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Tips & Tricks: BlackBerry Signal Too Weak? Bluetooth To The Rescue!

bluetooth-plantronics-voyager-510 I know this is a very basic tip but I cannot count how many times I have seen people stand glued to the window (or even hanging out of it) while they make a call… I think this situation is one of the main selling points for Bluetooth. That is if you cannot justify a Xlink or wireless repeater.

At my farm, way out in the country, the AT&T signal is extremely weak. It never gets above two bars; usually it only has one bar. When you find a place where you can make a phone call, you must stand there, motionless, until the call is over. Yes, really!

When I am working in a certain room for a while, like cooking dinner in the kitchen, watching TV or working on the computer, I stick my BlackBerry up in the window sill, and put my Bluetooth earpiece on. That way, the BlackBerry can still get a constant signal, but I can roam around the room. I have a range of about 10-15 feet that I can roam in, while talking.

Don’t forget to turn your BlackBerry setting to Loud – that way, you will hear it ringing, in the house, even if you are not close enough for the Bluetooth to let you answer it. You just have to run, run, run through the house, until you are within ten feet of that window, and answer it. Even if you are on the floor above or below the BlackBerry, if you are within ten feet, you can still answer it!

You can find quite a few cheap Bluetooth headsets available at Amazon.

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  1. Jabra sells a headset that is bluetooth that will vib when your phone rings. There is also a built in 30 entry phone book system. I have the headset and tho after long periods of wearing it gets uncomfortable its worth the price. Battery life is decent usually lasts me all day on a single charge.

    The head set is also stero with two independent ear pieces that can be seperated.

  2. I have two BT headsets – a Jabra BT500 (single ear), and a Motorola HT820 Stereo headset. I use the Motorola when I am listening to music, and the Jabra for all other times (it is lighter). The Jabra lasts all day on a charge, easily.

  3. When I was in college, I lived in an apartment that had terrible service. I used the Motorola Bluetooth enabled house phone. It works very much like headset does, except its a house phone with even more coverage than a BT headset. My phone would automatically connect to it when I got close enough and I could leave my cell where service was good and still be able to walk around pretty far, even outside. The house phone could even receive land line calls as well.

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