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BBScanner: Listen to Police & Fire Scanners on your BlackBerry

policescanner I had a friend back in the day who just loved listening to his police scanner. Tashanna let me know about this new public beta of BBScanner which lets you listen to police and fire scanners on your BlackBerry. The app is free during the beta but I am not sure if it will remain that way. It looks like the app is using free feeds from RadioReference provided by volunteers so not all areas are covered.

The idea is pretty cool and I can imagine some ambulance chasing lawyers listening on their BlackBerrys… 🙂 The audio is streamed through the BlackBerry Music Player so I think the app is just an easy to use catalog of available streams.

Check it out at or download it OTA at

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  1. I can see this app beening very interesting if they would add Airport control towers.

  2. I just installed it. My buddy used to have a scanner, we’d listen to, but I could never justify picking one up. I forgot how much fun it is to listen in!

  3. I have been listening to the feeds via for quite some time now. I wanted a better way to listen on my phone but the only way at the time was to use Now I have a great app!!

  4. Great app and I hope it remains free however it is a battery killer. My battery on the Storm went from a 80% to a 65% in just about 4-5 minutes.
    At the same time, the app is very useful and the voice is very clear. LOL – some woman decided to do a hit and run so I got to hear the whole thing and I must say that I could easily make out every word they said… which proves how clear the reception is.

  5. i download it but when i try to use it there’s msg disply which is : faild to retrieve directory , check apn settings . see for help , please i need help

  6. If the app can’t download the directory when you start it you may need to enter “APN” settings for your carrier.To enter these settings, go to Options, then select Advanced Options, and then select TCP/IP. On the TCP/IP APN settings screen, if there is a “APN Settings Enabled” checkbox, make sure it is checked.

  7. i was wondering since it uses so many bytes you know the thing at the bottom that says 18446320 bytes recieved will that cause my carrier to charge me if i go over 5mb or usage ? hmm because verizon loves to charge people for things

  8. Thisiscool

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