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Yatca v1.7 Released: Adds Geotagging, Favorites, & Pause

yatca_pause Yatca is a free Twitter client for OS 4.6+ devices that really works well. It integrates with your message list so Twits are just like email or SMS. The main issue to note with this new version 1.7.1 is that it blows away all of your previous settings so you will be more or less starting from scratch with settings. I kind of dig the pause feature that lets you turn off the flood of Twits so you can catch a breath on the weekends.

Features included in this latest release:

  • For me, the most useful new feature is the ability to mark/unmark a favorite. This means for example that you can flag any items you need to come back to when you’re back at your computer. Now that I’ve had it for a week or so I don’t know how I managed without it before. To mark something as a favorite simply click the button or use the ‘v’ shortcut.
  • Next up on the feature list is geotagged photo uploads. This is disabled by default for your privacy and security. If you want to enable it go to Yatca Options and set ‘Use geotagging’ to ‘Yes’. Note that geotagging will increase your power consumption which will run down your battery a little bit quicker. Note also that on device models which default to obtaining ‘assisted fixes’ you may incur additional carrier charges. We won’t be paying. At the risk of stating the obvious, the geotagging is only effective if you are using an image storage service that supports geotagging! I have changed the default image storage service for Yatca to TweetPhoto. I’m actually quite happy to do this because I really think those guys are doing some great things and I want to encourage you to try it out.
  • The ability to pause/resume Yatca refresh finally sees the light of day in this release. Users have been asking for this for a long time. When you’re at your computer and using some ultra-slick desktop Twitter client you don’t want to be getting the same 147 tweets to your BlackBerry too. So just invoke the ‘Pause Yatca Refresh’ command. Then when you leave your computer invoke the ‘Resume Yatca Refresh’. Too easy. Note that the resume is from ‘now’, i.e. the exact instant you resume.

You can read more about Yatca at this link or download it OTA at this link.

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  1. a big feature is that you can now discard messages instead of having them “non-merged.” Nice because all i want in my messages list are replies to me.

  2. YATCA rocks! I love it!

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