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Agito to Bring VoIP Over Wi-Fi to Enterprise BlackBerrys?

agitonetworks Now this is an interesting twist. Agito Networks has announced that they will be releasing a new version of their mobile unified communications suite to add Wi-Fi to the BlackBerry. I am not sure how this is going to work since even RIM does not have VoIP over Wi-Fi in their own Mobile Voice Suite. Last time I checked no third party app could record voice and playback audio at the same time…

With that said Agito’s RoamAnywhere Mobility router is supposed to do just that for the Bold, 8900 Curvem 8820, & 8320. Agito BlackBerry support is currently in closed beta with a mid-July release date.  They claim that they can have a sub 100millisecond handover from Wi-Fi to cellular networks which will be interesting to see. Now if only RIM could add this feature to their Mobile Voice Suite and they would have an actual product worthy of pitching…

via Yahoo UK News

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  1. How different is this than me using a T-Mobile router to make UMA calls with the [email protected] service?

  2. Simple really. RIM revenues are only 2% from software, and just 13% from services. They clearly Have decided to focus on hardware and let smaller players fill the apps void.

  3. @Nikolaus
    That is the same voice channel that RIM does not allow any 3rd party access to. Only they can do that and even with the call over wi-fi it is not truly using traditional VoIP.

    You have a point but that is not how RIM sees it. Just look at how hard they push BES even though it only makes 2% of their revenue. If it is only 2% you would think they would offer a PIM solution for consumers already but they are too afraid to cannibalize their BES offering.

    I just find this Agito solution funny since even RIM’s solutio, MVS, that they have been touting as the greatest thing since sliced bread cannot accomplish VoIP over Wi-Fi. I doubt others could pull off what RIM does not. They would need special api access that would put Agito in direct competition with RIM’s MVS.

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