it. Plus with CDMA phones once reported lost or stolen they won’t get service at all where with a GSM phone someone can just pop in their own SIM and use your phone!

    • Thanks Dave, i didn’t know it encrypts the data on the SD as well, good to know.
      PS: Amazon now has Bold for $129 on extended contracts.

  6. Why isn’t “I hate it” or “very poor” an option? The only options you have are “it’s okay,” “it’s good,” and “it’s great” basically.

  7. Vincent. I had somebody add the options 🙂

  8. I can’t wait till telus gets it in. Two questions I have: Has anyone unlocked it yet? Is there unlocked codes out yet?

  9. I just returned from spending 30 minutes playing with the Tour at the VZW store. I went in there to purchase it….but came out with my old Curve and issues I’ll have to overcome before I can upgrade to the Tour. I’m a huge BB fan but here are my problems with the tour, and while they may not bother younger people with great eyes and ears, they bothered me. FWIW, the VZW rep agreed with me on every point below.

    1. Earpiece volume (at 100%) is WAY less than my 8330 Curve. Can I live with it…I suppose so, but if they got it right on the Curve, why did they decrease the max volume on the Tour?

    2. Screen brilliance (not resolution) at 100% is less than on the 8330 Curve. Outside the dimmer screen on the Tour is much easier to read, but overall for black text on white (where most of us are when messaging) the contrast is better on the Curve.

    3. High resolution screen. Yes, it’s beautiful…BUT…in a side by side comparison to the Curve the font size is way smaller, making it nearly impossible (for me, being farsighted) to read without zooming in. It is, however, a georgeous display…just too small at default resolution “for me”.

    4. Caller call quality. I left identical voice mails on my own voice mail using the Tour, Pearl Flip, 8330 Curve, and Storm just for comparison and then listed to them. Hands down, the Pearl Flip was the best…and by a huge noticeable difference. The Curve was second, the Tour third, and the Storm was bordering on horrible. I called a friend using the same phones and got the exact same order of quality, confirming this.

    5. User call quality. I had my friend call the Tour and my 8330 Curve and what I heard on my Curve as not quite as clear as on the Tour, but the Tour simply could not be brought up to my desired level of comfortable volume.

    That’s it. I want it…I want it…I want it. But, I don’t know if I can live with these issues. None of these may be showstoppers for others, but I certainly recommend trying out the Tour to see if they affect you.

    • Well, it is kind of obvious that pearl flip will have the best voice pick up since the mic actually lines up just below your mouth, otherwise a great comparison thank you. I wish you also could add Bold to the comparison, but can’t ask for that much.. 🙂 Since obviously you are on VZ.

      • @huseyin

        Good catch on the mic position…I hadn’t thought of that. I have used the Bold, but not as an owner, so my experience is limited. The one thing that stood out the most for me with the Bold was the keyboard was MUCH easier for me to use (large hands) than the Tour or Curve. That said, the Tour keyboard feels a little bit better than my Curve. I forgot to post that the Tour’s lighted keyboard seems easier to see (letters on keys) than my Curve.

        If I could live with AT&T service here I would have the Bold in a heartbeat, but where I live and where I travel just don’t mix with AT&T. I tried them out last year and just had too many network and voicemail problems.

    • @Larry: you DO know that all those font issues can be adjusted by selecting a larger/bold default font? Same with browser, you can set a larger minimum font size in there.

      I came from 8830 and haven’t really played with the 8330 much at all, and 9630 blows away 8830 in voice quality both in normal mode and speaker phone mode. There are audio adjustments that can be made in the Tour options that perhaps might make it better for you?

      • @DavidB

        Actually, the VZW rep and I could neither find anything that allowed configuring the font size in the browser and I don’t think it exists (he and I both have been using BBs since the first B&W model). Changing the default BB font did nothing to the size of the browser font. I’ve read in other reviews the first thing a Tour owner should do is download Operal Mini…that might solve the problem as I believe it has adjustable font size separate from the default BB font size.

        All I can say is I come from the viewpoint of wanting the phone, but am just not sure if I can live with what *I* see as downsides. The audio tests can’t be justified away…both tests I ran this morning and other reviews say pretty much the same thing. How it compares to the 8830 I don’t know as I’ve only used the 8330 Curve. Every prospective owner I guess should buy it…try it…and if not satisfied, return it within Verizon’s 14-day return period. Nothing to lose 🙂

        • What can I say…
          From inside browser:
          Menu key>Options>General Properties>
          Menus items right there for Default Font Size and Minimum Font Size.

          I am sorry your local Verizon rep doesn’t know the device he/she is selling. This has been in Browser Options for many many iterations of BlackBerry OS. It makes the fonts larger on my 8830, 8130, 9530, and 9630. Sorry don’t have a 8330 to try it on.

          • It’s on my 8330 and must be on the default font setting as I have never needed to change this so never bothered with it. The Tour, OTOH, must have a default browser font size of about 2 🙂 I could barely see it.

            Thanks for the tip…I’ll go back and see if increasing the browser font size helps things out. Unfortunately, the fix for *my* audio issues doesn’t exist…but maybe I can adapt. I might be wrong, but on every BB I’ve had all the earpiece volume I’ve ever wanted, but with the Tour, the max setting seems just one notch lower than my desired level. I’d almost bet your 8830 on max volume is louder than the Tour.

          • @DavidB

            Important update: I went back to the VZW store and it turns out the rep actually did know what he was talking about. He explained (and showed me) that no matter what font size you have set under Browser | General Properties it has absolutely no effect on the font size you see in the browser. We tried min and max font sizes and they did absolutely nothing to what I saw in the browser…which is SUPER tiny for me. He said the same thing is true of the BOLD and the 8900 Curve.

            So…I went across the street to the ATT store and tried the same thing with those two phone and he’s right. You can’t change the fonts…well, you can change them, but they don’t display.

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