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Review & A Chance to win a Free Otterbox 8900 Defender Series Case

100_2492Review: BlackBerry 8900 Otterbox Defender Series Case
[Rating: 9.5]
Price : $49.95 @

NOTE: Read below for the giveaway details!

Thanks to Otterbox for sending me a sample of their new Defender series case for the BlackBerry 8900. Now I get a chance to tell you guys and girls my impression of it.  My first impressions were “This is nice”. My little sister saw it and said that it feels cool. I think she was talking about the feel of their smooth Silicon skin layer that goes on top of the the hard shell. The Blackberry 8900 is RIM’s smallest full qwerty BlackBerry to date and  with the OtterBox case you get a better grip but it increases the the size of  the whole package  a little bit.

I spend most of my working hours driving to and walking around construction sites. So I definitely need  reliable protective gear for my BlackBerry devices and Otterbox offers exactly what I need.  The reason why the Otterbox offers a strong protective case is because it is composed of 3 layers of protection.

The first one is the a clear membrane to protect the screen and keyboard. If your familiar with previous Otterbox models then this one has changed quite a bit. To start, instead of the clear membrane covering the whole BlackBerry it only covers the keyboard section so is a lot easier to install. The screen & camera area is protected by a clear hard cover that is embedded into the second layer of protection. The second layer of protection is a 2 piece Hi-Impact Polycarbonate Shell which encases your BlackBerry. The 3rd layer of protection is a smooth silicon skin that fits perfectly around the hard shell.

I found that putting this case together was a lot faster than the previous one I had for my 8310. To put the case on the 8900 is a fairly simple process. First you take the clear membrane  and place it over the keyboard so that it fits all the keys in the correct place then the side wings just fold to the back of the BlackBerry for a firm fit. The second part is the hard shell. I simply put the front piece on first. This ensures that the clear cover stays on the device firmly, then the back shell clips into place. The last part is to fit the silicon skin cover around the hard shell for a smooth and better grip.100_2514

The difference with this one from my 8310 case, is that on the 8310, the silicon skin can sometimes come lose easily from the device but with this series it has small brackets that the skin clips into it for a more secure fit. The silicon skin has a smoother texture to it and feels stronger.  If you’re wondering if you have access to all your convenient side keys the answer is yes. It has buttons added to the sides for easy access. The USB and head phone jack  are covered so dust does not go into them and when you need to use it you can easily pull back the protective plug then cover it back up when your done.

To remove the case it seems to be much easier as well. The silicon part is not hard to remove but it took me a little while to figure out the easiest way to remove the hard cover. I found that if you pull it apart just a little bit at the bottom corners and then pull the top part downwards it will come apart easily.

The  Ratcheting Belt Clip is my favorite. It won’t come off your belt that easily and it has a sleeper magnet that puts the BlackBerry on sleep mode.100_2503

The Pros of this case are:

  • Protects your BlackBerry from bumps, drops (trust me on this one already drop it twice getting out of the car & nock it off my desk).
  • Prevents dust from getting in.
  • Better grip.
  • Has access to all your convenient keys & plug ins.
  • The clear cover makes it feel smoother when your typing.

The Cons:

  • Some might find it tedious if you change covers all the time or if you use a Desktop charger.
  • Adds a little bit of bulkiness.

Overall the benefits outweigh the cons by a long shot, especially if you tend to drop your BlackBerry a lot. If you are in the market for top BlackBerry protection this is one of the best products out  there.

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 24 18.28GIVEAWAY DETAILS:

Otterbox & Berryreview would like to reward one lucky reader by giving away an 8900 Defender Series case to have your Berry protected this summer. Here is what you need to do to Participate:

This is for an 8900 Case only, and what you need to do is on the comment area tell us your story of how you damaged your current or previous BlackBerry and better yet if you got pictures please post them as well. We will choose a lucky winner next week. Good Luck. (Contest ends Monday, 29/09/2009 at midnight Eastern standard time.)

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  1. So, firstable i want to say that im always respect all my things and try to keep them like new, without scratches etc.

    One morning when my alarm clock on BB woke me up, i looked on the hour and came to the conclusion that im go to sleep for couple minuts. So i put my BlackBerry on my belly and sleep. At some moment, my mom enters the room and says that I will be late for work.
    Unfortunately, I have forgotten that phone lies on my belly and it has fallen on the floor during standing up. Whole front casing was scratched. . Damages wasn’t big, but I has been irritated very this fact. I had big misfortune, because it has happened also next morning 🙁

    PS: sorry for my bad english 🙂

  2. I work as a armed guard, and the worst drop I’ve ever done was I have a pouch on my duty belt and went to put it in as I was turning to walk towards a group of people and didn’t get it right in the pouch so it fell from my belt towards the ground and as it was falling and I was in mid step, my foot swung forward and my precious 8900 hit the front of my boot and went flying across the room. As my stomach dropped I noticed the phone was facing up so when it hit the ground it went sliding across the tile floor on the back. Luckily all the damage was done to the back battery cover and not the front or anything.

