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BlackBerry Speaker Test – Tour vs Bold vs Storm vs 8900 Curve

N8D let me know about this speaker test done by TheBlackBerryGuy comparing the speakers on the Tour to the Bold, Storm, & 8900 Curve. It sounds really close and the creator has no stated opinion but I think the Tour and Bold get the top rating for speakers. I think the Bold has the best speaker of any BlackBerry currently but the Tour is pretty close.

Check it out for yourself below and let me know what you think! This is the first comparison I have seen about the BlackBerryGuy in quite awhile and its pretty good since not everybody has all 4 devices side by side.

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  1. Isn’t it ironic the BlackBerryGuy puts out a video you can’t watch on your BlackBerry…

    Nice of someone to do this comparison. Might have helped to also compare against old models (Pearl, WE, Curve, etc.) that people have NOW for a comparison to what they could get new.

  2. Where do i get this music? (im using BB 8800).

  3. @DavidB
    If you go to the direct link on YT, it plays on a BlackBerry:

  4. It might help if he doesn’t cover the tour’s speaker when he’s playing it. The speaker is located on the side that is pressed against the other blackberry.

    • Yeah, and having devices right beside the Storm kinda messes it up too since the Storm speaker is on the rear and it is meant to be sitting in the “open” so sound comes out around it. But for what this is it is a nice comparison.

  5. I’m currently using an 8900, but will contest that the Tour speakers are much better. Heck, my 8130 speaker were better than the 8900!

    • You have to be joking. There is no way 8130 speakers come close to 8900 speakers. I had an 8100 before I upgraded to the 8900 and its not even close. The 8900 speakers totally blow the Pearl away. Louder and clearer.

  6. Hey guys, was the last phone (far right) BOLD and the one next to it (on last few seconds) Tour or 8900? I am so confused.. If the one at the end of the row was Bold, it is so obvious that the bold speakers are muffled way more than others, you can tell from the highs. Sometimes when I listen to music I remove the battery cover, it is like heaven! 🙂

  7. @Huseyin
    From left to right when lined up:
    1 at a time are:
    9630 vs 9000 Bold
    Then the 9530 Storm
    Then the 8900 Javelin

  8. BTW…The Tour never moved…
    The point of the video was to point out actually how (IMO) the 9630 speaker is subpar than the others. It has more a muffled and “tinny” sound to it.
    There are several 9630’s here and they all seem to be the same, so I am still trying to figure out if it’s just a bad batch (have had the tours for a while, just never listened to music on them through the speakers).
    IMO, the Bold would be 1st, with the 8900 and 9530 coming in second, and the 9630 coming in third.
    I will try and get a clearer audio based file comparing all of them and grab an 83xx and 81xx and put them in the mix as well.

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