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SmrtGuard Giveaway: Win One of 15 Full year Subscriptions

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 23 19.49How many of you have lost your BlackBerry along with all your precious contacts and sensitive information on it and wish that you had backup copy’s some where? Well sure the BlackBerry has the feature to back up most of your data and settings over the Desktop manager or if you are on BES it automatically does that OTA. The BlackBerry is probably the most secure device that you can get since it has it’s own feature by activating a password setting and when a user enters the wrong password too many times it automatically erases all the data on the device. Up until recently there has not been an easier way to do this but now that  Smrtguard was released to the public  it offers many features that usually are only available with BES but this application offers a solution to BIS user at a cheaper price with some cool features. Such as the ability to Back up and restore your contacts and other date OTA.

NOTE: Giveaway Details below!

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 23 20.08

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 23 20.02

Smrtguard is like being your own administrator, when you login to the web interface you get all the options you see on the image above:

  • Account information where you can edit your information and change devices
  • contacts lets you see all your contacts which even saves pictures you have assigned to contacts
  • It also lets you see your Todos, Memos, call log, events, and with the latest updates you can even back up your SMS

Smrtguard combines the integrated GPS system on most of the new BlackBerry’s along with Google maps to Track your BlackBerry online, Locate it, and view its location online.

From the online Dashboard section you can send commands to your BlackBerry such as an Audio Ping in case you misplaced it around the house, Lock the device, Send a Self-Destruct test, or actually wipe your device to factory default, instruct your device to call you Back to a number you specify. Note for most of this features the BlackBerry has to have network access in order to work. The onboard application also guards against SIM car replacement.

Smrguard also has a mobile site now you can direct your device to if your an existing customer you can pick up the latest version 1.75. You can also purchase smrtguard from our berryreview store or head out to their site to learn more about it.


So you are wondering what you have to do to get a full year subscription of smrtguard for free? I know this is what you been wanting so will keep it plain and simple.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS! and would like to give away 15 free 1yr subscription to 15 unlucky winners why unlucky you may ask? Is because what we are looking for is for 15 of our readers that post below in the comments their worst BlackBerry tragedy that Smrtguard could have helped them avoid. Simply tell your story of how you lost, or how you lost your sensitive or precious data where if you had the service smrtguard offers it would of help you out by recovering it or at least having the option to restore all your contact OTA. Contest ends Tuesday June 30th at Midnight EST, post away.

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  1. Got robbed in New Brunswick, NJ by a 7 foot man who stole nothing but my Storm. Till date never found it. I’m sure if I had the application I could easily let the police look into it and find the person who stole my precious phone. Now i’m down $600 (the fee to purchase another one) 🙁

  2. Had an issue a while back where I lost my Curve over a friends house… unfortunately I did not have it password protected, and I had all of my information stored in my BlackBery wallet… luckily nothing happened but if I had SmrtGuard for the Curve, I would have been able to remotely “nuke” the device and clear it of all data as well as locating approximately where the device was located

  3. I had a destination wedding recently in the beginning of June in Hawaii. For some reason I didn’t have password protection on my phone, my fault.. and I had all this information in my phone.. my business contacts my contracts.. everything! I loved my Bold… blacked out everything.. and I left it on the outside of my hotel by accident.. when I went back to find it.. it was gone.. it felt like my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach. I wish I had the ability to wipe my device or even track it!

  4. My job entails me to travel a lot including aboirad. Last year I lost my blackberry alongwith laptop in a train while travelling in Holland, when someone took away my bag. I lost enormous amount of data which I wish I could wipe out both on blackberry and on laptop.

  5. This is my story as well as my fiance. I had been telling her to not keep her Blackberry in the diaper bag and then hanging the bag from the stroller. So one day while shopping and doing just that, she didn’t hear her bag fall off the stroller and she lost the bad which contained her Blackberry, wallet, keys, and more.

    She combed the street looking for the bag, and stopped in many stores to no avail. On one last attempt she went back to one of the stores the next day and they said they found her bag, but of course all the money as well as the Blackberry was gone and she had to go back to using an Pearl 8100 which had been abused by letting our daughter play with it.

    All the information, her contacts, dates in her calendar and some very important sensitive information was on that device. I still fear someone realizing what information is on that device and it affecting me later.

    Had we had SmrtGuard I could of tracked the phone to it’s location in hopes of finding it before it was too late and if not I could of at least remotely deleted the very sensitive information that was on there off. This program would have also helped when I was finally able to get her a newer Blackberry, by being able to restore the information she had on the lost phone onto the new. I would love to be able to win this account for her phone, as this was the second Blackberry she has lost, so it would be good if it does happen again, this would greatly help us!

