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Viigo Alpha Updated: Now With Podcast & Twitter Features

Viigo has been slowly updating their application and now it looks like the official links point to their alpha version. This version has podcast support along with Twitter features like viewing your timeline. This version also has the Pageonce integration along with improved weather channels.

tango1 tango1-01 tango1-02

You can pick it up at Let me know what you think of the new version!

tango1-05 tango1-04 tango1-06

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  1. Mine still says beta (Curve 8330)

  2. It still won’t work on my 8820 because I have WiFi only, No BIS data plan.

  3. Installed in my Curve 8900. Everything works fine, except that “Mark all as Read” takes a longer time to complete. “Delete prior” is instant. Previous version didn’t exhibit such behavior. Strange.???

  4. @Eric
    I am also having those long delays on marking something read. It has sped up a bit now but it used to be instant

    • Same here. Marking prior read takes forever versus the prior alpha release.
      I am set at max 800 and 50 max per feed. But even to mark prior read on a channel with only obe article often taking upwards of 30 seconds.

      • A kind forumer at the other blog gave me this tip: delete all your existing articles. Now it works fine. Try it.

        • Yes, deleting all old articles always makes Viigo run better. But since it has no abiloity yet to remember what articles you’ve read or deleted, its going to pull weeks and months old articles into your feeds and present them as “new”. Not a problem for those with a few feeds.

          I’ve noticed now that I have the number of unreads down to a more manageable sub 200 it feels snappier.

  5. The most awesome part of the podcast support is that you can listen to a podcast while browsing other articles!

  6. Doesn’t Alpha come before Beta? The standard definition of Alpha version is “for testing through internal use” whereas Beta is testing by end users. Wouldn’t make sense for them to backtrack.

  7. I see memory improvement with this app. You now have an extra 5 minutes before the mem shoots down to zero..

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