xContact: Easily Insert Contacts Information Into an Email

xContact VikySoft released yet another app over the weekend called xContact. It adds a feature I am surprised RIM did not include themselves. Usually you have the option to attach a contact from your address book as a vCard but you would have to copy and paste it yourself if you wanted to put it in the body of an email. This gets really annoying flipping back and forth to copy the info into an SMS…

xContact fills that void by letting you easily:

  • Insert contact name
  • Insert contact phone number
  • Insert contact Email Address
  • Insert All numbers and Emails

Its not a bad app especially for $2.99 but the lack of a free trial really hurts…

From the description:

xContact — Quickly Insert contact number and email Addresses when editing Message

We all have experienced this situation : A friend ask us about another friend’s phone number or email address. xContact makes this very easy, you don’t need to go back to homescreen and enter address book and search and copy and paste time after time. You can only open menu and choose xContact, and select. The info you selected will be inserted automatically.

You can even select all numbers and email addresses in one time. Very easy and fast.

This application have no icon on homescreen, you can find xContact in the menu when editing SMS or Email.

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