  6. So there I was, climbing up the ladder and back onto the boat after a great dive in Maui. Clear water, beautiful coral, one of the better dives I have done. I was so thrilled I had to text my buddy back home to make him jealous. Afterward, I set my phone on my towel while drying off. Well, next thing I know we were under way and the overly tan captain hit the throttle hard. My BB didn’t stand a chance. It immediately flew off my towel, hit the deck and proceeded to slide to the back of the boat and right off the swim deck. The upside was that I got to get the new Bold. The downside was that this all happened during a two week job transition (hence why I was in Maui) and I had no BES backup and I had not taken the time to backup via my desktop. It would have been nice to have that SmrtGuard OTA backup for my new phone. And I wonder if the tracking would have worked 100 feet under water in the middle of the ocean. Guess I will never know!

  7. I met this fiiine gal while I was on a trip. we talked about various subjects.. Never had a dull moment. we did enjoy each others company. She gave me her number coz by coincident, we found out we live in the same city.
    I really wish I’d have given her my # coz I lost my phone somewhere.
    If I had smartguard, I would have been able to do a phone book bakup n maybe by now I would be engaged or happily married with som bouncing babies lol!

  8. My story is pretty simple, but also a little scary.

    I broke my bb. My 8800’s usb port broke and I couldn’t charge it. I made the mistake of taking too long to buy a new berry and never thought about buying an external battery charger until it was too late. I had 1 backup battery, so I thought I could make it.

    Unfortunately, my berry died, and a long with it went a lot of important work information, names, emails, phone numbers. Everything.

    I had no backups, other than for my emails that were in my online accounts mailboxes.

    So, I bought a new berry, and took a very big risk in selling my 8800. I didn’t think until it was too late, but I couldn’t turn my berry back on didn’t wipe the information. So, whoever purchased it has access to a lot of great stuff.

  9. I’ve used the beta version of SmrtGuard and really liked it. A paid free version would be great.

  10. a while back i have a girl friend and i left my blackberry over at her house. long story short we had a big fight that day. She held my berry hostage. To save the relationship, and more importantly, to get the blackberry and all my crucial data back it cost me about 1500 dollars in gifts and nights out. Being on BIS, if i would have had SmrtGuard I could have just bought a new BB and restored my data. We stayed together another week only after I got my BB back from her. I would have saved a ton.

  11. I’ll make this short and sweet. In airport terminal in Tampa after week long IT security training. Used BB to tether for security reasons. Plane was called to board and there I went. 10,000 feet in the air and I reached for my BB and realized it was gone. I must have left it on the station where I plugged in my laptop when I boarded the plane in haste.
    You don’t know the feeling when you have an hour in the air until you begin to try to locate it.
    Needless to say I lost everything including beautiful pictures of TB and game 1 of the World Series.

  12. When this happend this really sucked for me, my first BB was my Curve 8310, i had it Ghost Armored at a mall near me, only place to get it done, was done right as it came out of the box, recently got a Storm new in the box, got it unlocked then while still in the wrapping i took it to get it Ghost Aromored, got it armored, but havent loaded anything on it, after they armored it i set it on the counter to go pay for the armoring, while i was paying, and this was a kiosk in a mall, someone came and grapped the box and storm and took off with it, the guys called security, but they only had one camera in the area watching the food court, since i or they didnt see the person that took it security could do nothing, if i had SmrtGuard loaded i would have been able to track it, listen to the person who took it and would have not lost 325.00 and also had to buy another one. SmrtGuard would have been great at that point, now i never let my BB out of my site and have the beta loaded, but expires soon.

  13. Also could have wiped it so the person would have a brick.

  14. A few months back my wife had gone to a “Walk for Hunger” with friends and family and her BlackBerry in hand. All day she had been making new friends and seeing old friends, adding them to her contacts. She stopped at a Port-a-Potty setting her 8330 on a self inside as she was busy. HER 13 year old son (always hers when he does something stupid) and his friend thought it would be funny to “shake the shack” to startle her. Well it did, and it caused the BlackBerry to slide down and around “the basket” as she screamed and dove in for it. Well the BlackBerry went in, with her two hands of desperation following, scoping the BlackBerry up just as it began to sink. All was lost! Including the feeling in a certain 13 year olds butt. She guessed that the number of lost contacts since last sync was 100.
    A good conclusion came out of this, in a way. She had gone to the Dr’s after this, she was feeling sick because of her swimming in a sewer, and they had done extensive testing. She found out that she has had Lyme Disease for maybe a few years and if it wasn’t caught now, the disease could have done some major damage.