    I would say if it went on the front and scratched it up I probably would have cried and the next group of people I had to deal with probably wouldn’t have been happy with me lol

  3. My last BB was a Curve 8310. I had purchased a Speck clear case for it. I liked the case so much, I bought two more as backups.

    Unfortunately, the case only provided protection from scratches. I dropped the phone from waist level removing it from my belt case and the phone was scratched on the top left corner. Needless to say, I was disappointed in my clumsiness.

    If I had the Otterbox Defender, I don’t think the phone would have been damaged from that fall.

    I hope to win this case for my 8900!

  4. Recently bought a brand new BB storm which I put in my lap while driving. Not having realized it was set to vibrate, it vibrated itself and fell to the ground causing me to bend to retrieve… which did not only get me into a horrifying accident but also crushed my BB into more than a 100 pieces. I’m just happy I wasn’t injured. I also believe there was an article about the crash in the paper.
    By the way… this was the second BB I got. I think I should stop getting since my first one was Stolen.

  5. I was over at a friends house, showing off my new Curve. My friends brother walks in with an bb gun, and tried to do a trick shot. The round missed his target and hit my screen instead. Even with the thick privacy protector, it still made a large crack in the screen. Link to a picture of the damage below.

  6. After only one month of having my 8900 I ended up flipping and burning my car. After my cr-v stopped flipping my berry was nowhere to be found. I spent like 30 seconds looking for it but then I noticed flames coming from under the hood. I decided living was more important than dieing for a phone I could just buy again. Too bad no case is fire proof… =/

  7. My last blackberry was a pearl 8100. It got buried in sand when we went to the beach, needless to say it didn’t quite work the same after that. For mother’s day, I got the new 8900 curve!

  8. I tried putting this on my curve and it started saying “I’m Lucutus of Borg”

  9. Little splash of sea water ended my previous blackberry 8800 life. Sadly. It’s just a little splash.

  10. Brand new blackberry 3 days old. So new there are no cases on the market yet. Went to slide my BB in my pocket and it slipped out of my hand. Resulting in 2 big gashes in the corners. Could have really used the otterbox.

  11. I currently just damaged my 8900 I dropped it first when I was outside my job getting my keys the 2nd time it dropped when I was trying to not have my starbucks crashing instead my blackberry took the dive and not its all messed up more in the same corner. 2.09 coffee saved 300.00 bberry didn’t FML.

  12. The worst thing that has ever happened to my BlackBerry was… I dropped it in a gallon of silver rust paint. The good part is that it looked really cool. Imagine a fully chromed out Pearl. Ya, I know. I frantically wiped it off with a rag and it STILL WORKED!…for about half an hour. Then the paint I couldn’t wipe out of the keyboard and behind the trackball dried. Surprisingly, it was semi-functional (the screen would turn on, no navigation and the odd key would work) for the rest of the day until the battery died. Then it was time to charge it up and try a backup. Sadly, the mini-usb port was beyond help. Needless to say, I cried myself to sleep for about a week.

    Ok, ok, that was all a lie. Except for the crying myself to sleep for a week part. But that was for an entirely different reason. I will not share here.

    Honestly, I am a total freak about taking care of my precious BB. I did have a Pearl and now I have an 8900 powerhouse. I started with a silicone skin and now I have Clear Protector (clear armor for all over also used to protect helicopter blades from flying debris. Overkill? I think not.) paired with a genuine BB leather swivel holster.

    I would love this Otterbox Defender case to provide ultimate protection.

  13. Already I have my BlackBerry Curve replaced. Apparently it was sold to me as new but it was actually a reconditioned phone. I was way not happy with that news. Anyway, it stopped functioning as it should have so it deserved a replacement. It seemed like forever but I have the new one now. I want to protect it from any problems and do not want to suffer through another “replacement” ten days or whatever it was. It is a small price to pay for this case than to have to go more agony waiting for a replacement.

  14. I love my son. I really do. I love my 1 year old son that i allow him to do almost everything that he likes. Unfortunately, one thing that he likes is playing around with my blackberry. Throwing and smashing is what he likes the most. As a dad, I know is should choose my son over my blackberry. But why can’t I have them both. My son can play with my blackberry as much as he want and I can put away my worries knowing my blackberry is fully protected of all the throwing and smashing.

