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HOT! Free BerryReview Theme to Celebrate Our 2nd Anniversary!


Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been two whole years since we launched BerryReview back in 2007! Since then, the site has grown from just me, to a team family of over 10 editors, writers, and reviewers…all of whom do this for the pure love of it. However, we wouldn’t be so successful without you, our readers, so we want to give you a BIG THANKS for making this site worth all the effort.


In that spirit, we teamed up with one of the industry’s premier BlackBerry Theme Developers, HEDONE DESIGN to give our readers a special gift. Our own BerryReview Theme! Now, the rest of the team knows just how picky I am with themes, only changing my theme once a year (if that). I like sleek themes that function well and look sharp. We think you’ll agree that Hedone’s creativity hits the mark in every aspect. Not only was he great to work with, but he sure knows his stuff when it comes to designing themes. Vicky worked closely with Hedone and I think together they created something I am proud of calling a BerryReview theme.

The main screen sports a striking image of a blue ocean with orange sunset (the BerryReview colors of course) and a bottom dock of customizable icons. Also, on the top right hand corner our BerryReview logo is actually a link to our mobile site. All you need to do is have our mobile site launcher downloaded on your device and you’re good to go! (Note: to get BerryReview Launcher, just point your device browser to this link)

So thanks to Hedone Design, all of us at BerryReview would like to thank our readers with this awesome new theme design simply called; BerryReview.

Available for the 8900, 9000 & 9500, this theme is completely free and available in either OTA or ZIP format. Just follow the links below to get yours. Sadly due to the features used in this theme it was not possible to support other devices. With that said enjoy and thanks again to HEDONE DESIGN!

OTA Download (via your device browser):

8900 Curve OTA Download | 9000 Bold OTA Download | 9500 Storm OTA Download

Desktop Manager Install:

ZIP files for the above themes (to be downloaded via Desktop Manager) can be accessed here.

Expansion Pack: (Extra wallpapers)

An expansion pack of 2 extra wallpapers can be found at this link or downloaded together in one zip file at this link.


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  1. Awesome!!!! I think I really like the theme! I should try it now on my Curve 8900 🙂 Thanks Ronen and Thanks BR!

  2. Congratz BR. Theme lookin good, but still are uders of “oldest” BlackBerry’s like 83xx and 88xx (like me). So, wheres the theme for us, huh?

  3. Or, how about one for one of the other new blackberrys: like the 8220.

  4. What about the other BB models?

  5. Very ice R, and congrats. I can’t believe it’s been two years either!!!

  6. Ronen,

    Congratulations on your second aniversary.

    Quick question, what’t the weather app in the second picture ?


  7. Congrats on the 2 years and growing audience as well.

  8. Kudos to BerryReview. Thanks again for all of the neat posts. Look forward to many more years.

  9. Thanks everybody.
    Sorry for the lack of support for other devices. I demanded something “different” from Hedone and he delivered. He told me it would limit compatibility with older devices but maybe if I ask nicely when he gets back from vacation he will reconsider…

    Davesh the app is bbweather alpha and is free. Just search for it 🙂

  10. Glad everyone likes the theme. Once again, we asked Hedone Design to create something unique and that meant possibly limiting the design to a few of the newer devices. However, if we ask enough…perhaps he will consider doing a version for other devices 😉

  11. Thanks Ronen for all your work for the BlackBerry community…! Keep up your great work!

  12. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. Great site. Thanks for the theme.

  13. Gee, I am happy for you.

    I do it is a little short-sided to leave out all of us that cannot afford the latest and greatest.

  14. LOVE IT! thanks so much!
    and congrats!

  15. The theme looks absolutely gorgeous on the Bold! Thank you so much! I really love the site, you guys do a wonderful job! BerryReview is like a newspaper to me, I have to read it every single day!


  16. No 88XX, 83XX??

  17. Congratulations. It’s beautiful.

  18. this theme totally broke my 9530. 🙁 is it not for cdma storms?

    It wouldn’t switch to landscape and I couldn’t get to any more icons besides the ones on the home screen. On VZWs os .148

  19. What exactly happened Chris? I have friends who put it on their storm with no issues. I will try to ask the developer

    • If I turned it landscape mode everything would be offset to the right about an inch and it would stick that way if I turned it back to portrait. Doing this wouldn’t allow me to click on any of the icons and no buttons would respond, only a battery pull.

      If I left it in portrait mode i was able to highlight one of the buttons but clicking on it had no response, and I was unable to select any of the other icons. Pressing the blackberry key only brought up a menu that allowed me to move or hide icons, neither did anything.

      I thought that it might have been because I was using a os 148/151/5.0 hybrid so I downgraded to 148. 148 Was slightly better but still unusable. Switching to landscape mode still offset the theme and locked everything up, requiring a battery pull. Leaving it in portrait mode wasn’t much more successful, I could click on some of the buttons but not others. Clicking on the messages left me with a generic either 503 or 508 (cant rememember which) error that restart, but needed a battery pull. The blackberry key still brought up the menu for hiding, moving, showing all, etc. The only one that worked was hide (which was an improvement over the hybrid OS) and after 5 mins of hiding every icon I was able to have the options icon be in the first two rows so I could switch the theme back to the original one without having to remove it through desktop manager.

      I havent tried any other themes besides the stock one.

      Did the other people who it worked for have a CDMA storm or was it the GSM version?

      I can try and debug anything if they need, let me know if you have any other questions.

  20. Help! My storm 9500 is stuck at the home page, I can’t access to the main page (if I press the bb button nothing happen) so I can’t even change the theme to the default one.
    Battery pull already tried…

  21. Awesome Theme. Looks great on my 8900.

  22. Theme is fabulous..! Thanks a lot! Only isse i noticed is that there is no icon of current profile on the main screen! The either day I changed my phone to Vibrate, forgot to change it back (no icon 🙁 ) so missed a couple of calls!!

    Icons are amazing though 😉

  23. Wow awesome many happy returns sorry this is belated. Theme is great will it be available to those of us that don t have the newest etc that keep their phones until the contract is up

  24. I was wondering if this theme works with .151 os?

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