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Nice to See That GPS is Unlocked on Verizon’s BlackBerry Tour

One of the things that really worried me about the BlackBerry Tour was that Verizon has a tendency to screw up GPS on their BlackBerry devices. I think the BlackBerry Tour is the first Verizon device to drop with GPS unlocked and unfettered (not sure about the 8230).

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I know the Storm, 8330, & 8830 have been unlocked for awhile now on Verizon but I can confirm that Google Maps, Telenav, Poynt, and other GPS applications are working on the Tour.

Now if only Verizon would hurry up with the Wi-Fi… They love being a step behind everybody else with everything (BREW/J2ME, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi…)

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  1. The GPS on any BB from Verizon with a 7000-series (or better) GPS chipset will not be restricted in any way. The Storm was the first device to use this chipset, the Tour is the second. THe 8130, 8830 and 8330 all used a 5000-series chipset.

    There’s still no excuse for restricting the GPS, but VZW’s policy is clear for all new devices.

  2. The GPS on the 8330, etc. is NOT unlocked by any means. Verizon teased us and somehow made it accessible for Blackberry Maps but no other application can access the GPS – not Google Maps, not MapQuest, not Poynt, nothing.

    Hopefully, this move on the Tour indicates a change in policy which will ultimately lead to the GPS being enabled on the older devices. But it what it mostly likely indicates is a marketing ploy to try to get people to shell out for the Tour.

    • Yes, I wish that this site and others would stop saying that GPS is unlocked on Verizon BBs. That’s not true in all cases, like the 8330. More importantly, I wish that Verizon would get on the ball and just unlock them. Or is it RIM that’s at fault? Or Google? Well, who the hell knows, but someone should stop screwing around.

    • I filed a comlaint with the FCC about Verizon’s blocking GPS. I got a call from Verizon about my FCC complaint, and they offered me an early upgrade.

  3. Huh? The Storm has had unfettered GPS since launch. And now Tour does too.

  4. The HTC Ozone which launched on June 29 came with an unlocked GPS and stuff on Verizon….

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