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RIM Mobilizes Official Support Forums – Needs to Hire a New UI Designer…

Luis let me know that RIM has added a link from to a new mobile friendly version of the official RIM  BlackBerry support forums. I think it is great that RIM realizes supporting their own browser is important but I just cannot believe how BADLY RIM designed the new mobile forums. It is like they never plan on anybody using them by implementing a interface reminiscent of WAP websites way back when.

Capture on 07-06-2009 10-42-37 Capture on 07-06-2009 10-43-07

There is a huge header on the top of the homepage which means you have to scroll down before you can even read anything. The categories all require you to click on extra subcategories.

 Capture on 07-06-2009 10-43-26  Capture on 07-06-2009 10-43-52

The topic titles are also truncated which makes them very hard to read. On top of that every single post in each tread is on a different page! Meaning you will have to hit next 10 times just for this one topic below… I know I am a bit biased now that we have our own forums but this is a bit much… I wonder if this is just a limitation of the forum software RIM is using since this is worse than not having a mobile version.

Capture on 07-06-2009 10-44-19 Capture on 07-06-2009 10-44-40

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  1. They’re just trying to keep a consistency with their basic OS.

  2. As a heads up, you guys might want to do some fact-checking here. These mobile forums are far from new. They’ve been around since last year. And yes, they are fully aware that they are a sore spot.

    If you want some real facts, RIM is actually working on developing/releasing a new mobile version. It helps to know what’s actually going on before posting old info.

  3. @Krypto
    I see what you mean but this looks like the first time RIM has published that fact outside of the forums. They decided to showcase it this week on their mobile homepage and it is pitiful. Its not something that needs to be researched I am sure they are fixing it just like they are fixing the BlackBerry OS… It won’t stop me from pointing out its faults even if they may be old faults. This is just the first time I noticed it.

  4. It may not be the best mobile forum, but the community itself is awesome! I have no doubt that RIM will be working on this to improve it .

    As for me, I am still loving it mainly by the pc and enjoying helping others…….

    Look forward to the new version but will be content with what I have to deal with at this moment.

    Patience is hard sometimes but always well worth it. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Oh I don’t doubt that it is an awesome forum! I use the developer corner every once in awhile and it is the best out there. I just feel thay it is very badly served by the fact that it barely works on the device it is meant to support…

  6. It really makes you wonder if RIM EVERY actually tries their own sites on their own devices…let alone check out any other mobilized BlackBerry site…

  7. @Ronen, thanks for the reply… I just took offense with the word “new.” Here I was thinking “Oh, have they changed it without me knowing??” when I read the story on Viigo, but then sure enough, it’s the same one since I first checked it out over 6 months ago.

    Now then, if/when they do change it over, you can definitely call it “new” (and hopefully improved) :).

    In the meantime, it’s still better than nothing I suppose, but I will personally admit, I still access the forums there using the full version my my BlackBerry. I’m just hoping that when they are able to get a better mobile version, other Lithium-run forums will also be able to use that mobile version.

  8. I hope I didn’t offend you. I think rim has a great thing going but I just cannot believe how shortsighted they are sometimes. They chose forum software that does not work on their devices. even I found a way to write my own code to mobilize our forums because I thought it was a dealbreaker if it did not have a mobile version. I would assume people at rim would think the same but they do not. Its the same reason we have 10 different logins for every different rim site like the owners lounge, bis, etc…

  9. @Ronen : single sign on on all RIM websites is on its way….

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