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BlackTrack – Free Solution for Logging Your Emails & Phone Calls

Uberman let us know about this new solution for tracking and logging your emails and phone calls on your BlackBerry. The app stores this information along with any notes you wish to add and emails you a weekly activity report from your device.

blacktrack Features:

  • Automatically logs your BlackBerry phone and email activities
  • Allows you to add notes to your BlackBerry activity log
  • Automatically sends a daily or weekly log to your email.
  • Report includes:
    • Time
    • Duration
    • Type of Communication
    • Activity Details

The app is totally free and is supported by advertising on your weekly report. The solution works pretty well but I am not sure if the logs are also stored on their servers. From their FAQ it looks like they are not but it makes me wonder how the reports are generated if they are not… I sent them an email asking and will hopefully hear back soon since that may be a security risk.

Check it out at and let me know what you think!

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  1. Looks interesting. Might give it a try, but I have phone log so the call part is taken care of; might check it out for the email though.

  2. Hi Ronan, Dave here from BlackTrack. We didn’t receive your e-mail yet, so I thought I’d answer your question here.

    We built BlackTrack specifically to keep the user’s data only on the user’s system. Your BB records your activity on your BB, then puts that log into your BB’s email, which it then sends to your BB’s own email. The data goes no further than your BB’s system. So I hope that covers any security concerns you might have.

    I hope its not poor etiquette, but I’d like to give your readers (and my webmaster says there are lots according to the uptic in hits since your post) an update and first access to our newest release.

    Update – We found a few bugs in the first release, and about 4 hrs ago requested the AppStore to update our listing. Unfortunately that can take a week or more. If you and your readers would like, they can download the most recent version from these links (go there from your BB):

    Storm users:

    Everyone else:

    The bugs fixed are:
    1. Storm users had difficulty selecting some menu items.
    2. Some users had registrations being sent to us daily. It was supposed to request this after 2 weeks (which you can opt out of but still run the software), but that didn’t go so well. The new releases have this resolved too.

    Thanks again,

    Dave – BlackTrack Support

    • Dave,
      Is there some particular reason your app installs on Storm in Compatibilty Mode? What’s the point of a seperate Storm version if it isn’t any different, or will turning off Compatibility improve the app somehow?

      Oh, and does your app auto-run on device boot? Nothing appears in app switcher.

      Also, you should put up a warning screen telling users that registration email with attachment “user_info.txt” is being sent. I freaked out when I saw it in my outbox before I recognized it was this app talking to you.

      Oh and yes I’ve upgraded to the versions inyour comment.

      • Hi DavidB

        Compatibility Mode – I’ll have to check with development about that.

        Autorun – Yes. Our system runs a low-level process (not application) upon start-up, that logs your e-mail’s duration (something no other product does, as far as we know) and triggers the email log retrieval, report generation and automatic delivery.

        Registration – A huge error on our behalf. The registration was never intended to be sent without a) the user knowing what was in it, and b) without the user’s permission. The new versions do this properly, but I suspect we have paid a price in terms of deleted users. Its absolutely right to have a security concern, its just a shame we were striving to build a software where nobody but the user touches their data, and then we let this slip by.

        If you’d like to discuss your thoughts and comments more privately, please e-mail me directly at [email protected].

        Dave – BlackTrack Support

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