  15. My dog is always trying to bite my Curve. This should give me peace.

  16. I was born as a clumsy girl. Dropped my curve a few times. The worst happen is I dropped it as i riding with my boyfriend on a motorcycle. With this product i should have no worry.

  17. I jog all the time. I always jog bringing my curve to listen to my mp3 collection. I dropped it twice. Nothing bad happens. It leaves a few scratches though. Hope i win this contest.. 🙂

  18. Dropped my curve 8900 in beach. Got it replaced with the new one. With this otterbox defender, summer will be a lot better.

  19. I used Otterbox defender for my previous Curve 8310. Loved it and never have any worries ever since. Currently, i’m switching over to Curve 8900. Need this one badly so i can have my peace again.

    Please pick me.. 😀

  20. I just got my new curve 8900. My previous blackberry is curve 8320. I dropped it on the road. I still can used it, but some parts is never works the same. I wish i have something like this otterbox defender, so it will never happen again.

  21. I have a 3 year old Curve 8300. It have scratches all over it. A skin case is not enough after all. Need something much solid like this otterbox defender for my brand new curve 8900. Hope i’m gonna win this contest.. 🙂

  22. I use my Bold for geocaching and was out for a hike. Was watching the compass on the screen and I slipped, dropping my Blackberry face down on some rocks. When I picked it up and turned it over the screen was cracked! Luckily the crack was not bad enough to stop it from working but a crack is a crack.

  23. My friends pushed me into a pool just to joke me. It was my birthday. Unfortunately, my curve 8310 was in my pocket. I can’t mad at them. That was a joke. If i had an otterbox defender protecting my curve.

  24. My Curve 8900 got scratches all over it from just a daily use. Should have this otterbox defender

  25. Please pick me. I need this product so bad.. 🙂

  26. I’m working as a truck driver. This product will suit me just fine.

  27. Just got brand new curve 8900 today. Need a great protection such as Otterbox Defender for my shinny blackberry.

    Please please please…

  28. Am i to late? Need this badly, since my last blackberry is smashed on the road when it fell from my car. I couldn’t believe this Otterbox will fully safe my blackberry if i’m having the same experience. But, it worth a shot.

  29. So I was walking through a revolving door on my way to work, with my hands full of my BlackBerry, Sirius Stiletto, newspaper, bag, and a coffee. I had to reach for my ID to get through security, and boom, everything falls! I finally get to my desk, and the backlight would not come on on my BlackBerry! I panicked, I can’t read emails, but it still works. A silicon case looks nice, but offered only protection from my battery flying across the floor. This was the first BlackBerry drop after practically playing soccer with my old 6750, and it was a disaster. Having no BlackBerry for 2 days while my carrier shipped me a new one was practically torture. The Otterbox looks like the answer to my prayers of a safe BlackBerry 8900!!

  30. less than one week after i received my bb 8100, it took a dive in my whisky sour. i had purchased a case that offered advance protection, best described as a skin that covered the entire face sans the trackball, sides, however it does leave the corners exposed.

    fortunately, i was able to remove the cover, back and battery soon enough, shake out all the excess liquid, dab it with a papertowel, and dry it off in front of a heater fan, that the only residual damage are some faint ‘star’ type artifacts on the lcd.

    however, i was traumatized… and until an hour and a half in front of the heater, i wasn’t sure if the phone would ever turn on again.

    anyway, i continued to use this case because i couldn’t find anything that provided better protection. the corners of the 8100 certainly do show evidence of numerous impacts, but the phone is still working 22 months later.

    i just received my 8900, but have not begun to use it yet, because i’m still looking for a case. i actually begun looking for a case prior to purchasing the phone. and i was looking for an advanced case that provides complete and superior protection.

    i encountered the otterbox defender after sifting thru numerous cases on amazon. frequently sellers are touting 100% or complete protection, and it’s difficult to discern fact or not, because insufficient pics and description are provided so the ports are not viewable, screen and keyboard, even the camera may be exposed, but you wouldn’t know the difference.

    i had the opportunity to try the otterbox defender case on my phone. i was impressed. the holster didn’t impress me, but the case itself fit into my belt pouch, so the extra size of the case is negligible compared to the protection that it provides. i know the otterbox defender, and my new favorite, the otterbox commuter cases for the 8900 provide 99% protection, the final 1% being the trackball, but there’s no getting around that with the blackberry.

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