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BlackBerry Gmail App Getting Push Email in July? (Catch Included)

googlemobilegmail I know quite a few people who use the Gmail mobile app for their personal email on a work device. Vicky let me know about a forum thread on the official Google Mobile Help forum. In it a Google Employee, Ethan, confirmed that the Google App for BlackBerry will get push email in July.

As a reminder, push email support is currently available with the Gmail app on Android devices and will be available for Google Apps Premier Edition and Education Edition users with BlackBerry devices in July.

NOTE: There is a BIG catch when it comes to this. It looks like push will only be supported for Google Apps Premier Edition and Education Edition users. That means regular Gmail and Google Apps Standard (Free) will not get this update.

While practically all of us already get push notification for Gmail through BIS I think it will be a welcome feature. I just wish it were not limited to the paid editions of Google Apps. The reason I am excited is that I hope the Google Sync application will get the push treatment soon so that it syncs your contacts and calendar instantly!

Hopefully RIM & Google are also working together to get two way sync with Gmail just like they do with Yahoo. That would be the best solution for me.

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  1. I wonder if it will filter down to free Google Apps and Gmail accts eventually? This leads one to believe that if Google Sync for BB gets Push, that it will only be avail for the Premier and Edu accts also.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe this is why I’ve LOST IMAP IDLE? / ‘instant’ email from my free google applications accts over the last 2-3 weeks (used to get emails in less than 1min always).

    Anyone know what’s up?
    This up-to 15 minute delayed email is killing me!

    Also, what’s the difference that than ‘upgrade’ is talking about (see my about comment about how it’s been working for many months already.

  3. Does anything BB related ever come WITHOUT a catch?

  4. Why would I want an app on my phone to do gmail? I want all my messages in the single universal inbox.
    And seriously, something so time critical that it can’t wait up to 15 minutes for you to get it is way too important to be consigned to email.

    • The answer is in the very first line of the post:
      “Quite a few people who use the Gmail mobile app for their personal email on a work device.”
      Many like myself would rather not mix the two together.
      Also, we’re kind of small and don’t even have an Exchange Server, let alone a BES. But with the GMail App, there is instant access to ALL contacts as well as searchability for ALL mail items. That’s pretty huge.


    Please click above and VOTE on these essential features for Gmail for Mobile.
    (1) Copy/Paste function.
    (2) Save attachements to phone memory or card memory.
    (3) Insert contacts from the phone’s address book.
    (4) Large cache to read messages offline.

  6. It would be nice to have this in Google Apps (free version) but it won’t be worth the price of the Premier version for just me and my wife’s email. I just wish Gmail Mobile App had a way to add labels to messages and archive them.

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