  15. I am a detective and was issued a department phone which is a Storm. Since it is a work phone I saved countless number of law enforcement contacts that are not accessible to the public. On a particular night I left my Storm on top of my vehicle and went back to the station. When I arrived my supervisor stated to me that he was attempting to contact me to follow up on a case. As you can already figure out my phone was lost and possibly in the hands of a person that could use it to plant law enforcement officers. With that being said having a program that I can track the device and better yet erase sensitive information would be a blessing.

  16. i want one ….. wohoo

  17. Lost my new curve on Starbuck two months ago. I should’ve back everything up first before bring it anywhere.

  18. I was regularly backup my bold via DM. Lost it a while back just to find out my last back-up is 3 months old. I blame all the hassle backing up using DM.

  19. Last year I was on a road trip when I left my BlacKberry at the cottage we were staying at.

    I called to see if they were able to access the cottage to retrieve it. They weren’t.

    My guess is that the dishonest cleaning crew must have gone in, saw it in my room and collected it without trying to find out who the owner was.

    I called my phone number several times but it just kept going to voicemail. Finally after 3 days, I canceled my phone and email service.

    Having SmrtGuard installed at the time would have saved me a lot of headache. I’ve been using the free trial and like the benefit of the program in that it will backup all my contacts/messages etc nightly.

    You have no idea what a pain it is to manually re-add all of your contacts!!!

    I’ve started to backup my device using desktop manager now. SmrtGuard would ensure I’ve got two backups.

  20. On my 21st birthday last month I went with a group of friends and family to the city. I had my blackberry with me in a small purse. My purse was on the bar table and I turned away for just a minute. When I went in my purse I realized that someone had stolen my Blackberry. None of the people I was with saw who took it. I never got it back, and I never found out who took it. Worst of all I had recently took off the password protection so that person who stole my blackberry got allmy information with it :(. This application would have helped me that night.

  21. About three years ago, I was hit by lightning ( Damn painful by the way). I had an 8703 at time. The lightning him me travelling down my left side. The Berry in my pocket exploded into bits, luckily the battery did not let go. So, Im shocked, burned and to add insult to injury, peppered by Berry shrapnel. This app would have helped greatly to recover my data.

  22. Hello all – I am impressed with all the stories – and I think I was one of the very first to start paying for the service and I didn’t think I could “use” another one.

    I was wrong: I can not even COUNT the number of times my frantic sweetie has run around the house, interrupting whatever it is I’m doing – “Have you seen my Curve!!??.”

    SURE the backup features are great (even backs up SMS now!) and SURE that the “tracking ” and “Self Destruct” kill features are great. It’s really a fantastic product!

    The thing that REALLY works for me (for her) would be the Audio Ping; that feature of SmartGuard which wakes up the phone and makes it scream and flash the LED brightly for 10 minutes (wherever it is) so that you can find it in the sofa, couch, under the car seat, bedroom, kitchen, purse, washroom, night-stand, office, den, or laundry room.

    By the way: If you don’t have hearts of stone you should award “Walk for Hunger” a copy. 🙂


  23. I just got my new Storm…the 3rd one since February! Help me keep those contacts between desktop backups and Storm hardware failures with a copy of SmrtGuard. I’d be forever grateful (and my friends who I keep on asking for their number…AGAIN!). Thanks!

  24. It was halloween night and I was taking my little ones around trick or treating. We went up and down the streets of my neighborhood and my sister’s neighborhood. I finally got home exhausted and went to grab my LG VX9400 television phone(which didn’t get television in our area, the salesman said it would come in 2 weeks.NOT!). I realized the phone was dropped………somewhere. If I had the Smrtguard, I could have just gotten on the computer and located it instead of having to buy a new phone. I lost some precious pictures which will never happen again. OHHH how I need smrtguard.

  25. I will love to get his app, i never win nothing please let me win this time. Thanks

  26. I forget to tell my history, 3 weeks ago i was kidnapped , and those people stole my BB Bold and i loose all my personal information, and the big problem is that those people can have access to all this information, if i have SmrtGuard i can make a wipe from my home PC and no one can get my BB information, i will love to get this app, it is great. Thanks BerryReview

  27. I had one of the worst nightmares recently. While fixing on my ride’s bumper at the workshop, I’d placed my BB Bold on my car so that I wouldn’t miss any important calls (I was expecting a few that day).

    When I was done, I forgot all about my BB and drove off, with it still on the car!

