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ASCAP Trying to get Paid for Your Phone Ringing in Public…

Huh? Sometimes companies really seem to be falling off their rockers. The ASCAP is trying claim that every time your phone plays a ringtone in public you are “publicly performing” without a license. They have just submitted this brief [2.5MB PDF] in their lawsuit with AT&T over getting yet another royalty for music ringtones.  Carriers argue that the owners are already getting paid when each ringtone is downloaded but the ASCAP thinks there should be another royalty paid for these “public performances.”

Fred von Lohmann of the EFF did a great job of breaking down their case. It looks like they have a snowballs chance in hell of winning but this just goes to show that the music industry is truly losing its touch with reality and their customers.

via Slashdot

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  1. Greed at its best right here..
    I hope ATT counter sues for fees..

  2. Do organizations like ASCAP ever do anything FOR their artists? Or just stupid stuff like this that just alienates listeners? All they would do if they won this is people would stop buying ringtones, which benefits their artists exactly how???

  3. What a bunch if greedy ignorant Bastards!

    I can see the next ban involving cell phones
    “No musical ring tone for incoming phone calls”

    Then the one after that will be.
    “No musical ring tone for incoming Text messages”

  4. Soooooo… If I buy a cd.. And a cd player.. I can’t play the cd outloud?????
    Ahhh I c, this is why apples first itouch had no speakers, to avoid getting sued for public performances( 🙂 lmao)
    I wonder how much drunk they had to get before coming up with that idea..

  5. Just when you thought you heard it all…

  6. ASCAP should be sued out of existence. Now that the iPod Touch has speakers does that count as a public performance.

  7. What’s next? Charging your friends to listen to a new CD because I’m the one that bought it?!
    I’m sorry, but that ringtone/CD is legally my property when I purchased it. I can do whatever I feel like doing with except pass it off as my own and try to make a profit from it. That’s the same as saying GM deserves money everytime I drive my car in public.

  8. are we being punk’d?

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