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Sprint BlackBerry Tour Release Date Confirmed – July 12th!

Sprint-Blackberry-Tour I got official word from Sprint that the BlackBerry Tour will be released by them on July 12th. It will be available on, 1-800-Sprint1, and via their business sales team so everybody should be covered. Looks like the rumored July 20th date was wrong…

The BlackBerry Tour will sell for $199.99 with a new line or eligible upgrade with a 2 year contract after $50 instant rebate and $100 mail in rebate. Business customers may be able to get even more of a discount through their account managers.

Preorders are not available currently but you can sign up for more info at

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  1. 1. Note that it’s not available in retail outlets on the 12th.
    2. The 20th is actually the 19th when it will be available in-stores.
    The entire 20th started when last weekend I was (quite) intoxicated and mentioned the 20th in the comments on BGR (it actually should have stated the 19th).
    The ridiculous thing is that SprintInsider (or whoever it was) picked it up from there, and then posted it, and then sent the link out to others which caused the entire whirlwind…
    Mind you, all of this with no hard-solid evidence at all which just goes that no one cares to check their facts when they are trying to get traffic to their site.
    I could have thrown out the date of July 4th on there and we probably would have the same results.
    So yeah…
    1. I was wrong by a day (blame it on the alco..alco..alcohol)
    2. The 12th is not in retail stores
    3. No blogs ever confirmed the validity of the 20th. 1 just grabbed it from the comments on one site, ran with it, and everyone else followed suit.

  2. I was not trying to lay blame I am just glad that it is coming out a week earlier. Usually blackberrys get delayed weeks or months after rumored release dates. I think it is a first that this is earlier!
    Nice catch on the fact that it won’t be available in stores.
    Any idea if Sprint promised to sell a certain number like UBS claims?

  3. Aaaah! Oooh! Quick! Someone loan me $200…errr…$300…it’s for….ummm….charity. Yeah, charity.

  4. Can’t speak on that cause not 100%, however, I wouldn’t doubt it.
    Usually anyways, a carrier has to “pre-order” or commit to a certain amount of devices anyways, so I wouldn’t doubt it.
    Its going to be interesting to see how many of these 9630’s wind up unlocked running on TMo or AT&T…
    And while many will run out and get this right away, there is a version of the 9630 + WiFi that Sprint is currently testing (doubt the same with Verizon, but who knows). That initially was looking like it would be the version Sprint would launch, however probably in order to keep up with Verizon, they settled for this one (first). I wouldn’t count out seeing a WiFi version of this launching on Sprint about 3 months after the initial launch.

    • I doubt the 9630 can be unlocked to run on TMo or AT&T. The 8830 did not do domestic GSM, making this impossible, and I believe the 9630 is the same way.

      I’m ready to buy the 9630 the day it hits shelves, but the WiFi comment does make me a little cautious. I would prefer to have WiFi…can anyone confirm this?

      • It can be unlocked.
        I am running one on TMO and ATT right now.
        From this point on (since the Storm) RIM is putting world-wide GSM radios in all CDMA international devices.
        Connects just fine to the US and international networks.
        Sprint is testing a WiFi version and unless something drastic happens, I would project it to be this fall/winter when it is available.
        The 9630 initial launch on Sprint was supposed to include WiFi, but in order to step up to the plate and launch with Verizon, Sprint “settled” for the standard 9630 to begin with.

        • How bizarre…I just looked it up on a few other sites, and the 9630 does support domestic GSM modes. I was so ready to replace my 8830, but I really want WiFi…agh. Guess I will have to wait it out…

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