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Marian let us know about his site that offers quite a collection of free themes including some with animation on them.  The collection the site has offer is quite impressive and includes a variety of themes each with their own unique style such as; Barcelona & Real Madrid…just to name a few. Some of the other themes include real nice graphics like the realistic theme which shows 9 icons in the home screen as if they are laying on a shelf.


The one that I am sporting at the moment is called Pinky & The Brain. This theme caught my attention because I used to watch the cartoon while growing up.  When my friend and I go out on the town on the weekends we would joke about their famous saying  “Pinky: Gee, Brain. What are we going to do tonight? The Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world”. I know kind of silly but I figured some of you will know what am talking about.

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Now that I confused some of you and took some of you back in time, lets get back to the themes. The Pinky & The Brain theme is a Android Meets Pinky & The Brain because it features Android style setting & icons with Pinky & The Brain graphics. The theme is very well designed and does not make your BlackBerry lag while multitasking, and I usually have quite a few applications running on the background.

At the top of the theme you have all your Date and time information along with 3 really small icons that include profile, options, & the Connection Manager.  The display letters for the time date and carrier information are a little bit small but are not hard to read.  On the lower left hand side you have room for six icons that you can arrange in which ever order you like. When the theme is locked in has an animated Brain stepping on top of the world.

This may not be the best theme that represents his work  but it is one that caught my attention and is very well designed.  The theme is available for the 8900 & 9000 series but some of the other themes are available for the Storm and older models such as the 83xx models.  The site is also BlackBerry friendly so you can browse their collection and download themes OTA. You can head over to to on either your BlackBerry or your computer to check out their site. FYI, I did notice that their site does take a while to load on my PC’s browser.  Thanks to Marian for letting us know about this site, we are always looking to bring new BlackBerry content to our readers.

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  1. Bravo!!! a beautifull woman from Venezuela!!.. womans rules!!

    De mi bella tierra de Maracaibo..una bella e inteligente mujer!!! aplausos!!

  2. Really? They have 2 83xx themes. TWO. THAT’S useful. Since my bb isn’t the latest on the block, I guess that means that no one makes free themes anymore, let alone uses them.

  3. Yup only 2 themes for 8330….This suxs!

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