    I realised 1/2 an hour later when I got home and was swearing and cursing myself!

    Then I remembered that I’ve SmrtGuard beta installed, so I logged in, and try to locate the device. Thank god I had a lappy and mobile broadband modem with me!

    With beeps and map locator, I was able to trace the device to a grass patch just not far off a road near to the workshop! As I have invested in a Case-mate cover, not only was the device scratch-less, everything is intact and working just fine!

    God knows how much information I would’ve lost if the BB is left there to rot! Not to mention the hassle of having to replace the hardware/software and priceless information that would have been lost forever otherwise!!!

  28. Last month i lost my third phone in 5 years. Thankfully, i have learned from my previous lost that i should regularly backup my contacts. With this SmrtGuard hopefully i can do the backup more convenient and worry free since i can nuke anything from my lost phone to protect my precious data.

  29. My Curve 8310 blackberry has a little memory for apps. Unfortunately, i just like to install many application. In anotherhand, i also like to keep or track everything like my email, chat history, sms, etc. I tend to got a very little memory left in my blackberry. I recently just found that that blackberry erasing my sms if it got a very little available memory. I just cried myself knowing some of the lost sms is actually very important. Need the function to automatically backing up my sms.

  30. My blackberry got stolen next week. Luckily i’m a freak that always backup my data everyday. I need to erase all my confidential data wirelessly so it can’t be used by the thief.

  31. I tried SmrtGuard free trial. It will be nice to have the full year subscription. It will give me peace 🙂

  32. Already have it installed in my Bold. It’s pretty sleek and useful. Need it this free subscription for my new Storm.

    Hopefully i win this contest 😀

  33. Never lost any personal data such as contacts or memos. But it will be a nice addition to my blackberry.

  34. This would be have applications for a traveler like me. There’s too many incidents that could have been happen to my precious blackberry.

  35. I have no idea before that backup data could do in such easy way like this. I can replace my blackberry as many time as i want and can transfer my date between devices so hassle free.

  36. I’m using my DM before to backup blackberry data. It’s pretty easy. But there’s one time that i’m so busy, and i’m not backing it up for almost a month. Unfortunately, that’s when accident happens. I dropped it. It’s crash and can’t rebooted. Should have some way to do the backup regularly and automatically.

  37. I’ve tried this one before. Nice apps. Hopefully i can win one of the subscription. 😀

  38. Changing blackberry device is actually easy to do. But, for normal people like me, there’s a certain time that i’m worry that process is not running well. I may end-up getting a bricked blackberry. With SmrtGuard, i believe i can do that easily and without any worry.

  39. So there’s a time when a normal person like me (not a geeks 😀 ) has no idea that there was a technology called wireless backup. I think DM was just awesome. This would change how i use blackberry completely. Since there’s a few catch using DM. And sometimes i just forgot to do the manual backup for over a week.

  40. This the Best App, you always be secure. I hope to have a good luck.

  41. I lost my phone at the airport in 2007. I cried myself for weeks because i never lost a phone before. And i never thought the necessity of doing a data backup. There’s to much to do to recover the damages. My friends and colleagues contact. My memos. Everything is gone.

  42. This the Best App, you always be secure. I hope to have a good luck.

    The main reason i would love to win this great app is because 2 month ago some people stole my BB Bold with all my important and confidential information, such as emails, credit card numbers and passwords, etc, so after 1 hour i have been stole they used my credit card by internet for over $500 because they got all my password. But if i have the smrtguard i know that always will be making backups, and also if some people will stole me again my phone i can make a wipe so they can not access to my information.

    I hope to get lucky and win the smrtguard. Thanks Berryreview

  43. I am trying to write my comment of my worst situation with my BB, but i don´t know why i do not see it posted, i write it 10 times and still do not see it.

    I really need this app, and i hope to get lucky to get it. Thanks Berryreview

  44. Did anyone else pick up on the fact that the last 15 or more were posted by the same person? Either that or an entire ESL class got together and posted all at the same time. 🙂

  45. This is a very good application. Should be come natively in every blackberry, not just for BES user.

  46. Great apps. Please pick me 😀

  47. I want one..

    Hope i’m gonna win this subscription..

  48. And the winner is????????
    OK I’ll buy it anyway, it looks like an essential app. SmrtGuard should team up with Lo-Jack and sell it to the masses.

  49. Hi guys will be announcing the winners of this gievaway tomorrow on a follow up post. Thanks for the participation.
    Keep on a look out if you don’t win for more giveaways.

  50. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for all the great posts in the comments. Some of them are pretty scary indeed!

    – The SmrtGuard Team

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