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Google Voice Coming Soon? I Sure Hope So!

googlevoice The rumors have been flying around the Google Voice is launching in the VERY near future. I really hope this is true since Google Voice is hot and I can’t wait until it revolutionizes BlackBerrys. In case you don’t know Google Voice is a sort of phone service where they give you number for life and you can have it simultaneously ring multiple numbers based on rules you set. It also lets you get a recording and transcription of your voicemails and tons more. The coolest new rumored feature is that Google will let you port your number to the service. The only downside is that when you call people it will still show your cell number as your caller ID.

So is anybody as excited as I am about this?

via BoyGenius & Gizmodo

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  1. I second that! I hope it will be available for bb like the Curve!

  2. Yep. Ready for Google to release it’s own app for GV. Currently I’m using GV dialer which works great on my Blackberry, but there’s nothing like a good ol Google application to make you feel good.

  3. You can actually change the # displayed to be your GV # or the callers #….fyi, and you can call people with the service so it will display your GV #.

  4. How do you set the number?

  5. If you want to call out on your BlackBerry with your Google Voice number:
    1: Set google voice as a bookmark in your Browser
    2: Log into your Google Voice
    3: In your Address Book (on google voice) hit “Call” next to the persons name (do NOT hit the actual phone number)
    4: The GV system will initiate a call from their server to your phone (like a call back)
    5: Once you answer, the system will then initiate the voice call to the person you chose displaying your GV # on that persons Caller ID

  6. To clarify brian’s comment:
    “You can actually change the # displayed to be your GV # or the callers #….”

    This is only when you RECEIVE calls. You can either see who is calling your, or see that someone called your GV number and not your cell number.

    “fyi, and you can call people with the service so it will display your GV #.”

    This calling method requires you make the calls from a browser, or you call your GV number and dial the number you want to call.

  7. Another option for a BB app is CardKaller ( that we reviewed back in March. CardCaller is more expensive than GV Dialer, but if you use calling cards a lot then that is a good reason to go for CardKaller. If you only use GV, then GV Dialer may be the way to go.

  8. Oh, and couple thoughts on minute usage when making GV calls. (I am fairly certain that calls work the way described below…not positive)

    – Mobile to Mobile minutes: When calling someone, the GV number is what is calling them…and the GV number is what is calling you/what you are calling (depending on the methods I mentioned above), so even if they are on the same carrier as you (when the carrier supports free mobile to mobile calls), it will still cost both of you minutes.

    – Carrier supported favorites: If you don’t have your GV number set as a favorite, then your call to them or their call to you will use your minutes.
    If the person you call, or that calls you, doesn’t have your GV number set as a favorite, then the call will use their minutes.

  9. And, to clarify my last comment: If you have your GV number set to display when someone calls you, the incoming calls will count against you, in the cases described above.

  10. What does this do that iSkoot for Skype doesn’t aleady do for for the last year or so?

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