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HOT! ZonaSnap: Free On Device Screenshot Utility Gets English Version

Luis mentioned ZonaSnap last week as an awesome on device screenshot utility for BlackBerrys. The problem was the app was not translated into English yet so you had to brave the Spanish version. Felix from ZonaBlackBerry let me know that ZonaSnap has now been translated to English.

zonasnap1 zonasnapoptions zonasnap3

The app simply lets you take a screenshot with three options:

  • Send it to your photobucket account
  • Send it VIA email
  • Save it to your device

Its pretty powerful and just simply works. The only catch is that OS 4.3+ is required. You also must enable all the permissions when it asks after installation.

Check it out at this link for more information or you can pick it up directly at this link In the BerryReview store

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  1. OTA link is 404’ing…

  2. I immediately installed this app and I am SO so so so happy with the app! I did a screen cap of my desktop and saved it as a desktop pic. What a joke! Imagine seeing the screen cap for a wallpaper and playing games with the mind. The icons will stay in place forever!! HAHAHA….but some people who develop the themes will find this app so easy to use. I love it!!!! (is that enough exclamation marks?)

  3. Is this Better then Capture it?

    • It is better when it comes to options and features specially if you need to email a screen shot of your bb, also you can hit send via email and when on the email section click options again and open the screen shot and you can then send to BB messenger as well.

  4. I love the blackberry version of ZonaSnap. Now, if it would only be a “real” screen capture utility! I’ve read all the help files. The thing will only do screen captures within the browser! It has all this talk about how you can configure it for the left or right buttons on the blackberry but there are no choices anywhere to do so! Frustrating. I want to take some screen shots when I’m in the satellite views portion of google maps and the ZonaSnap feature never shows up in a menu like it does when you’re in the berry’s web browser. Also, the help files say you can do a screen capture directly through the ZonaSnap icon. Fiddle sticks!! You can only end up taking a photo of your download icons. This is maddening. Please help. How do you use ZonaSnap when not in the web browser!?

    • Hi Jack, In fact the menu item ZonaSnap must be appear in the Menu´s Google Maps, because in this moment I can see it. As you can see in the attachment link

      You can capture the screen of Google Maps with the Menu Item ZonaSnap or doing click in the Convenient Button that you configure.

      Check the permisions that you have permited for the Application ZonaSnap because this can limit that you can see the menu item or not.

    • Hi Jack. I just received a replacement Tour 9630 from Verizon and hadn’t put ZonaSnap on it yet. Your comment reminded me!

      I downloaded via the BerryReview store link. It installed without any security change prompts.

      I then checked in about every app I have installed and there on the BlackBerry menu (I have config set to always show full menus) in every app was a ZonaSnap entry. I also went into Screen/Keyboard and set my Left convenience key (this is how capturing directly from the app is useful for more than just capturing your Downloads folder) to ZonaSnap and tried that in a couple apps (including Google Maps 3.2.1 with satellite view turned on) and it worked perfectly too.

      I created a PhotoBucket account and using ZonaSnap I uploaded a couple snaps. My PhotoBucket account is DavidB17.

      You do not mention what phone or OS you have. I also have ZonaSnap on my Storm w/OS 5.0 so I know it works with 5.0 too. Hope you get it working, I am not sure what support Zona has directly?

      From my BlackBerry Tour…

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