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So Who is Picking up a BlackBerry Tour?

I know Verizon, Sprint, & even Bell are starting to carry the BlackBerry Tour in stores tomorrow. Any of you planning on camping out in front of your store to pick one up? I am curious how much of a rush there will be…


Let us know where you pick yours up and if they still had any available!

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  1. I have a local Sprint store putting in the order for me first-thing tomorrow morning. He says it should be in by Tuesday (they don’t keep ANY Blackberry phone in stock). That’s ok though, they are great people there. I WANT MY TOUR!!!!!!!


    • The Tour is actually not available in Sprint stores–only online and via telesales. Apparently, Sprint pushed up the release date from late July or early August to match today’s Verzon launch. Sprint’s press release was very deceptive, because there are actually no phones in stock today. Did Sprint lie about the release date and are the phone really only available for pre-order (without calling it pre-ordering)?

  2. I hope to get the device from a store in the morning. I did NOT pre-order

  3. Hey guys, i work with wireless wave in canada, and most of our locations recieved shipments saturday afternoon.

    if you live in the edmonton alberta area, and want a tour set aside, give me a shout, 780 990 4118

    we received a massive shipment

  4. Ordered an upgrade from my current Sprint 8830 to the Tour.
    I placed the order at 12:12am EDT via the Sprint website.
    It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get here.

    • I just spoke to a Sprint rep on the phone to get a status on my order.
      I was told that the first units were not going to ship out for at least 5 business days.

      So, as others suggested, Sprint might have just moved up the order-taking date but actual devices in the hands of users won’t be until the 20th at the earliest.

  5. Here is my question… on vzw, do I upgrade my 8330 curve or do i wait for wifi?

  6. Dang it…if I was eligible for an upgrade I would be there! But I’m sure as heck not paying 489.00!!!!

  7. I’m just going to wait on the WIFI version when Sprint has it.

  8. I called one of my local VZW stores yesterday and they’re holding one for me until noon today. Even as a large store, they said they only had about 25 or so available and I imagine they’ll go quickly.

    • I went in to purchase the Tour at full retail this morning (BTW there were only a couple of folks in line) and the sales guy was nice enough to tell me if I waited two days I could upgrade for the normal 2-year contract price ($199) plus $20. He explained that if you’re on a plan of $49/mo or more for at least a year you’re eligible for the early upgrade. This is NOT explained anywhere on their site that I could find, and least of all where it explains the early upgrade on my phone page. So this is good info if you’re close to a year since your last upgrade.

      • Unfortunately it was still a no go for me. my end date 10-1-10, annual upgrade 10-1-09. They wouldn’t let me get the 199 price earlier than 10-1-09. Guess I’ll have to drool until then 🙂

        • UPDATE. Really weird….tried again, spoke with another rep. She said that I could go into the store, and get one for 339 with a mail in rebate of 70.00 (basically giving me the one year price with a MIR in store)….but evidently you cant go online and do it cause my date did not change online.

  9. For sure not camping out, and I DO really want one. The wife has ok’d the purchase so I’m all set. I will probably go by some time today and if they have them great if not I will likely order on line (avoids mail in rebate).

    I went by my local Best Buy and they said they will have today for $199 new contract no MIR, but they do not honor Verizon New Every Two so those of us suffering 8830 since launch need to hit up a VZW store. Dunno if that also applies to other resellers or not.

  10. Not camping out as I finally got the pre-order corp affiliation problem fixed by going into a local ZVW Store on the 7th. Status on order today shows approved and processed with free overnight shipping should have it on Tuesday afternoon. Upgrading from a 8330 which has been good, but always looking for the next step.

  11. Got the stamp of approval from wife. But I think I’m going to wait for awhile because $249.99 on 3 year term is still to high.Hoping by september for price drop.Come on Telus your Nuts @ that price!

  12. I just picked mine up about 30 minutes ago. Was coming from a 8330 Curve. Night and day difference in performance. I haven’t even really poked around – just played with a couple functions: Web browser, camera, messaging….Its fast in comparison. I’ve got to see what kind of extra garbage Verizon has thrown on there. So far, I’m very happy..

  13. For Sprint, I see shades of when the Curve came out. They told me it was in stock, but it took weeks for it to ship.

    Remember that the first leaked launch for the Tour was 7-20? But then Verizon gave the 12th so Sprint says the 12th too. But then no stores have them and when you order on line it says 3 to 5 days. 5 days from Monday will be the following Monday. What day is that? 7-20. That’s a shady way of trying to retain customers but they have definitely done it before. I just hope that if my fears are true that it even ships by the 20th.
    I REALLY want this phone and $89 Simply Everything plan keeps me with Sprint.

  14. Picked mine up this morning and love it!!!! Typing this on ot now. Didn’t have to wait a bit and picled it up at VZW store in Hermitage PA. Upgraded from curve 8330 and there is no comparison. Luckily no cost due to company contract so I’ll grab WiFi when released.

  15. Got mine. Posting from Tour, just left store.

    My Verizon store got 40. They have 2 left. There were about 10 people in for Tour’s right at open but no line. She seemed disappointed, said Storm launch day was far busier.

  16. Anybody having any trouble running app world on the Tour?

  17. well i got my tour but it seems to be running pretty hot when tlaking on it. anybody else having this issue?

  18. I won’t have mine until Tuesday. I cannot have a device with a camera at my office, so I opted for the no camera version. Unfortunately, VZW is not stock them at any of the retail stores (i.e., direct fulfillment only). Due to the glitch (aka snafu) that did not allow pre-orders for corporate discount accounts, I was not able to pre-order. There was apparently a further problem where the northeast distribution center did not receive any 9630 devices sans camera, so customer service jumped through some hoops to order it through an alternate distribution center. I haven’t seen a confirmation as of yet, but I am being told that it will be delivered to my office on Tuesday. FYI, none of the pre-orders will ship before Monday, making the earliest possible delivery on Tuesday.

  19. Any chance the Tour will come to U S Cellular?

    • Seems every CDMA carrier is getting the Tour sanborn, so I’m sure its only a matter of time before USCellular, old Alltel, Iusacell, etc get it.

  20. I cant really understand bold owners who buys it… x2 memory, a better camera thats it.. does it worth it… it could be bold 2… but it looks really bad… bold was cool

  21. Does blackberry Maps work and gps on the tour?

  22. went into best buy mobile today, they only had the verizon version in the store, and weren’t sure when the sprint version is going into retail storefronts. but i love it, and i’m almost entirely sure that i’m gonna be trading my 8830 in for one when i can.

  23. Does anyone know if the Tour comes with a case?

  24. @Automan:
    GPS is working in the same apps as worked on Storm. So BBMaps, Gmaps, Poynt, SmartGuard, etc are getting a GPS fix.

    It comes with a leather slip case type holster with a swivel belt clip. Go read a review to see what’s included. VZW tried to sell my a rubberized skin case for it (they had on shelf!) But when they said it didn’t fit in the included holster I said “no deal”.

  25. @davidB
    Thanks I was hoping it would work. I was getting tired of the problems with 8330 curve and can’t wait to upgrade! I will DE-TOUR!..LMAO

  26. Picked up a Tour when my store opened yesterday with no problem. There were 2 other people in line… well, lingering around the door to the store.

    Absolutely love it – and the GPS is available to non-navigator software! Bravo, Verizon.

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